11 Best Men’s Compression Shirts for Slimming (2023)

11 Best Men's Compression Shirts for Slimming

The best compression shirts for slimming are designed to conceal extra fat on your belly and chest. They also make you look and feel better. Whether you’re in the gym, or on a night out with that special someone, these shirts are designed for you to look good and feel confident all day long. I’ve … Read more

Why Is Taurine in Energy Drinks?

Why Is Taurine in Energy Drinks?

Most of those shiny energy drinks promising a burst of energy contain taurine. But why is taurine in energy drinks? It’s believed to provide an energy boost and enhance mental and physical performance. But let’s look a little closer at this popular supplement to learn what it is and does for your body. What is … Read more

11 Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players (2023)

11 Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players

Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players. In this post, I share the 11 best pickleball paddles for experienced players, with reviews, ratings, and prices. Best Pickleball Paddles For Advanced Players – The List Whether you’re playing in the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships or training matches, having the right pickleball gear is essential. You’ve put … Read more

Do Compression Shirts Keep You Cool?

Do Compression Shirts Keep You Cool?

Discover the go-to baselayer of athletes when temperatures rise Have you ever observed athletes across different seasons and noticed their loose-fitting workout attire? Their layers might change, but one consistent piece is the compression shirt, a unique fabric that clings tightly to limbs and torsos alike. But what’s the buzz with athletes and compression shirts? … Read more

The Best Luggage With Wheels For Seniors

best luggage with wheels for seniors

Most travelers will agree, the best luggage with wheels for seniors can be difficult to find. Each brand promises to be your perfect travel companion. But you need the real deal, right? Something lightweight, yet robust. Rolling luggage that glides along beside you, but doesn’t compromise on durability. In this review, I’ll cover top-notch luggage … Read more

How to Stop Gaining Weight From Running

model running down city street. Gaining Weight From Running? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Could Be Running But Not Losing Weight

Gaining weight from running can be frustrating and cause you to quit your fitness journey altogether. Avoid unnecessary weight gain while exercising with my easy-to-follow workout tips below. Let’s get started! Why Am I Gaining Weight From Running? Weight changes are common with a successful workout routine. Your body keeps water to aid with recovery, … Read more