15 Benefits of Running in the Morning

Is running in the morning really a good idea? Changing habits can be daunting. Why are most health-related professionals so keen on lacing at breakfast? Do you have a daily routine?

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I think most of us brush our teeth, drink coffee, or browse e-mails and texts before breakfast.

Does it make sense? Compare this to many prominent leaders in their professions who usually get up at least two hours early in the evening to read & exercise before touching phones or computers to meditate.

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More energy

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Does anyone have any trouble each morning? The first step in the morning with aerobic exercise, such as walking, helps increase the motivation essential for rest.

Interestingly, it was discovered that moderately intense exercise lasting at least 20 minutes increases feelings of energy.

Your morning run doesn’t have to include 10 miles. An easy 3.1-mile morning workout will do just fine.

Research reveals that exercising outside helps energize a person’s body more often than indoor workouts. Hence if energy is your aim, then maybe walking or cycling a mile or two may be more effective.

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Temperature control

Try to avoid running between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun's intensity is at its greatest.
Try to avoid running between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun’s intensity is at its greatest. 

A morning run is usually cooler and this can also make sense during warm summers. As temperatures rise, performances suffer, particularly during prolonged runs. In some studies, the wet bulb globe temperature has increased from 41 ° F to 77 ° F indicating a gradual slowdown in endurance running.

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A morning workout will be more comfortable and provide more health benefits, resulting in a less risky heat illness for those who train in very cold temperatures. If you are training at extreme temperatures, see this list of tips for running at high temperatures.

Increased focus

Running when we wake up is a good idea to get out and get focused. Emails are normally not bombarded until late into the morning.

Listening to music on the run can help you combat boredom and motivate you to run longer.
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While distractions can interfere with your commitment at any time of the day, you’ll likely have more work or family commitments and other tasks that get in the way of your fitness as the day progresses.

Not just that but early morning runs can help you plan your day while running. Cardiovascular activities like running may be helpful for developing a healthy brain.

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With a consistent morning exercise routine, you may see an improvement in brain functions. Running boosts your memory flexibility and allows you to easily transition from one mental task to another by changing gears and adapting to changes.

Better sleep

It’s important for people to get adequate rest. Sleep has never really been an underrated advantage for exercise.

Recent research indicates that exercise decreases sleep complaints and insomnia in patients.
Recent research indicates that exercise decreases sleep complaints and insomnia in patients.

Runners experience intense physical activity and may experience increased energy as previously described. Afterward, you’ll experience something opposite: morning exercise results in relaxation at night.

In a study, authors found that exercise improved sleep quality and deep sleep, as well as sleep latency.

Sleep latency is the time it takes a person to fall asleep after turning the lights out.

A recent study, published in a 2017 issue of Sleep Medicine, showed that morning workouts seem to be especially useful at improving sleep for people who have difficulty falling asleep.

Sleep is one of the best tools we have to recover between workouts, so we want to find ways to improve sleep quality anytime we can.

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Lastly, practice good sleep hygiene. Turn off any screens about 30 minutes before bed, avoid caffeine late in the day, and make your sleeping environment as cool and comfortable as possible. Before long, your morning run will become part of your habit and routine.

Good mood

Many runners are aware of the “runner’s high” feeling, which can sometimes occur during distance running and is commonly associated with endorphins. Endorphins in exercise may be effective against muscle pain. However, this could be attributed in large part to the happiness that exercise creates.

Running increases blood circulation to the brain and affects the part of the brain that responds to stress and improves mood.
Running increases blood circulation to the brain and affects the part of the brain that responds to stress and improves mood.

In contrast, runner’s highs are most likely the result of increased production of endocannabinoids. These substances have been naturally produced in our bodies and have the same effect as marijuana in some cases.

Better food choices

After running on morning workouts it is normal to eat an early morning breakfast. Maybe it makes sense that you’d consider doing something else a bit healthier than your usual morning donut.

Running helps promotes healthy dietary choices
Running helps promotes healthy dietary choices

Recent research in the International Journal on Obesity examined 26680 adults whose lives had never been exercised and who had no diet and exercise. Researchers have found that when exercise was undertaken, a group of formerly sedentary people had a higher likelihood to choose foods like lean meats and fruits, and increase healthy habits.

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Running (whether at dawn or evening) will significantly improve our health. Runs improve cardiovascular strength. As we hit the ground every time we stop on the road our heart beats more and is pumped with more oxygen into a system of cells.

Running, or jogging, is one of the best cardio exercises you can do.
Running, or jogging, is one of the best cardio exercises you can do.

Running can increase heart and blood pressure. Some recent studies show that recreational runners are healthier for heart function than those with sedentary lifestyles.

Better Heart Health Ample research has shown runners have better heart health. Cardiovascular exercise also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure.

One study found that even 5-10 minutes a day of slow jogging considerably reduced risks of death from all causes and cardiovascular disease.

Easy to implement

Not a morning person? If you schedule a run at the beginning of your day, you have fewer chances that something could derail your plans. Too often in planning afternoon or evening workouts, something happens that forces us to cut off running plans or cut off the time needed to fulfill others’ obligations.

Running is one of the easiest exercise programs to start.
Running is one of the easiest exercise programs to start.

It’s great to be out for a morning jog to work on your fitness routines. The survey of runner respondents showed runners were 33% more likely to adhere to a consistent schedule when planning an early morning run versus an evening exercise.

Burn fat on empty stomach

In fact, some research shows a run without carbohydrates causes your body to burn more fat. The study also showed exercise during morning exercise increased fat oxidation by 26% in the past two months. It is due to an increased appetite to consume less sugar and fat, say experts.

running on an empty stomach burns more fat

Running on empty stomach burns more fat

A lack of carbs is linked with a gene that regulates the metabolism of fats and increases metabolism, and a great way to lose weight.

Less air pollution

You can find fewer cars on the road and fewer people on the street if you are on the pavement at sunrise. It creates stress relief and better, calmer conditions.

Run in the morning to avoid traffic and air pollution
Claudia Faucher / FitFab50

More than 135 million American people have unhealthy levels of ozone pollution by 2030. If you go at sunrise, it’s easier because there’s less traffic, and more fresh air to breathe while running.

Testosterone levels at peak

The testosterone levels peak at dawn, according to the latest study. Running in the morning benefits improved T levels as well as increased muscle building faster.

Morning running promotes improved T levels and faster muscle building.
Claudia Faucher / FitFab50

When it comes to strengthening your muscles, you should do intense short runs like sprints. You are going to build more muscle in these high-intensity intense bursts versus running for extended distances.

Inexpensive and versatile

There are no special tools required to run but fancy running shoes and new running shortscan certainly make it fun! It also does not require you to join an exercise center (although obviously having a fitness center offers many advantages, and a good treadmill is nice at night). You can go running almost every day.

Benefits of running in the morning on an empty stomach

Don’t hit snooze! Some people have told stories relating to people who struggle with running in the morning but enjoy fasting cardio. Some claim that running on an empty stomach produces an intense rush of energy. Is it good enough for running on a full stomach? Fast-paced cardio may increase fat loss, but according to Brad Schoenfeld, a 2011 study does not specifically cause you to lose weight.

Bone health

In terms of bone health, running in the morning is the ideal time to run. Running is an exercise involving body weight that puts a lot of strain on the bones in a comfortable manner.

This is different from a swimming exercise in which buoyancy is less important for bones. Exercise can increase resistance, improve body composition and prevent bone fracture and osteoporosis later in life.

Time outside

It’s true that doctors are recommending time out in order to cure a lot of chronic illnesses, but the problem is we’ve lost touch with nature. If it’s your job it might be your most enjoyable and relaxing time in nature. Having the ability to go outside and exercise can help improve health and mental health.

Reduces stress levels

Having a good cardio routine helps to reduce fatigue. It can help boost your mood and make your day more relaxing. Chronic stress can cause anxiety or depression. In addition, there is some evidence linking aerobic activity (such as running) with decreased depressive and anxiety symptoms. Early mornings offer a bit of quiet and solitude to mentally prepare for the day.

Increased circulation improves skin texture

According to Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, an erectile surgeon from Brooklyn, “Increasing blood flow with cardio increases oxygen to the blood vessels, which improves collagen formation. In addition, increased blood flow improves skin regeneration and helps.

How to start running in the morning?

Okay, you like the benefits that come with running and now you feel confident enough to go on an afternoon race. How do I wake up early for that morning run? You probably try to get out of the comfortable bed but fail miserably or you find that the mornings run harder.

Find your ‘WHY’

Determine why you need to run in the morning. Why are runners so good at exercising? Tell yourself why. If the tiredness makes you too exhausted to start your day with morning running remember the “whys” around your new training regimen and keep your mental focus.

Take some time to warm up

During the morning run, your joints feel stiff and you’ll probably have some breathing room for the juices. Start swinging your hands around and twisting slightly. Take some deep breaths. Energy levels will improve as your body slowly wakes up. Next, you can try doing this quick dynamic warm-up to let your body wake up.

Gradually change your bedtime

It’s probably time to upgrade your DVR to use some more. Take an easy move and increase your sleeping time by just 5 minutes per day. Initially going back to bed early can feel better, as hormones begin to function properly.

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Adjust your Routine

Our body quickly adapts to new routines and begins to feel refreshed and excited when we have a constant schedule in place when we are. Basically, this equates to going to sleep at night and getting back up in the morning – regardless of your plan. Okay, it covers the weekend too!

Prepare the night before

Before you set your alarm clock and go to sleep, take your clothes off, get your breakfast ready, and prepare your coffee pot to start. This is the best way to get ready for the day faster.

To form any new habit, you need consistency. If you want to start waking up earlier to ensure you run first thing, make it as seamless as possible.

A few simple tips include:

  • Have a written plan
  • Set the same days for running and find a training plan so your mileage is decided for you
  • Have everything laid out the night before
  • Put your alarm clock on

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Smile. Seriously

Start with the exercise you’ve been enjoying the best. In the beginning, start easy. It will take trial and error to find a fitness program that suits your needs, but when you do, the early morning alarm will be easier. You don’t need a running coach or personal trainer at first, just the motivation and drive to get out there. Another added benefit is a morning workout may provide an energy boost to help kickstart the day ahead of you.

You might also want to consider joining a running club. There are many benefits of running in a group. It can be a great way to meet new people, and it’s fun.


How long should you run in the morning?

Assuming you are starting from scratch, gradually building up your running program is key to success and avoiding injury. The general rule of thumb is to add no more than 10% to your weekly mileage. So, if you are running 20 miles per week, you should not add more than 2 miles per week.

Starting out, you should run 3-4 times per week, with each run being no longer than 30 minutes. As you gradually build up your mileage, you can add 5-10 minutes to each run. Once you are running for 30-60 minutes, you can start to focus on your pace and begin doing speed work.

For new runners, it is best to run at a comfortable pace where you can still carry on a conversation. As you get more comfortable with running, you can start to pick up the pace and challenge yourself.

It is important to listen to your body when starting a running program. If you are feeling pain or discomfort, slow down or take a break. Pushing through pain can lead to injury.

Overall, gradually building up your mileage and listening to your body is key when starting a running program. By following these conditioning research guidelines, you will be on your way to becoming a successful runner.

What are the disadvantages of running in the morning?
  • A morning run can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule.
  • It can be hard to get out of bed and motivate yourself for a morning workout.
  • Working out in the cold morning air can be tough on your lungs and body.
  • For a morning runner, you are more likely to injure yourself running in the morning because your body is not warmed up.
What are the benefits of jogging in early morning?

Your metabolic rate will increase, you’ll burn calories, the jogging will help to create a stronger immune system and it can increase your energy consumption. Morning air is more oxygenated and therefore easier to breathe, particularly during hot days. With just a few miles of regular running, you’ll see many benefits on exercise days as well as non exercise days.

Any other benefits?

You may notice your brain function at work improving with regular morning running. It’s been shown that running boosts cognitive flexibility which allows you to switch between different mental tasks effectively by quickly shifting gears and adapting to changes quickly.

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