11 Best Butt Lifting Swimsuits for Saggy Bottoms: The Ultimate Confidence Boost For Flat Behinds

Swimwear trends evolve rapidly, but the quest for styles that enhance and flatter different body types remains a constant pursuit.

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Among the plethora of swimsuit designs, butt-lifting swimsuits have gained popularity for their ability to provide instant lift and shape enhancement.

Ideal for those with a saggy bottom, these attractive swimsuits are cleverly designed with features such as ruching, strategic seams, and supportive fabrics that lift and sculpt the buttocks area.

This makes them an attractive option for individuals seeking a confidence boost and a flattering silhouette when hitting the beach or pool.

Choosing the right butt-boosting swimsuit can be critical to achieve the desired effect.

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Fabric quality is of utmost importance, as it needs to have the right blend of elasticity and support without compromising on comfort.

Seamless designs can offer a smoother appearance, while adjustability features such as side ties or straps can help ensure a perfect fit.

Additionally, it is important to consider the swimwear’s cut, such as high-waisted options that provide extra support or Brazilian cuts that tend to be more revealing yet essential for the lifting effect.

When shopping for bathing suits that make your butt look good, I recommend paying close attention to the structure and design elements.

Look for swimsuits with contoured waistbands or built-in bands that act like a push-up for the bottom.

The placement and shape of the back seam are also vital, as they can visually lift and define the rear end.

Also, take into account features like padding or pre-shaped cups that add volume and create a rounder appearance.

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I’ve dedicated hours to researching and evaluating a wide range of butt-enhancing swimsuits, prioritizing those that not only promise an enhanced look but also deliver on comfort and durability.

Whether it’s a day lounging by the water or an active swimming session, the right swimsuit can make all the difference.

Now, let’s dive into the specific products that offer the best support for no butt and lifting effects for a saggy bottom.

Best Butt Lifting Swimsuits for Saggy Bottoms

Top Butt Lifting Swimsuits for a Flattering Fit

In my quest for the perfect beach attire, I’ve scoured the market to find swimsuits that not only enhance your curves but also offer a lifting effect for a potentially saggy bottom.

With comfort, style, and support in mind, I’ve curated a list of the best options that promise to provide that perky look with innovative design features tailored for all body types.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or playing in the waves, these swimsuits are sure to boost your confidence and silhouette.

SherryDC High Waisted Bikini Bottom

image 93

I find that the SherryDC High Waisted Bikini Bottom offers a stylish solution for those seeking a flattering lift and shape for their lower half.

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  • Provides a comfortable, shape-enhancing fit
  • High-waisted design offers additional stomach support
  • Ruching detail adds a stylish touch to the derriere


  • May run small, so consider sizing up
  • Elastic in the leg openings can be tight for some
  • Coverage in the back may be less than expected for some users

Having recently worn this bikini bottom, I appreciate the snug and lifting effect it has on my silhouette.

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The high-waisted cut paired with the ruching detail at the back does wonders for contouring, while effectively creating a peachier-looking bottom.

It’s the sort of piece that gives you a confidence boost when strolling along the beach.

The supportive aspect of the design caught my attention, as the sturdy waistband holds everything in without feeling restrictive.

I enjoyed the added tummy control, which is great for anyone who prefers a bit more coverage around the midsection.

I noticed that, while the material feels durable and seems to withstand regular machine washes without losing its shape, some may find the fit a bit off.

I had to size up due to the bottoms fitting tighter than anticipated; it’s something to bear in mind when ordering.

Moreover, the leg openings have a snug elastic that might not agree with everyone’s thighs.

Upopby Cheeky Boyshorts

image 97

If you’re in search of a swim bottom that combines comfort with a flattering lift for saggy bottoms, this is a solid choice.

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  • Some may find the higher rise design unusual
  • Waistband sizing may be inconsistent
  • Limited size options for smaller figures

The Upopby Women’s Sexy Boyshort Bikini Bottom became a staple in my beachwear the moment I tried it on.

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I was immediately drawn to the side ties, which allow me to customize the ruching to my liking.

The olive green color is unique and blends well with various top styles, making it a versatile piece in my swimwear collection.

During a full day at the beach, I found that the boyshorts stayed snugly in place through waves and volleyball games.

I appreciate how it strikes a balance between cheekiness and modesty without compromising on coverage.

This aspect alone makes me keen to wear them for upcoming summer outings.

However, I did notice that the waist fit can be a hit or miss, depending on your body type.

While they fit me perfectly, I’ve seen reviews mentioning a too-loose waistband, which could be an issue if you’re planning to be very active.

Also, for those who are used to low-rise bottoms, it might take some time to adjust to the higher rise.

Yilisha Tummy Control Bikini Bottoms

image 94

I’d recommend these bottoms to anyone seeking a flattering yet modest solution for beachwear.

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  • Excellent back coverage without being too revealing
  • Wide waistband eliminates the chance of rolling down
  • Ruching detail adds a subtle but effective lift


  • Some may find the tummy control less effective than expected
  • The ruching effect is minimal in the front
  • Crotch width may be too narrow for some

Slipping into the Yilisha Tummy Control Bikini Bottoms, my first impression was the snug, secure feel of the fabric – a blend of nylon and spandex.

The wide waistband stood out, promising to stay in place during an active beach day.

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The high-waisted design aimed to provide tummy control, which felt more like a soft conceal rather than a tight squeeze, making it comfortable for all-day wear.

Upon further wear, I noticed the full coverage in the back which many swimsuits lack.

It was reassuring that I could move freely without worrying about adjusting my suit.

The ruching on the rear, although not dramatically pronounced, did offer that slight lift that most look for in a butt-lifting swimsuit.

After enjoying a full day at the beach, I appreciated the consistent comfort and coverage of these bottoms.

They didn’t ride up or down, something that is a common issue with less well-made swimwear.

My only qualm would be the front design, where the material could be too scant for those seeking more coverage, despite the good gathering which added a stylish twist.

Tempt Me High Waist Twist Bikini Bottom

image 91

For those seeking a flattering lift and a snug fit around problem areas, this swimsuit bottom provides both style and comfort.

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  • Enhances shape with a cheeky cut and waist-defining twist
  • Comfortable, stays in place throughout wear
  • Durable fabric that withstands beach activities


  • Higher waistline than some may anticipate
  • Fit may vary for different body shapes
  • Limited to being a bottom piece only; matching top sold separately

Slipping into the cozy embrace of this bikini bottom, I immediately noticed how the high-cut design gently lifted and shaped my bottom without it feeling squeezed.

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The nylon-spandex material hugged my curves comfortably, allowing me to move with confidence whether I was lounging by the pool or playing a game of beach volleyball.

The chic twist at the waist wasn’t just a stylish addition; it also offered that extra bit of support around my tummy area.

This particular feature gave me a more streamlined silhouette, something I truly appreciated.

Moreover, I didn’t experience any awkward roll-down moments that can sometimes happen with high-waisted bottoms.

The full coverage it offered made me feel secure, yet it was cut high enough to avoid the frumpy look some swim bottoms can create.

I tested it out in different situations – from basking in the sun to taking a quick dip – and it retained its shape and comfort throughout the day.

While the black color I chose was versatile, I found myself wishing for a matching top to complete the look, but the good news is, it pairs well with various tops I already own.

COCOSHIP High Waist Bikini

image 90

If you’re looking to enhance your silhouette by the pool, this COCOSHIP bikini bottom will not disappoint with its flattering fit.

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  • Incredible lift and support
  • Fashionable side-strap design
  • Robust and comfortable fabric


  • Coverage may be too minimal for some
  • Sizing can be tricky; consider ordering up
  • Limited stretch for those with wider hips

I recently had the chance to try out the COCOSHIP Women’s High Waist Side Straps Bikini Bottom.

I must say it truly gives a chic and elevated look. The high-waisted design paired with the scrunch butt detail worked wonders in accentuating my curves and giving that much sought-after lifted appearance.

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It’s also fully lined, which is a nice touch for a more luxurious feel.

The peek-a-boo side straps on this bikini bottom are such a stylish feature, they add a flirty edge to the swimwear, turning a simple beach day into a fashion statement.

I was pleased to find that the fabric composition, comprising nylon and elastane, offers a snug fit without compromising on comfort.

Despite being impressed with its style and quality, I did notice a couple of things to keep in mind.

If you’re someone who prefers more rear coverage, this swimsuit’s cheeky cut might not suit your taste.

Also, while the suit feels great once on, it doesn’t have a lot of give, so if you’re between sizes or have fuller hips, I’d recommend sizing up for a perfect fit.

Bellecarrie Boyshort Swimsuits

image 99

I confidently recommend the Bellecarrie Boyshort Swimsuits to anyone looking for a perfect blend of style and support for a saggy bottom.

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  • Offers a flattering lift and excellent coverage
  • Stays put without riding up during activities
  • Quality fabric that feels durable and stretchy


  • Limited total reviews to gauge widespread satisfaction
  • The design might not appeal to those preferring less coverage
  • Only available in small sizes, which restricts options

Stepping out in the Bellecarrie Scrunch Butt Shorts gave me a noticeable confidence boost.

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The full coverage design meant I didn’t have to worry about any unsightly bunching or sagging. Its tankini top style coupled with the tummy control feature made for a sleek silhouette that felt both comfortable and flattering.

After a full day of movement and even a dip in the pool, I was impressed by how well the swimsuit held up.

The nylon-spandex blend retained its shape and the pull-on closure ensured everything stayed in place, so I could focus on enjoying the sun without any wardrobe malfunctions.

The durability of the fabric after several washes stood out to me. It’s held its color and elasticity, making it clear that the Bellecarrie Swimsuit is built to last. For those looking for a reliable, butt-lifting swimsuit that combines practicality with style, this is one to add to your wardrobe.

Zohamung High-Waisted Bikini Bottom

image 98

I recommend the Zohamung High-Waisted Bikini Bottom for its trendy style and tummy control, though sizing can be tricky.

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  • Flattering high-waist cut with waist-slimming visual effect
  • Comfortable nylon-spandex material providing adequate stretch
  • Ruched back design to accentuate the booty


  • Sizing issues may require ordering one size up
  • Ruching detail might not suit all body shapes
  • Instances of compromised durability reported

After recently wearing the Zohamung High-Waisted Bikini Bottom on a weekend getaway, I was impressed by the comfort and flexibility of the nylon-spandex blend.

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The front high-elastic mesh lining delivered as promised, providing a smoothing effect that made me feel confident about my tummy area.

The bikini’s V crossover waistband is a standout feature for its waist-slimming illusion.

This design, coupled with the cheeky Brazilian scrunch, added a touch of playfulness while ensuring my curves were highlighted tastefully. It provided the lift I desired without feeling too constrictive or exposed.

However, I did notice the sizing challenge mentioned in other reviews.

I typically wear a medium, but for this piece, I found that sizing up offered a more comfortable fit.

Additionally, while the ruching detail at the back had an appealing look, it might not flatter all body types equally.

While I didn’t experience any quality issues, there were reports of the seams tearing for others, so it’s something to keep in mind when making a purchase.

Zohamung High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

image 92

I recommend these swimsuit bottoms for anyone looking to enhance their curves with a blend of comfort and style.

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  • Enhances curves with a high-waisted fit and cheeky cut
  • Adjustable ties offer a customizable silhouette
  • Breathable, comfortable material with tummy control


  • May offer too much cheek for those preferring full coverage
  • The high-cut design can be less flattering on certain body types
  • Black color may limit mix-and-match options

Slipping into the Zohamung High Waisted Bikini Bottoms, I immediately noticed the contouring effect they had on my figure.

The high waist cinched in my midsection nicely while the adjustable side ties allowed me to find the perfect fit for my hips.

No products found.

The cheeky cut gave my bottom a lifted look without compromising on comfort, which was a pleasant surprise.

The material itself felt durable yet stretchy, conforming to my movements as I walked along the shoreline.

The fully-lined front with high-elastic mesh provided that bit of tummy control I appreciate in a good swimsuit.

Even when the waves crashed against me, the ties held their ground, proving that practicality was considered in the design.

However, I did find that the high-cut style might not be the most flattering on every body type.

It seemed to accentuate my curves in all the right places, but I can imagine it may not provide the desired effect for everyone.

Additionally, while the solid black color is versatile, it does limit the fun of mixing and matching. But for those who love a classic look, it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.

WODECASA High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

image 96

I just tried out these bikini bottoms and I think they’re a fantastic option for those wanting to enhance their beach look confidently.

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  • High-waisted design with a V-cut flatters the midsection
  • Cheeky ruched back lifts and shapes the rear
  • Comfortable and stretchy nylon-spandex fabric blend


  • May fit smaller than expected, consider sizing up
  • Limited color options
  • The high-cut front might not appeal to everyone’s taste

After taking the WODECASA bikini bottoms for a test swim, I was quite impressed by the snug fit and how they cleverly give the illusion of longer legs.

No products found.

The high-rise coupled with the V-cut design provided good coverage while still allowing me to flaunt my shape. With the sun shining down, I felt poised and fashionable strutting around the poolside.

The ruching detail on the back deserves applause. It didn’t just add to the style; it also offered my bottom a subtle, natural lift that felt both comfortable and reassuring.

I didn’t have to worry about making constant adjustments either, thanks to the elastic fabric that stayed in place regardless of my movements.

While I was happy with the black tone that complemented various swim tops, I wished there were more colors to choose from.

Also, despite following the sizing chart, I found that these bikini bottoms ran a touch small.

So, I would recommend potential buyers consider ordering a size larger for the optimal fit.

Lastly, while I love the high-cut front, it’s worth mentioning that it might be a bit daring for those who prefer more traditional cuts.

KIWI RATA Bikini Bottom

image 100

I just tried out the KIWI RATA Bikini Bottom, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a flattering lift to their beach look.

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  • Enhances the posterior with a cheeky Brazilian cut
  • Adjustable ties cater to a perfect fit
  • Durable material blend feels comfortable on the skin


  • Sizes run small; may need to order a size up
  • Minimal back coverage might not suit everyone’s taste
  • White fabric could be less forgiving with imperfections

My beach day experience with this swimsuit bottom exceeded my expectations. The adjustable side-tie style gave me the flexibility to tailor the fit just right, avoiding any awkward pinching.

No products found.

Its cheeky Brazilian cut made my legs look like they went on for days, and the scrunch ruched detail added a boost that made me feel confident and chic.

I was a bit skeptical about the white color at first, as I always worry about swimwear being see-through, but luckily, this was not an issue. Another positive was the polyester and spandex blend, which combined comfort with the right amount of stretch.

It’s a piece that seems like it will hold up well over time, even with regular dips in the pool and lounging on sandy beaches.

The sizing is a tad tricky, so make sure to read the reviews before purchasing. I normally wear a medium, but after reading reviews suggesting they run small, I opted for a large, which fit like a charm—so consider sizing up.

The minimal coverage design is on-trend, yet it’s something to keep in mind if you prefer more rear coverage. And while this design flatters, it may not hide everything we want it to; with white fabric, every bulge is a bit more noticeable.

Zohamung Vintage High Waisted Bottoms

image 95

I believe these swimsuit bottoms are a solid purchase for anyone looking to enhance their curves smoothly.

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  • Uplifts and shapes the backside effectively
  • High-waisted design offers comfortable tummy control
  • Fabric feels premium and maintains its elasticity


  • Waistband could be too snug for some
  • Cheeky cut not suitable for all body types or preferences
  • Limited color options reduce versatility

Swimming and beach days just got better with the Zohamung Vintage High Waisted Bottoms that give me the confidence boost I need.

No products found.

With its fabric composition, it hugs my body snugly and the ruched detail accentuates the curves in all the right places.

When I tried these bottoms on for the first time, the secure feeling of the high waist was undeniable. It smoothed out the tummy area while the ruched back highlighted the buttocks without any uncomfortable squeezing.

Multiple compliments on its retro-chic look were delightful validations of its visual appeal.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Initially, the waistband felt restrictive, which could be a potential issue for anyone who’s between sizes or prefers a looser fit.

Although the cheeky cut is charming, it’s a style that might not cater to all, especially those who prefer more coverage. Lastly, the color range is scant, which is slightly disappointing; I would love to pair different colors with my swimwear tops.

Buying Guide

When I’m selecting a swimsuit for a small butt, several features are paramount to ensure a complementary fit and an elegant silhouette.

Material and Quality

Firstly, I pay close attention to the material. A good quality, stretchy fabric like spandex or Lycra mixed with nylon can offer both comfort and the necessary support.

These materials have the elasticity to lift and compress gently, providing a natural, enhanced shape.

Style and Design

The style and design of the swimsuit can make a significant difference. I look for options with ruching or gathering at the back seam since these details give the illusion of volume and shape.

High-waisted bottoms are also a go-to because they tuck in the tummy area and lift the buttocks.

Ruching/GatheredEnhances shape and adds volume
High-waistedTucks in the stomach and lifts the buttocks

Fit and Cut

When it comes to fit and cut, precision is key.

I prefer a snug fit that isn’t too tight to avoid discomfort or the suit digging into the skin. A well-cut leg opening can accentuate the glutes without undermining support or coverage.

Color and Patterns

In the realm of color and patterns, darker colors and strategic patterns can be effective.

These elements should aim to complement the butt-lifting features without overshadowing them. I avoid large patterns on the rear and opt for designs that align with the lift-and-shape goal.

Size and Adjustability

Finally, adjustable features, such as ties or belts, can provide size and adjustability advantages. These allow me to fine-tune the fit according to my body’s needs.

  • Stretchy, quality fabric: spandex/Lycra + nylon
  • Ruching or gathering
  • High-waisted design
  • Snug but comfortable fit
  • Dark colors, strategic patterns
  • Adjustable ties or belts

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for the perfect swimsuit for flat bottoms, it’s crucial to choose styles that provide both lift and support. Below, I’ve addressed some common questions to help you find the best swimsuits to elevate your beach look.

What style of swimsuit is recommended for enhancing a flat buttocks appearance?

I recommend high-waisted bikini bottoms with ruching to add volume and contouring seams that accentuate the natural curves.

A suit with pads or shirring can also create the illusion of a fuller bottom.

How can one achieve a better definition in the gluteal area with a bikini bottom?

Opt for bikini bottoms with adjustable ties or gathers, allowing for a better fit.

Look for styles with bold prints or embellishments on the rear to draw attention and give the appearance of a more defined backside.

Which one-piece swimsuits offer the best support for a less voluptuous bottom?

Seek out one-piece swimsuits with built-in shaper panels or ruching detail at the bottom.

A suit with a plunging back also draws the eye and subtly enhances your shape.

What are the top swimsuits that provide full coverage for the rear while also giving a lift?

I advise choosing swimsuits with a cheeky cut and elastic ruching along the back seam. This design helps in lifting and shaping while providing adequate coverage.

Look for swimsuits with a high elasticated waist that snugly fits and lifts the bottom.

Are there any swimsuit options that cater specifically to women with larger bottoms that also prevent sagging?

Yes, swimsuits with high-strength, high-coverage materials specifically designed for larger bottoms are an excellent choice.

High-waisted bikinis or one-pieces with compression fabric help to prevent sagging and keep everything firmly in place.

What solutions exist for swimsuits that become loose at the bottom over time?

To combat looseness, choose swimsuits made from high-quality, chlorine-resistant materials with good recovery properties.

Additionally, consider models with drawstrings or adjustable straps for a customizable and sustained fit.

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