11 Best Swimsuits for Athletic Build – Body Flattering Bathing Suits for 2024

Finding the best swimsuits for athletic build can be a game-changer for women with a sporty and strong physique.

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It’s not just about looking okay; but about finding a flattering swimsuit that complements your figure.

You have a wonderful frame and just need the correct bikini to bring it to the next level!

Jump to our list of the perfect bathing suits for your athletic body

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the newest arrivals for 2024 that cater specifically to these body types.

BMJL Women's High Waisted Bikini Sets Sporty Two Piece Swimsuit Color Block Cheeky High Cut Bathing Suits(M,Yellow)

From rigorous activities to toned body bikinis that highlight your strength, we’ve got you covered.

3 Key Takeaways

Use Colors and Details Wisely

Bright and bold bikinis highlight your favorite features, while dark colors are more subtle. Choose colors and patterns that make you feel good.

Choose the Right Straps

Wide shoulder straps can balance your upper and lower body. Avoid thin straps like spaghetti or halter tops if you don’t want to look broader.

Be Yourself and Experiment

Don’t just stick to one style. Try different swimsuit styles and materials until you find the perfect one. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel confident and happy, regardless of trends.

Our selections include options that are both comfortable and stylish.

We understand the unique needs of your figure and have chosen products to enhance your natural shape.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive swim suit or a sporty bikini for casual beach days, our guide offers a variety of swimwear.

Each piece is designed to boost your confidence and performance, whether you’re swimming laps or lounging by the pool.

Bathing Suit TypeWhy It’s Great for Athletic Builds
Sporty One-PieceProvides support and comfort, ideal for active use.
High-Neck BikiniAccentuates the waist and adds feminine curves.
Racerback StylesSupports and highlights strong back and shoulders.
Cutout MonokinisCreates an illusion of curves, stylish and modern.
Halter TopsDraws attention to the shoulders and arms.
Color Block SuitsVisually creates curves and adds a fun, fashionable look.
Wrap StylesIt Accentuates the waist and adds feminine curves.

Stay tuned as we provide reviews on the perfect choice for you. min.

Get ready to discover your new favorite swimsuit that not only fits you but also your active lifestyle!

Find the Best Swimsuit – Body Types Calculator

Knowing your body type is key to finding the perfect bathing suit.

There are several types, each unique and beautiful.

Try our calculator below. Take our Best Swimsuits for Body Type Quiz for more information on this topic.

Body Type Calculator

First, the apple shape, where your shoulders are broader than your hip area.

For apple shapes, tankinis or high-waisted bikinis work well, balancing your proportions.

Next, the pear shape, with fuller mid-section and thighs compared to the upper body.

A pear shape looks great in eye-catching tops and solid-colored bottoms, drawing focus upwards.

Then, the hourglass shape is characterized by balanced shoulders and waist with a defined waist.

Hourglass figures can rock anything, but especially suits that accentuate the waist, like belted one-pieces.

Less curvy frames shine in one-pieces or bikinis with feminine details to soften their silhouette.

Lastly, the rectangle shape, where your upper chest, waist, and hips are similar in width.

For rectangles, try bikinis with ruffles or embellishments to create curves.

Choosing the right suit will boost confidence and comfort at the beach or pool.

What Is an Athletic Body Type?

MOOSLOVER Women One Shoulder High Waisted Bikini Tie High Cut Two Piece Swimsuits(M,Leopard)

This often means you have a strong, well-defined body.

Yours might be more straight-lined, not super curvy.

The bust shape is wide-set and often smaller.

But hey, that’s cool because your strength and endurance show in your sculpted shape.

Shop for something that goes well with your powerful look.

Sporty swim attire is a hit because they’re comfy and boosts your performance.

They’re made with tough stuff that can keep up with you.

They fit snugly and give you the support you need for all activities.

Bathing suits with racerback or wide straps are your friends. They’re comfy and make you look incredible.

If you’re into showing off your toned bod, bikinis that highlight your muscles are a great choice.

They let you move freely, too.

woman with an athletic build wearing a one-piece bathing suit

One-piece suits and bikini bottoms are made to fit just right, keeping you comfy no matter what you’re doing.

They’ve got cool features like materials that last a long time and designs that are kind to your muscles.

Plus, they’re right on trend with the latest cuts and patterns.

This kind of swim clothing is all about giving you support, comfort, and something that makes you feel confident.

How To Choose a Bikini?

Yonique Women's One Piece Bathing Suit One Shoulder Swimsuit Cutout Swimwear Monokini Solid Black M

Here’s how to make your shoulders look narrower and your butt curvier:

  • Wear dark tops and bright, fun bottoms. This makes people look at your hips and legs more.
  • Choose swimsuits with thick straps.
  • Swimsuits with deep necklines make your upper body look smaller and show off your cleavage.
  • Bottoms with high cuts on the sides or ties make your legs look longer and curvier.
  • If you have small hips or a thicker waist, try high-waisted bottoms or a swimsuit with a special cutout shape.
  • Don’t wear strapless tops.
  • For a smaller butt, pick bottoms that gather up (ruched) or show a bit more cheek.

Bikini Types To Avoid

To make your look balanced in a swimsuit, here’s what to do:

⛔ Don’t pick bikini tops without straps or with really thin straps.

⛔ Avoid bikini bottoms like boy shorts.

⛔ Choose bikini bottoms that are simple and dark in color.

Best Swimsuits for Athletic Build – Guide

Choosing flattering swimsuits is all about balancing fashion with functionality. They should highlight these features while providing comfort and support. See our guide on the swimsuits for strong bodies.

Here are some top styles that are perfect for your shape:


Upopby Womens One Piece Athletic Swimsuit Sports Training Racerback Swimwear Padded Plus Size Slimming Bathing Suit Black 8

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For strong frames, racerback designs are a game-changer.

They’re super supportive, so you can swim and move around without any worries.

Plus, they’re awesome for making your muscular body type look more balanced.

Upopby Womens One Piece Athletic Swimsuit Sports Training Racerback Swimwear Padded Plus Size Slimming Bathing Suit Black 8

You know, not too broad.

And the nice part? Racerback designs are available in one-piece suits and cool sporty bikinis.

High-Neck Bikinis

Ekouaer Womens High Neck Halter Bikini Set Full Coverage Swimwear Open Back Forest Leaves Printing, Medium, 2 Sky Blue

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High-neck bikinis are awesome for anyone with a strong upper body.

They cover you up well and give lots of support.

Whether you’re on the move, or just chilling, they stay put.

Ekouaer Womens High Neck Halter Bikini Set Full Coverage Swimwear Open Back Forest Leaves Printing, Medium, 2 Sky Blue

No more worrying about slippage while you’re having fun!

Plus, they’re great in the water because they don’t slow you down.

Halter Tops

beautyin Womens High Neck Swimsuit Bikini Sets Halter Padded Bathing Suit Black

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These are a great choice because they draw eyes to your toned definition.

The style also helps with balance, giving a more proportionate look.

beautyin Womens High Neck Swimsuit Bikini Sets Halter Padded Bathing Suit Black

Additionally, halter tops often come with adjustable neck ties, allowing for a customizable fit that’s both comfortable and flattering.

Cut-Out One-Piece

Meyeeka Womens Scoop Neck Cut Out Front Lace Up Back High Cut Monokini One Piece Swimsuit (XL, Light Blue)

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The perfect choice if you want something stylish and different.

This special design shows a bit of skin, making your swimsuit stand out, and making it look like you have more curves.

They’re not just about fashion; they’re also practical for swimming and moving around.

Meyeeka Womens Scoop Neck Cut Out Front Lace Up Back High Cut Monokini One Piece Swimsuit (XL, Light Blue)

So, if you’re looking for the best swimsuit that’s both cool and useful, cut-out one-pieces are the way to go.


Women's Bathing Suit Solid Color Drawstring Side Halter Neck Tankini Set, Solid Black, M

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This a smart pick for anyone who wants both the fun look of a bikini and the full coverage of a one-piece.

They’re super comfy and let you move around easily, whether you’re swimming or playing beach volleyball.

Plus, there is so much to choose from.

Women's Bathing Suit Solid Color Drawstring Side Halter Neck Tankini Set, Solid Black, M

You can easily find one that fits you just right and shows off your unique fashion sense.

It’s a great choice for staying energetic and looking great at the same time.


CUPSHE One Piece for Women Swimsuit Blue Tie Color Block V Neck Wrap Bathing Suit, M

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This design is ideal for a curvier look.

They’re not just about looking chic, though.

CUPSHE One Piece for Women Swimsuit Blue Tie Color Block V Neck Wrap Bathing Suit, M

They’re comfortable and stay in place, so you can have fun without worrying about your swimsuit.

These are a top pick because they’re flattering and versatile.

Sporty Bikinis

BMJL Women's High Waisted Bikini Sets Sporty Two Piece Swimsuit Color Block Cheeky High Cut Bathing Suits(L,Blue)

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Sporty bikinis are a top pick for active women.

They’re built to move with you, whether you’re playing beach volleyball or swimming laps.

The sturdy straps won’t let you down, staying put no matter how much you move.

And the secure closures? They mean you don’t have to worry about any wardrobe mishaps.

BMJL Women's High Waisted Bikini Sets Sporty Two Piece Swimsuit Color Block Cheeky High Cut Bathing Suits(L,Blue)

These bikinis are all about keeping up with your energetic life, making them a perfect choice for anyone who loves to stay in motion.


Tempt Me Army Green Athletic One Piece Swimsuits for Women Training Sport Tummy Control Bathing Suits Medium

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This is a top pick for serious swimmers.

They’re sleek and practical, making them great for both fitness swimming and competitions.

These suits usually come with chlorine-resistant fabric, which means they last longer even with regular pool use.

Plus, they have UV coverage protection to keep your skin safe under the sun.

Tempt Me Army Green Athletic One Piece Swimsuits for Women Training Sport Tummy Control Bathing Suits Medium

They’re not just about performance, though.

They also look stylish, so you’ll feel confident and comfy, whether you’re doing laps, running, or just chilling by the pool.

In short, they’re an all-around win for anyone who loves to swim and wants to stay on trend.

Top Features to Look For

When bathing suit shopping for athletic bodies, there are several features you should look for.

CUPSHE Women's One Piece Swimsuit Knotted Color Block Bathing Suit, M

These features provide an admiring fit, comfort, and functionality.

Here are three main points to consider:

Good Support and Comfort

Look for ample supple and dialed-in comfort.

Racerback or wide straps are great for broad-shoulder areas and a smaller bust, providing both comfort and a secure fit.

It should be snug but not too tight. 

Soft, stretchy fabrics allow for flexibility and movement.

Durability and Performance

Physical activities require suits that can withstand movement and chlorine.

Durable fabrics like polyester and nylon are ideal for frequent use.

Check for chlorine-resistant and quick-drying fabrics.

Performance swim tops and bottoms often include features like UV protection and endurance-tested materials.

Style and Functionality

Meyeeka Womens Sexy Strappy Cut Out High Waist Monokini Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit Snakeskin XL

Match your swimwear with the activities you’ll be doing.

For competitive swim events, streamlined, one-piece suits are ideal.

For a more casual, beach-ready look, sporty bikinis or tankinis might be more suitable.

Consider swim suits with adjustable features, like tie-backs or removable bust pads, for a customizable fit.

They don’t have to be plain; look for vibrant colors or unique cut-outs to stand out.

Hips and Curves

Limeeke Women's Sexy Cutout One Piece Swimsuit One Shoulder Swimwear Ribbed Monokini Bathing Suit Red M

Understanding how to accentuate hips and curves is crucial.

This will create a more balanced silhouette, enhancing these areas.

Look for styles that add volume and shape, like bikinis with ruffled bottoms or side-tie details.

One-pieces with cut-outs or belted waists can also create the illusion of curves.

For those with a straighter figure, bold prints or horizontal stripes can give the appearance of wider hips.

Styles to Avoid

Let’s face it. Certain suits might not be the ultimate choice for everyone

It’s important to pick ones that compliment your physique and feel comfortable.

Here are three main ones to avoid:

String Bikinis and Delicate Tops

String bikinis or Spaghetti-Style Bikini Tops often provide minimal support, which might not be suitable for those with wide shoulders.

Delicate tops can also lack the necessary support and coverage, leading to discomfort and poor fit.

Instead, opt for swimsuits with wider straps or a more structured design.

Loose-fitting clothes

Clothes that are too big or loose-fitting can make you look less than amazing.

It’s important to pick clothes that fit you right.

Bandeau Tops

Bandeau tops are less flattering because they often lack the support and structure needed for a stronger torso area.

These tops can also downplay the muscle definition.

Bandeaus tend to slip or shift during active movements, making them impractical for some women.

Dark Colored Bikini Bottoms

Dark-colored bikini bottoms can make their lower bodies appear smaller and less defined.

Lighter or brighter colors, on the other hand, can highlight their toned legs and buttocks more effectively.

Additionally, dark colors absorb more heat, which might be less comfortable during long periods in the sun, especially for active women engaging in beach sports or swimming.

Busy Prints

Overly busy prints can be overwhelming. It draws the focal point away from your natural shape.

Excessive designs like large ruffles or heavy decorations can add bulk and disrupt the streamlined look.

Choose simpler designs or solid colors without adding unnecessary distractions.

Low-Cut Legs and High-Waisted Bottoms

Bathing suits with low-cut legs can make the legs appear shorter and disrupt the proportions.

High-waisted bottoms might not compliment a straighter waist and can make the torso look shorter.

Consider going with a higher-cut leg to elongate your figure and a mid-rise bottom for a balanced look.

Swimsuit Accessories

Accessorizing will take your beach or pool look to the next level.

Choosing the right accessories can highlight your features and add a touch of glitz.

Here are some tips on selecting accessories to complement your physique:


A stylish cover-up will balance your shape and add elegance to your look.

Look for cover-ups or light jackets that are light and flowy, which can soften a defined figure.

Woven pants, tunics or wrap skirts are great choices as they can highlight your legs and waist.

Choose a cover-up in a color that complements your suit for a cohesive appearance.


Hats not only protect you from the sun but also add a fashionable element to your beachwear.

Wide-brimmed hats can balance the broader upper body and add a touch of glamour.

Sporty caps are great for a more casual look and are practical for outdoor activities.

Pick a hat that matches the color or pattern of your swimsuit and cover up for a put-together appearance.


Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for any pool or beach outing.

Choose a frame shape that complements your face.

Aviators or larger frames can work well with broader facial features.

Sunglasses with a pop of color or interesting details can add personality to your ensemble.


Simple and waterproof jewelry can enhance your swimsuit without being over the top.

A delicate necklace or a pair of stud earrings can add a touch of femininity.

Avoid heavy or dangling jewelry that can get in the way of swimming or other activities.


The right footwear will complete your outfit.

Flip-flops or sandals are practical for the beach or poolside.

Choose a design that’s easy to slip on and off and matches the overall vibe.

Accessorizing is all about finding the right balance between form and functionality.

Wrap up

In summary, finding the perfect beachwear for your body shape involves choosing products that offer support, and comfort, and flatter your physique.

Racerbacks and high-neck bikinis are popular choices, providing both functionality and good looks.

Avoid string bikinis, busy prints, and high-waisted bottoms that don’t complement your figure view.

When accessorizing, opt for light cover-ups, wide-brimmed hats, and simple jewelry to enhance your look.

Remember, the key is to choose swimwear, loungewear, and accessories that make you feel confident and comfortable, highlighting your build in every way possible.

Shop for deals with adequate coverage, have a snug fit, offer support, and are made from quick-drying fabric.


What is the best swimsuit cut for athletic build?

Our favorite picks are one-shoulder styles, especially ones with ruching details or cutouts.

These options will make the shoulders appear more slender while accentuating curves.

Consider trying a plunging neckline with wide straps if you’d like to highlight your bust.

What is an athletic build on a woman?

This figure has wider shoulders, straight hips, and a slim or even fit figure.

You may prefer not to look like a bodybuilder and want to emphasize your femininity.

With the right clothes, this is very easy to achieve!

What body shape is athletic?

It combines broad shoulders with a straight silhouette, having less difference between waist, hip, and bust measurements.

This sporty type is sometimes referred to as an Inverted Triangle, T-shape, or Strawberry.

A classic athletic body has broad, well-defined shoulders.

What kind of swimsuits do Olympians wear?

Bodyskin. A bodyskin is a style of competitive swimwear worn by both female and male athletes.

They are made of technologically advanced lycra-based fabrics designed to hug the body tightly and provide decreased drag resistance in the water.

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