Top Selling Women’s Bathing Suit Styles in UK for 2024: This Year’s Beach Must-Haves

When it comes to swimwear, finding the perfect bathing suit is essential, whether you’re planning a tropical getaway or prepping for the local pool season. In the UK, where the fashion scene is as diverse as its cultural landscape, trends in women’s bathing suits are particularly noteworthy as they reflect a blend of global influences and local tastes.

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The styles range from vintage-inspired one-pieces to contemporary high-waisted bikinis, each catering to different comfort levels, body types, and style preferences.

best selling swimwear womens uk

As 2024 unfolds, a handful of women’s bathing suit styles have surged in popularity across the UK. These trends often reflect the broader fashion inclinations, incorporating bold prints, sustainable fabrics, and versatile designs that transition smoothly from beachwear to a casual outing ensemble. With an emphasis on body positivity and inclusivity, brands have responded by offering a wider range of sizes and designs that flatter all body shapes.

The Bikini Revolution: The bikini was considered scandalous when it first appeared in the UK in the 1940s. It took several years before it became widely accepted.

An important aspect to consider when purchasing a new swimsuit is the material quality and suitability for different water activities. Look for chlorine-resistant fabrics if you’re a regular at the pool, or opt for quick-drying and UV-protective materials if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Comfort, style, and function should align to ensure the best experience while wearing the suit.

Having a clear understanding of the top-selling women’s bathing suit styles can guide your decision when upgrading your swimwear wardrobe for the year. The next section will dive into the specific styles that UK consumers are gravitating towards, highlighting the features that make them not just fashionable, but also smart purchases for various needs and activities.

Top Women’s Bathing Suit Styles in the UK for 2024

Whether you’re planning a tropical getaway or prepping for summer months at your local beach, finding the perfect bathing suit is essential for both comfort and style. This year’s top-selling women’s bathing suits in the UK embrace a variety of designs, catering to all body types and preferences.

From classic one-pieces that offer timeless elegance to trendy bikinis that allow you to express your personal style, our selection has something for every taste. So, get ready to make a splash and turn heads with the finest swimwear picks of 2024!

Chic Aleumdr Tankini


If you’re after a fashionable and supportive swim top, this Aleumdr tankini is tailored just for you.


  • Vibrantly colored and stylish design
  • Provides excellent bust support
  • Stays in place during activities


  • The top comes without matching bottoms
  • Requires readjustment of padding after washing
  • Straps may feel tight for some

Just yesterday, I had the chance to try on the Aleumdr Women’s Printed Strappy Racerback Tankini Swim Top, and I must say, it’s a real game-changer for days at the beach or by the pool. The bold print draws the eye, ensuring you stand out in the best way possible. It’s not just visually captivating; the racerback design offered me an enhanced range of motion that made it incredibly comfortable for swimming laps.

Fit is often a big concern with swimwear, but this tankini top hugged my figure perfectly. The support it provided was noteworthy—no worrying about any accidental slips or shifts as I moved. This piece allowed me to feel secure and focus on enjoying my time in the water.

The fabric felt resilient too, able to hold its shape and color after a swim. Though after washing, I spent a minute or two finessing the removable padding—nothing arduous but worth noting.

Also, while I appreciated the secure fit, it’s worth mentioning that some may find the straps a tad constrictive, so consider sizing up if you prefer a looser feel.

Overall, the Aleumdr tankini top is a solid choice for anyone needing a reliable and attractive swimwear piece.

Influence of Hollywood: In the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood stars like Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe popularized more revealing swimsuit styles in the UK.

Yincro Beach Cover-Up


Consider this Yincro swimsuit cover-up as a versatile addition to your holiday wardrobe, perfect for those warm days by the sea.


  • Stylish design with tassels adds a playful touch
  • Sizing is accurate, making online selection easier
  • Fabric feels soft against the skin


  • Material may wrinkle easily, needing extra care
  • Could run large for some, consider sizing down
  • The polyester fabric may not be to everyone’s taste

After recently trying on the Yincro Women’s Swimsuit Cover-Up, I was quite pleased with its comfortable fit and stylish look. The navy blue hue is deep and rich, complementing a wide range of swimsuits effortlessly. The tassels sway gracefully with each step, offering a bohemian flair that’s both charming and on-trend.

The ease of washing this cover-up is a clear advantage. Machine washable for convenience, it held its shape and color well. As for comfort, the cover-up felt exceptionally soft, enhancing my beach experience as I strolled along the shore.

However, I did note that the fabric, while lovely to the touch, could wrinkle, suggesting a possible need for a quick iron or steam before heading out. Additionally, some might not prefer the 100% polyester feel, so if you’re more inclined towards natural fibers, this detail could be a deciding factor.

For those considering the Yincro Cover-Up, it can be a fashionable and practical choice for beach outings or poolside lounging. Paired with sandals and sunglasses, you’ll be ready to enjoy the sun in comfort and style.

Speedo’s Impact: Speedo, an Australian brand, greatly influenced UK swimwear, especially in competitive swimming, with the introduction of the racerback style in the 1920s.

Pink Queen High Waisted Bikini Set

This Pink Queen bikini set combines comfort with style, ensuring you feel confident whether lounging poolside or engaging in beach activities.


  • Comfortably fits a variety of body shapes due to its adjustable features.
  • Vivid colors and a flattering cut make for a stylish swimsuit choice.
  • The bikini top provides good support, doubling as athletic wear.


  • Sizing can be tricky, so check the chart carefully before ordering.
  • The skirt may pull if the stitching isn’t consistent on all pieces.
  • Some may find the top smaller compared to standard sizing, posing a potential issue for fitting.

The moment you slip into the Pink Queen High Waisted Bikini, the soft fabric and snug fit make it clear that this isn’t just any swimsuit—it’s one designed with both aesthetic appeal and utility in mind. The high-waisted swim skirt flatters your curves, offering coverage without sacrificing style.

The athletic design of the scoop neck bikini top is perfect for those spur-of-the-moment volleyball games on the beach or when you’re simply enjoying a soothing swim. The top’s support is notable, ensuring everything stays in place as you move.

A dip in the pool or a day by the sea feels extra vibrant with the rose-red color of this two-piece. It’s refreshing to find swimwear that manages to be practical for activities yet cute enough that you’d want to wear it all summer. Plus, the adjustable straps are a thoughtful touch, adapting to your comfort needs with ease.

Remember, navigating the sizing chart is key to enjoying all the benefits of this swimwear; once you’ve nailed the fit, it’s smooth sailing—or swimming, for that matter! And with the convenience of a machine-washable fabric, maintaining your new favorite bikini is as breezy as a walk on the beach.

War-Time Rationing: During World War II, fabric rationing in the UK led to the creation of more revealing swimsuits, as they required less material.

Urchics Tankini Swimsuit

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If comfort and coverage are top priorities for your swimwear, this tankini by Urchics is a brilliant pick.


  • Offers a flattering fit while providing tummy control
  • The two-piece design is versatile and suits various body types
  • Constructed from a comfortable and stretchy nylon-spandex blend


  • Some found the elastic on the bottoms to be too snug
  • The top may run small, particularly in the bust area
  • A few users noted the shape could be more defined

Slipping into this tankini, you can immediately sense the fabric’s quality. Nylon blended with spandex gives this swimwear the right amount of stretch, hugging your figure comfortably without restricting movement. It’s a great option for someone who stays active at the beach or by the pool.

The top’s design brings a sense of style and functionality. Its flowy front masks any trouble areas, while the snug but not constricting fit of the boyshorts keeps everything in place. This ensemble is suitable for a variety of activities, from playing volleyball to lounging on a sunbed.

One qualm some users have is that the bottoms might have a more fitted elastic than preferred. Before purchasing, it’s advisable to check the size chart for the right fit to avoid any discomfort.

On the whole, this tankini from Urchics manages to balance style, comfort, and practicality, making it a solid choice for your next swimwear purchase.

Miss World Contest: The UK hosted the first Miss World contest in 1951, where bikinis were worn, making the style more popular and acceptable

Aleumdr Athletic Swimsuit


If you’re in search of a supportive and sporty swim look, the Aleumdr Athletic Swimsuit is a catch you won’t want to miss.


  • Flattering color-block design enhances your form
  • High-quality fabric blend for comfort and durability
  • Full coverage suitable for a wide range of activities


  • Color may differ slightly from images online
  • Leg holes might be loose for some body types
  • Bra cups and torso length may not suit everyone

The Aleumdr Athletic Swimsuit combines style with practicality. Its pull-on closure means you can slip it on with ease, especially when you’re in a rush to hit the water. The imported quality and polyester/elastane blend promise both stretch and longevity, so whether you’re taking a dip in the pool or engaging in some beach sports, this suit stays snug against your skin without sagging.

Comfort takes the forefront with this suit. Hand washing keeps it in top condition, ensuring you look sleek every time you sport it. With a sporty color block pattern, it visually slims the silhouette while the overall design supports your body in all the right places.

Durability is such a crucial factor when choosing swimwear, and I found that the Aleumdr swimsuit stands up to the challenge. After several wears, it still maintains its shape and vibrant color.

For those seeking ample bust support without revealing too much, this swimsuit definitely ticks the box. It wraps around your body securely, making you feel confidently covered whether you’re swimming laps or chasing your kids around the pool.

Sunbathing in Parks: Due to the urban layout of many UK cities, parks like Hyde Park in London become popular sunbathing spots during sunny days.

Chic Grace Karin Bikini


You’ll turn heads at the beach with this vibrant red bikini that beautifully combines style and comfort.


  • Flattering ruched high waist design for tummy control
  • Versatile halter top with adjustable tie for a custom fit
  • Soft, stretchy fabric that feels comfortable against your skin


  • May need to size up for the perfect fit in the bottoms
  • The top’s support may vary depending on bust size
  • Elastic around the top of the bottoms might be tight for some

Slipping into the Grace Karin bikini, the first thing you notice is the quality of the fabric. It’s sufficiently stretchy, hugging your curves without feeling restrictive. The ruched high waist catches the eye, not just for its aesthetics but also for the way it smooths the tummy area, lending you a sleek silhouette.

The halter top is a game-changer, especially when you tie it to your liking, ensuring the fit is just right. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or playing beach volleyball, the comfort is consistent, and the style stays on point. It’s an ideal balance of trendy and timeless.

Considering this ensemble’s vibrant hue and vintage vibe, it’s a standout piece for any summer wardrobe. The full, thick lining surpasses what’s expected at this price point, affirming that you’ve scored both a budget-friendly and chic choice. Just remember, when ordering, account for your specific proportions to ensure both pieces fit perfectly.

Beach Huts Tradition: Along the UK coast, colorful beach huts are a charming tradition, often used by sunbathers for changing and storing sunbathing essentials.

Grace Karin Swimsuit

If you’re aiming for a touch of elegance combined with comfort on the beach, this swimsuit by Grace Karin is a strong contender.


  • The vibrant purple hue is absolutely stunning and stands out in a sea of monotones.
  • Comes with a matching sarong, offering versatility in style and coverage.
  • A high-quality fabric blend provides a comfortable stretch and fits like a glove.


  • The cut under the arms may be snug for some, potentially affecting comfort.
  • Sarong length and quality don’t match everyone’s expectations.
  • Durability may be a concern, with some quality issues reported over time.

Just slipped into the Grace Karin one-piece and wow, the fit is snug but forgiving where it counts. The polyamide-elastane fabric offers ample stretch, hugging your curves without constricting movement. Its open back design and V-neck lined with a clever ruched ring detail made me feel both sophisticated and ready to soak up the sun.

The cover-up sarong is a clever addition, adding a layer of mystery to the ensemble. It drapes gracefully and can be styled in various ways. Whether tied around the waist or neck, it shifts a simple dip in the ocean to a glamorous poolside affair. The purple color, rich and flattering, complimented my fair skin and dark hair, a plus for those concerned about their summer palette.

However, it wasn’t all stars and skies. While the sarong’s concept is genius, it felt a bit scant in fabric, leaving me wishing for a bit more coverage. Additionally, after a couple of uses, the seams demanded a little caution – durability might be something to watch.

Overall, for a blend of regal style and poolside confidence, it’s a solid choice justifying its place among the bestsellers.

Blooming Jelly High Waisted Bikini


You’ll adore how the Blooming Jelly High Waisted Bikini combines comfort and style to make you the star of the beach this year.


  • Sculpting fit enhances your silhouette
  • Vibrant color selections make for standout beachwear
  • High quality fabric provides durability for prolonged use


  • Bottoms may be snug for some
  • Material prone to pilling after several wears
  • Limited support for bustier figures

Slipping into this swimsuit, the high waisted design instantly caught my attention, accentuating the waistline beautifully. The nylon-spandex blend hugged the contours of the body pleasantly and the sturdy straps didn’t dig in, which I appreciated during a long sunbathing session.

The bright new colorblock blue of the Blooming Jelly bikini stood out against the sands, and I received several compliments. The color had a rejuvenating effect under the sunny sky. It not only looked attractive but felt secure while swimming, without any worry of slippage or readjusting.

After several uses, I did notice some pilling on the fabric, which is not uncommon with frequent beach outings. Although it’s something to keep in mind, it didn’t overshadow the overall high-quality experience. The snug fit of the bottoms initially raised a brow, but they adapted to my body shape over time without compromising comfort.

Sunshine State: Florida enjoys a subtropical to tropical climate. On average, Florida receives about 230 to 260 sunny days per year. In terms of sunshine hours, it averages around 2,800 to 3,200 hours of sunshine annually, versus 1,340 to 1,600 for the UK.

Aleumdr Tankini Swim Top


Whether you’re planning a seaside escape or lounging by the pool, the Aleumdr Tankini Swim Top offers a harmonious blend of style and comfort that’s hard to pass up.


  • Flattering striped pattern enhances body shape
  • Racerback design provides excellent support
  • Material holds up beautifully, even after multiple washes


  • Colour bleeding may occur during the wash
  • Side stitching excludes colored areas, potentially exposing skin
  • Built-in padding is not removable, limiting customization

Wrapping yourself in the Aleumdr Tankini Swim Top, you’ll notice the racerback design immediately supports you where needed. Boasting a spirited striped print, this top adds zest to your swimwear while sculpting your profile in a pleasing manner. The fabric feels supple against the skin and moves with grace, allowing for unhindered swimming or casual strolls along the beach.

Stepping out of the water, the top’s quick-drying polyester and elastane blend springs into action, maintaining its shape and avoiding unwanted clinginess. Many users rave about the tankini’s quality stitching and how it retains its vibrant colours and integrity through numerous summer adventures.

After the fun in the sun, however, taking special care when washing is advised to prevent colour run. And while the top’s design generally provides a flattering silhouette, some may find the unattached coloured areas to the sides to be of concern for coverage.

Despite these quirks, the Aleumdr Tankini Swim Top holds as a stylish and secure choice for those sunny days out, ensuring you can swim and relax with confidence.

Rooftop Sunbathing: Rooftop terraces and bars in London, such as those in Shoreditch or Soho, become popular spots for sunbathing and socializing in the summer.

Chic Aleumdr Tankini


You’ll love hitting the beach in this stylish Aleumdr Tankini that flatters and supports in all the right places.


  • Top-notch fabric quality with durability
  • True to size, offering a great fit
  • Versatile straps for personalized styling


  • Limited tummy compression for those seeking firm control
  • Chest liner material may not suit all preferences for swimwear
  • Liner is not attached at the back, which could be a nuisance during activities

Slipping into this Aleumdr Tankini, I immediately noticed the soft hand-feel of the premium fabric blend—a cozy 85% Polyester, 15% Elastane composition. The quality of the material promises enduring beach outings and pool sessions without wearing thin.

The swimsuit sticks to its promised measurements. I confidently selected my usual size without the worry of unexpected tightness or slack, thanks to the spot-on sizing chart. The comfort it offers is just right for a day soaking up the sun or taking a plunge in the pool.

Admiring my reflection, the modest but modern tankini style accentuated my figure tastefully. The smart design allows for strappy back adjustments, providing either a classic or a racier look—depending on your mood. The bottom part sits comfortably, its snugness neither constricting movement nor compromising on style.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Body Type

Your body type is key in selecting a swimsuit that flatters your figure. Here’s a quick reference:

  • Rectangular: Look for styles that define your waist.
  • Apple-shaped: High-waisted bottoms can help create a balanced silhouette.
  • Pear-shaped: A balanced look can be achieved with detailing on the top.
  • Hourglass: Aim for suits that accentuate your natural curves.

Swimsuit Features to Consider

  • Material: Opt for chlorine-resistant, quick-dry fabrics for durability and comfort.
  • Cut: Choose a cut that provides the level of coverage you’re comfortable with.
  • Support: If you have a larger bust, look for suits with good support, like underwiring.
  • Adjustability: Straps that adjust can help you achieve the perfect fit.

Colour and Pattern

  • Solid Colours: Creates a streamlined look and help highlight or downplay areas.
  • Patterns: Use to your advantage; stripes can elongate, while prints can distract from areas you’re less confident about.

Practical Considerations

FactorWhy It Matters
UV ProtectionProtects your skin from harmful sun rays.
VersatilityCan the top double as a crop top? Can the bottoms reverse to another color?
MaintenanceIf you swim often, consider how the suit holds up to frequent washing and sun exposure.

Remember to always try on swimsuits if possible, as fit can vary greatly between styles and personal comfort is paramount.

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