Best Tankini for Long Torso: Top Picks for a Flattering Fit

Swimwear is an essential part of our summer wardrobe, but finding the perfect fit can be challenging, especially for specific body types like those with a long torso. Regular one-piece swimsuits often fall short, leaving you with an uncomfortable fit that can detract from the joy of a beach day or a poolside relaxation session. This is where tankinis come in—a stylish and versatile solution that combines the coverage of a one-piece with the flexibility of a two-piece.

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Tankinis have become increasingly popular for their practicality and fashionable designs. They’re especially beneficial for those with a long torso because the separate top and bottom allow for a tailor-made fit.

Finding the Perfect Tankini for a Long Torso

No more stretching a one-piece suit or risking a bikini’s potential slippage!

Moreover, tankinis offer variable coverage, so you can choose a top as long or short as you like, as well as a range of bottom styles from high-waisted to hipster cut based on personal preference and comfort.

When we are on the hunt for the best tankini for a long torso, several critical elements come into play.

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The key factors include the length of the top, the fit and cut of the top and bottoms, the quality of the fabric (look for stretchy, high-quality materials that retain shape), and the overall design that suits your body type.

Support features like underwire or padded cups are significant for those requiring extra bust support.

Adjustable straps are also greatly beneficial, providing a customizable fit that accommodates a longer midsection.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Look for adjustable straps to customize the fit
  • Chooseruching or shirring details, as they offer extra length and a flattering fit.
  • Opt for separates to mix and match sizes for the perfect top and bottom fit.

After rigorous comparison and wearing them out to the beach and pool, we found that the best tankinis for those with a long torso offer not just the perfect fit, but also the confidence and comfort that allow you to fully enjoy your aquatic activities.

Following, you’ll find our carefully curated recommendations based on quality, style, and overall functionality.

Top Picks for Tankinis for Long Torsos

We understand the struggle of finding the perfect swimwear that fits well, especially for those of us with longer torsos. It can be a challenge to find a tankini that doesn’t ride up or feel uncomfortable after a short while in the sun.

That’s why we’ve scoured the market to bring you our favorite tankinis designed with long torsos in mind. Our selection promises not only an excellent fit but also stylish designs that will make you feel confident and comfortable at the beach or by the pool.

ANFILIA Tankini Top


We think this ANFILIA Tankini Top is a fantastic choice for those with a long torso looking for a blend of style and adjustability.


  • Adjustable side ties provide a customizable fit
  • Ribbed fabric offers a touch of modern style and tummy control
  • Versatile design pairs well with various swim bottom styles


  • Some might find the fabric too thin for their preference
  • May not offer ample support for larger bust sizes
  • The fit around the tummy could be too loose for those seeking firm control

Slipping into this ANFILIA tankini top, we immediately appreciated the clever design with side ties, allowing us to adjust the length to our liking. The ribbed fabric not only feels contemporary but also gently hugs the midsection for some tummy control, boosting our beach-day confidence.

model wearing Anfilia Takini Top for Long Torso

We paired this tankini top with both swim skirts and classic bottoms—its wine-red hue worked like a charm with every style. Its stretchy blend of polyester and spandex hugged our curves without feeling restrictive, while the tankini cut offered coverage without compromising on fashion.

With summer in full swing, we’ve rotated various tops, but the ANFILIA tankini remains a standout.

But take note, friends with a fuller bust might need something with a bit more support. And for those of us who love a firm fit, the tummy area may feel a tad generous. However, for casual beachgoers looking for a stylish, adjustable swim top, this one is a gem.

Yonique Chic Tankini


We think this Yonique Tankini set is a fabulous pick for those with a longer torso looking for comfort without sacrificing style.



  • The top may cling less to the tummy for those preferring looser fits
  • Some may find the fabric and cut less appealing to the touch
  • The color representation online may differ slightly in person

After slipping on the Yonique Chic Tankini, the first thing we noticed was the snug yet comforting hug across the chest, ensuring everything stayed right where it should – a must for both relaxed beach lounging and active water sports. The tankini top flows nicely, concealing any problem areas without looking frumpy.

Model wearing Yonique Tankini Set for Long Torso

The boy shorts are a game-changer! They’re cut generously around the legs so they don’t constrict or creep up as you move; we give big points for practicality here.

For us ladies with a long torso, the shorts coupled with the tankini top meant no awkward gaps or uncomfortable tugging.

But it wasn’t all a walk on the beach; we noted that for some, the top could be less clingy in the midsection, which is something to keep in mind if you prefer a looser fit.

And while we adored the colorful geometric pattern, we did encounter a small hiccup — the color may veer towards orange rather than pink, so prepare for a potential surprise there. The material, while sturdy, might not be everyone’s cup of tea if you’re attuned to very specific textures.

Firpearl Army Green Tankini


We think you’ll love how this Firpearl Tankini combines comfort and style.



  • Can be tricky to put on due to its snug fit
  • Some may find the sizing a tad large
  • A few reports of color streaking after multiple wears

When we wore this tankini top, the first thing that impressed us was the underwire support. It’s a game-changer for those larger bust days at the beach, giving you a lifted, secure feel. The ruched front design does wonders for the midsection, providing a flattering contour that many of us seek in swimwear.

Model wearing olive green Firpearl Tankini

The fabric feels robust yet flexible, allowing us to move without restraint, whether we’re engaging in water sports or just lounging by the pool.

The Army Green color, although specific to this review, offers a touch of elegance, and from our first wear, it appeared resistant to the usual wear and tear that swimsuits endure.

However, it wasn’t a breeze to get into this top the first time – it’s pretty snug. For some of us, the fit was a bit larger than expected, which could mean a quick exchange before you find your perfect size.

And while the fabric is generally durable, we recommend careful washing, as there have been a couple of instances of the color fading after some time.

Overall, our experience shows the Firpearl Tankini top is a solid choice. It makes you feel stylish and comfortable all day long, managing to withstand both saltwater and chlorine while supporting and accentuating your best features.

Ruched RELLECIGA Tankini


We’ve found that the RELLECIGA Ruched Tankini Top is a delightful choice for those of us with a long torso searching for a flattering, stay-put swimwear option.


  • Accommodates a long torso comfortably
  • Vibrant colors and a variety of sizes
  • Stays in place without riding up


  • Padding in the bust area can be visible
  • May need to order a size up for a better fit
  • Sold as a top only, mix and match required for a complete set

Relaxing by the pool just got more stylish with this pick from RELLECIGA. The ruching detail adds a modern twist and the fit—spot-on for my long torso—makes me feel both secure and chic. The fabric is smooth to the touch and, after several wears, I’ve noticed it maintains its shape and color superbly.

A model wearing the Relleciga Ruched Tankini Top

When diving into the look, the top’s cut neckline elevates the entire aesthetic. Not to mention the way the fabric hugs without squeezing.

I adore being able to move freely, without any annoying ride-up, which is often a concern with lesser-quality tankinis. Mixing and matching with different bottoms has been great for refreshing my swim wardrobe without buying a completely new set.

A small yet noteworthy observation—I suggest considering removing or adjusting the bust padding if it doesn’t sit right for you, as it did for me.

Keep in mind that if you’re particularly busty, sizing up may be the way to go for the perfect fit. But honestly, these are small adjustments to make for such a great piece.

Wearing this tankini top has genuinely enhanced my swim experience. It’s given me confidence, both in style and in knowing that everything will stay put, no matter the activity. We’re delighted with our purchase and would happily buy another.

Zando Chic Tankini


We believe this Zando tankini set could be the go-to swimwear for those with a long torso looking for both comfort and style.


  • Attractive fit for different body shapes
  • Durable fabric ensures longevity
  • Striking design and pattern variety


  • May run small for bustier figures
  • Skirt length shorter than expected
  • Missing pieces in the package for some orders

After slipping into the Zando tankini, the first thing we noticed was how flattering it looked, even after a double mastectomy. The colors pop, and it accentuates the figure in all the right places. Its tankini top offers a comfortable, tummy-control fit that instills confidence.

Model wearing the Zando Tankini Set with floral pattern

The material feels premium, and its resilience suggests this piece will see many summers. It’s always a treat to find swimwear that stays vibrant and doesn’t lose its charm after a few dips in the pool or ocean.

We’ve seen a few concerns, namely from bustier individuals who advise sizing up for a better fit. It’s a reminder to check the measurements before purchasing.

Although the skirt portion is cute, it might be on the shorter side for some, deviating a tad from the online portrayal. One issue that came up a couple of times was the lack of bottoms in the package—a hiccup that’s hopefully a rare oversight.

In our experience with the Zando tankini, the product really lives up to its promise, especially regarding the fit for those with long torsos. The varied patterns cater to different tastes, and the flare of the tankini top adds a touch of playfulness to the overall aesthetic. Our time in the Zando tankini was comfortable, confidence-boosting, and full of compliments.

B2prity Long Torso Tankini


We think the B2prity Tankini is a solid choice for those with a long torso, offering comfort with a touch of style.



  • Shorts may be too short for some preferences.
  • The material could be less durable in chlorinated water.
  • Color mismatch between the top and bottom pieces has been noted.

Finding a tankini that compliments a long torso can be a challenge, but our experience with the B2prity Tankini was positive. Its pull-on closure meant there were no awkward ties and the polyester-spandex blend hugged our figure just right, giving us a shapely profile without sacrificing comfort.

model wearing the B2prity Tankini

The tummy control feature on this swimsuit stood out to us. It allowed us to feel confident and poised, whether we were lounging by the pool or splashing around in the waves. And when we say the top is long, we mean it. It draped beautifully over our hips, which is a game changer for anyone self-conscious about their midsection.

The shorts, however, did feel a bit brief. While they matched the top perfectly in terms of comfort and stretch, they might not align with everyone’s coverage preferences.

We noted the black bottom was noticeably darker than the top, though this didn’t detract from the overall aesthetic value. Our advice? Pair the top with your favorite swim shorts for a custom look that feels just right.

If you’re looking for a flattering, functional tankini for a long torso, the B2prity Tankini checks most of the boxes. Just be mindful of the material’s longevity around chlorine and consider supplementing the suit with a longer pair of bottoms to suit your coverage comfort level.

Zando Chic Tankini


We think you’d be quite pleased with this Zando tankini set; its comfort and style are just what we need for longer torsos.


  • Offers great coverage and style for longer torsos
  • High-quality fabric that holds up well with machine washing
  • The athletic design makes it suitable for active use


  • Bottoms may run a bit tight for some
  • Strap setup can be confusing initially
  • Color mismatch between top and bottoms noted by some users

Slipping into the Zando tankini, we instantly notice the generous fit — a true friend to those of us with a long torso. The material felt both durable and comfortable, easing our minds about its longevity even after repeated machine washes.

Model wearing the Zando tankini set;

The halter top, with its adjustable straps, gave us a customizable fit that stayed put, even when we ambitiously took on those poolside aerobics.

We must admit, the first wear invited a bit of a challenge with the strap arrangement. But once we got the knack of it, it was smooth sailing. Throughout the day, the top rendered a loose, comfortable fit, while the leopard print unfailingly garnered compliments. The sporty edge to this tankini set scored points in our books for both style and practicality.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the boyshorts felt snugger than anticipated. If you prefer a roomier bottom, consider sizing up.

We observed a slight difference in color tones between the top and bottoms — the top leaning toward charcoal rather than pitch black. This wasn’t a dealbreaker for us but it’s worth noting if you prefer an exact color match.

All in all, the Zando tankini set met our needs with flair, adequately covering our midsection and carving a sleek silhouette, making us feel fabulous during our recent beach getaway.

Hanna Nikole Comfy Long Torso Tankini


We believe this Hanna Nikole tankini is a top pick for those with a longer torso looking for comfort and style by the pool.


  • Stylishly covers areas comfortably
  • Versatile two-piece design with boyshorts
  • Positive feedback for fit and design


  • May fit too long for shorter individuals
  • Boyshorts may roll down for some
  • Dries slower than some may prefer

Slipping into the Hanna Nikole Two Piece Tankini felt like a revelation for us. The top flowed gently past the hips, offering the much-needed coverage for a long torso. Wearing it, it was clear that the thoughtful length designed into this swim dress was meant to boost confidence and ensure a worry-free day by the water.

model wearing the Hanna Nikole tankini

The boyshorts were a practical addition, staying secure during a quick swim, though they tend to roll down occasionally.

However, their snug fit balanced the swim dress, resulting in a proportional, sleek look that highlighted our best features while concealing areas we’re less keen on showcasing.

The polyester and spandex blend moved with us, not against us, and the pull-on closure meant no fuss or fumbling. Sure, it took a bit longer to dry off, but the style and fit did wonders for our poolside poise.

Overall, the tankini held up nicely to active use; we strolled, we swam, and we lounged without the suit losing its shape or appeal.

Cute Blue Floral Tankini


We think you’ll adore this tankini top for its V-neck cut and comfy tummy control fit perfect for those of us with longer torsos.


  • Attractive fit that enhances curves while providing tummy control
  • V-neck design offers a stylish look without compromising coverage
  • Fabric quality is excellent, retaining shape and color after washing


  • May fit snug around the torso if between sizes
  • Love handles may show if you’re looking for a looser top
  • Straps are not adjustable, which might be an issue for some

I recently slipped into this Tempt Me tankini top, and it felt like it was made for my long torso. The V-neck was both modest and flattering, striking the right balance between coverage and style. It provided fantastic tummy control that made me feel secure and stylish as I lounged by the pool.

model wearing floral print Tempt Me tankini top

When I paired it with my favorite swim bottoms, the ensemble looked seamless. The blue floral pattern is vibrant and has remained so even after a few rounds in the wash. The fabric feels soft against the skin, yet it’s durable – just what we need from a swim top.

This tankini top isn’t just about looks; it’s practical, too. Water aerobics classes were a breeze, thanks to its good support and stay-put design.

For those who might be in-between sizes or who prefer a looser fit around the waist, I’d suggest sizing up for that extra bit of comfort.

On our last trip to the beach, this tankini top was a real confidence booster. It’s fitting for people seeking a combination of style and functionality. If you need an extra pad, there’s room to add one without it being noticeable.

Overall, it’s a great buy that won’t disappoint those looking for a figure-flattering, long torso-friendly swim top.

Buying Guide

Identifying the Right Fit

First, we want to focus on finding the right fit. Measure your torso length by running a tape measure from one shoulder down the front of your body, through your legs, and back up to the starting point on the shoulder. This number will guide us in selecting a tankini that won’t ride up or feel uncomfortable.

Key Features to Consider

  • Adjustable Straps: Look for tankinis with adjustable straps to ensure that the fit is snug and supportive without digging into your shoulders.
  • Ruching or Shirring: These details are not only stylish but also offer a way to adjust the length and fit of the tankini top.

Top Styles for Long Torsos

Support: A built-in bra or underwire can provide extra support, which is often needed for longer torsos.

Long Lines: Opt for tankini tops that have extended lengths or that are specifically described as suitable for long torsos.

High-Waisted Bottoms: A higher rise on the bottoms can visually balance your proportions and ensure comfortable coverage.

Material and Quality

  • Fabric Composition: Look for high-quality materials like a blend of nylon and spandex for stretch and durability.

  • Chlorine Resistance: If you’ll be swimming frequently, it’s wise to choose a tankini resistant to chlorine to prolong its lifespan.


It’s also important to consider the occasion. For active use, prioritize function and support. For lounging, you might prefer style and comfort. Remember to consult sizing charts and, if possible, try on different styles to find the one that suits us best.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions to help you find the perfect tankini for your long torso.

What features should I look for in a tankini if I have a long torso?

Look for tankinis with adjustable straps, ruching, or shirring to help customize the fit to your body. Longer top lengths and high-waisted bottoms can also provide the coverage and comfort needed for a long torso.

Can you recommend some plus-size tankini options for a long torso?

We suggest looking for brands that specialize in plus-size swimwear, which often include designs with longer mid-sections in mind. Opt for tankinis with stretchable fabric and a good support system such as underwire or shelf bras.

Where can I find a variety of tankini styles for longer torsos online?

Retailers like Swimsuits For All, Lands’ End, and Long Tall Sally cater to women with long torsos and offer a wide range of styles and sizes. Online marketplaces like Amazon can also provide a variety of options from different brands.

Are there any tankini tops that are particularly well-suited for long torsos?

Tankini tops with a blouson style or those that are tunic-length can work particularly well, providing extra coverage and a flattering fit for long torsos. Brands like Athleta and J.Crew are known for such styles.

What are some popular brands that offer one-piece swimsuits designed for long torsos?

Popular brands that offer one-piece swimsuits for long torsos include Miraclesuit, J.Crew, and Speedo. These brands often feature suits specifically tailored to provide a comfortable fit for those with longer midsections.

How do I ensure a proper fit when selecting a swimsuit for my long torso?

Take accurate measurements of your torso and refer to sizing charts provided by the swimwear brand to determine the best size. Additionally, choose styles with adjustable features, such as tie-back closures or halter ties, for a more customizable fit.

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