Cheap Military Watches: Durability Meets Affordability for 2024

Military watches are valued for their durability, precision, and robustness, designed to withstand extreme conditions while offering crucial functionalities for soldiers in the field. Over time, such watches have gained popularity among civilians for their practical features and rugged aesthetic. Cheap military watches, in particular, cater to those who desire the resilience and style of military watches without the hefty price tag of premium models.

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When considering a purchase, durability is paramount. Cheap military watches must endure tough environments, which means they should be constructed with strong materials such as reinforced plastics or stainless steel. Water resistance is another critical factor, as a good military watch should be capable of performing in wet conditions or underwater. The readability of the watch under low-light conditions is also essential, often achieved through luminous hands and markers.

military tactical training

The functionality of cheap military watches can vary, but common features include chronographs, countdown timers, and compasses. Some might offer additional functions such as GPS and barometers, depending on their price point. However, it’s vital to balance functionality with reliability, ensuring that the watch’s primary purpose – accurate timekeeping – is not compromised by an overabundance of features that might affect its performance.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Shop for durability features like water resistance and shockproof design.
  • Check for essential functions such as a backlight, stopwatch, and compass, if available.
  • Buy watches with a warranty for added security on your purchase.

In selecting a suitable military watch that matches one’s needs and budget, I took the liberty of thoroughly examining various models. I considered aspects like the watch’s material quality, resistance to elements, battery life, and the clarity of its display. This ensures an informed recommendation for those seeking a watch that’s both functional and financially accessible. With a carefully curated list of options, we can now proceed to discuss the top cheap military watches available in the market.

Cheap Military Watches

Top Affordable Military Watches

In my search for durable timepieces that won’t break the bank, I’ve curated a selection of military watches that offer the best balance of functionality, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. These watches are tailored for those who appreciate the ruggedness of military-style gear but are also mindful of their budget. Whether for daily wear or outdoor adventures, each watch on this list promises reliability without the hefty price tag.

L LAVAREDO Tactical Timepiece

photo of L LAVAREDO Tactical Watch. Cheap Military Watches for any budget

I recommend this watch for anyone in need of a durable, straightforward timepiece that won’t break the bank.


  • Backlight function makes it easy to check the time in the dark
  • 5ATM waterproof rating stands up to rain and splashes
  • The comfortable silicone band fits securely on the wrist


  • The watch’s buttons feel less premium
  • The display can be difficult to read in direct sunlight
  • Light feature could be brighter for better night visibility

I recently strapped on the L LAVAREDO Tactical Timepiece during my weekend camping trip and was impressed by its resilience. The silicone band held up nicely during hikes, remaining comfortable throughout the day. Even when it rained, the watch seemed unbothered by the moisture.

photo of  L LAVAREDO Tactical Timepiece

The backlight was an essential feature as the sun set, allowing me to check the time while gathering firewood in the dimming light.

However, I did notice that the display was not as easy to read under the harsh midday sun, which had me squinting a few times.

Wearing the L LAVAREDO watch daily, I’ve come to appreciate its simple functionality.

The alarm and calendar features kept me on schedule, while the stopwatch proved useful during my morning runs. The only minor annoyance was the button quality; they did their job but lacked tactile responsiveness.

Overall, the L LAVAREDO Tactical Timepiece is a solid choice for anyone looking for a military-style watch that blends functionality and durability without costing an arm and a leg.

PALADA Tactical Watch

image 65

I highly recommend this watch for its robust build and no-frills functionality that serves me well in daily activities and outdoor adventures.


  • Durable design holds up in rough conditions
  • LED backlight ensures visibility in low-light scenarios
  • Water resistance adds to its versatility


  • Basic look might not suit all style preferences
  • Plastic casing can feel less premium than metal counterparts
  • Instructions can be tricky to align with features

When I first strapped the PALADA Tactical Watch on my wrist, I appreciated its lightweight yet sturdy feel right off the bat—the kind of watch you can wear all day without noticing it.

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In the machine shop where I work, it’s stood up to plenty of scrapes and bumps with no signs of wear; its durability impresses me every time.

photo of PALADA tactical watch

Outdoors, the LED backlight has been a game-changer during evening hikes; a quick glance is all it takes to read the time clearly, and I’ve found this incredibly helpful as the sun sets. Even during a splash in the lake or caught out in a downpour, this watch has kept ticking without a hitch, a testament to its promised water resistance.

On the downside, if you’re particular about accessories that make a style statement, this watch’s simplistic appearance may not strike your fancy. It’s also true that, while the plastic build contributes to the watch’s resilience and weight—or lack thereof—it doesn’t convey the same sophistication as watches with metal casings might. Another mild frustration was the manual; getting the settings just right took me somewhat longer than I would have liked, as the instructions weren’t perfectly clear.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the PALADA Tactical Watch is a solid choice for someone like me, needs something reliable that doesn’t break the bank. It performs where it counts, and I’d argue that practicality wins the day for a watch in this category.

SKMEI Sport Watch

photo of the SKMEI Sport Watch

If you need an affordable and durable timepiece for everyday use and activities, this SKMEI may be the right fit.


  • Resilient in water-related activities
  • A multitude of features like chronograph and alarm
  • Backlight functionality for visibility in darkness


  • The resin glass can gain scratches
  • Band may not be suitable for small wrists
  • Some may find the design too simplistic

Having recently put the SKMEI Sport Watch through its paces, I’m impressed with its capability to withstand my daily routines, which include morning jogs and the occasional swim. The water resistance did not disappoint; I barely had to take it off, whether I was showering or doing laps in the pool.

photo comparing day and night mode

The array of features packed into this timepiece surprised me. Setting up the alarm was a breeze, and the LED backlight had me checking the time in dimly lit environments effortlessly. Moreover, the countdown and dual time functions came in handy during my workouts and when I was timing my cooking.

While the watch’s simplistic design and functionality are strong selling points, it’s worth mentioning that the resin glass isn’t immune to scratches.

I noticed some marks after an accidental brush against the wall. Additionally, the perforated silicone band, while sturdy, may wrap around larger wrists with ease, and could be too large for individuals with petite wrists, making it less than ideal for a universal fit.

Findtime Men’s Digital Sports Watch

photo of the FindTIme Tactical Watch

If you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective military watch that doesn’t skimp on functionality, this might just be your match.


  • Accurate step and calorie tracking capabilities
  • Durable build with a comfortable TPU band
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters


  • Instructions can be unclear and hard to follow
  • Some users report inaccuracies in the pedometer
  • The buckle may feel somewhat flimsy

I recently strapped the Findtime’s digital sports watch onto my wrist and was eager to test its touted durability. The ABS case and TPU band gave off a sturdy feel that suggested it could take quite a bit of rough handling.

When I ventured out for a jog, I found the pedometer function straightforward – after some tinkering due to the initially puzzling instructions. It seemed to track steps and calories adequately for everyday activities.

photo of watch in night mode

In terms of water resistance, the watch held up well when I took it for a swim. It’s refreshing to find a budget-friendly watch that can tolerate water exposure without issue, as long as you remember not to press the buttons while submerged.

However, I did struggle a bit with setting up the watch at first. The small print on the instructions didn’t make things any easier. Users with less patience might find this cumbersome.

While the pedometer mostly delivered accurate readings, it wasn’t consistently reliable according to my tests. I recommend a separate fitness tracker for serious athletes who need precise tracking.

The band’s buckle seems to be the weakest link of an otherwise sturdy watch. Though it never broke on me, I’ve heard from others that it feels a bit insecure, which could be a concern over time.

Overall, Findtime offers a serviceable and rugged military watch at a price that doesn’t break the bank, albeit with a few quirks that you’ll need to navigate.

ALPS-GREEN Military Watch

photo of ALPS-GREEN Military Watch

I recommend the ALPS-GREEN Military Watch for its lightweight design and practical features, suitable for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Impressive 20-month battery life
  • Versatile Velcro strap design
  • Built-in compass and pedometer


  • Dim backlight illumination
  • Complex setup instructions
  • Durability issues with the band

On my recent hiking trip, the ALPS-GREEN Military Watch was a game-changer. The watch’s ultra-light feel made it almost unnoticeable on my wrist, while the reinforced carbon fiber case ensured it could withstand rough conditions. I appreciated the customizable Velcro strap, as it easily adjusted to my wrist size and could even strap over my jacket, a welcomed feature in the cold.

image detailing pacing function for hiking

The built-in compass and pedometer are nifty tools for any adventurer. Whether I was mapping out my route or tracking my steps, these features came in quite handy. The tactile pleasure of feeling the watch’s buttons and witnessing the EL light emit a glow with a press provided a sense of reliability, even in the darkest woods.

Despite its strong points, the ALPS-GREEN Military Watch isn’t perfect. While trying to navigate my way back to camp in the evening, the backlight proved too dim for my liking, making it tough to read the time without external light. Setting up the watch initially was more complex than expected, with the multi-step instructions testing my patience. Lastly, concerns about the durability of the watch band surfaced when I noticed some strain after repeated use with my heavy backpack.

Overall, the versatility and functional components make this military watch a solid choice for its price. While it has some drawbacks, its advantages for outdoor activities shine through.

MJSCPHBJK Tactical Army Watch

photo of the MJSCPHBJK Tactical Army Watch

If durability and multifunctionality are your game, this watch is a solid contender for your wrist companion.


  • Hard-wearing construction stands up to outdoor use.
  • Dual-time functionality is a boon for travelers.
  • Illuminated dial ensures visibility in low-light conditions.


  • The watch’s size may feel bulky on smaller wrists.
  • Silicon band might attract dust over time.
  • Button operations can be less intuitive for some users.

When I first strapped on the MJSCPHBJK Tactical Army Watch, its robust build was immediately apparent. The watch felt secure on my wrist, ready to tackle the day’s challenges alongside me. Navigating through time zones was a breeze with its dual time feature—I could keep an eye on my home time while traveling without missing a beat.

graphic showing watch dimensions

During a nighttime hike, the LED backlight proved indispensable. Whether I was checking the time or utilizing the stopwatch function, the bright display cut through the darkness with ease. The alarm feature was loud enough to awaken me for an early morning start, yet not too intrusive to be a nuisance on a quiet campsite.

A minor setback was the silicon band—while it provided comfort, it seemed to be a magnet for lint and dust after a day on the trails. The bulkiness might feel cumbersome for those with slender wrists, but it contributed to the rugged aesthetic. Setting up the watch took some getting used to, but after a few tries, operating the buttons became second nature.

In essence, the MJSCPHBJK Tactical Army Watch is a steadfast option for those in search of a reliable timepiece without breaking the bank.

Lingdudesign Military Watch

photo of the Lingdudesign Military Watch

I recommend this timepiece for those seeking a budget-friendly, durable, and multifunctional military watch.


  • Proven to be robust in durability tests
  • Multifunctionality includes alarm and stopwatch
  • Water-resistant and lightweight


  • Complex instructions
  • Potential issues with band durability
  • Bulky design may not suit everyone

Having recently taken this military watch out for a spin, I appreciated its robustness right off the bat. Even during a vigorous day outdoors, it held up without a hitch. The alarm feature was a real boon, ensuring I kept track of time without constantly reaching for my phone.

watch dimensions

The watch’s multifunctionality stood out to me; using the stopwatch during my morning runs was a breeze. In addition, the light weight meant I barely noticed it on my wrist. Whether you’re someone who’s always on the move or needs a reliable watch for outdoor adventures, these features will add convenience to your daily routine.

The water resistance claimed by Lingdudesign proved true during an impromptu dip in the pool. However, setting up and understanding all of the watch features was more challenging than I expected. The printed instructions could use some clarity. On another note, while I found the watch’s chunkiness to convey a certain rugged charm, this might not be the best fit if you prefer a more streamlined accessory. I did notice that while the watch itself was tough, the band seemed less so, hinting at the possibility of needing a replacement with heavy use.

Overall, the Lingdudesign Military Watch is a solid buy for those looking for a sturdy, functional watch without breaking the bank. Despite its minor setbacks, it offers value for money and reliable performance in most conditions.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

I start by assessing my needs. Is durability a key factor or is weight more critical? What functions will I need? These questions help streamline my choice.

Essential Features

When I look for military watches, I prioritize features such as:

  • Water Resistance: Crucial for any terrain.
  • Luminescence: Visibility in low-light conditions is a must.
  • Battery Life: Longevity can be a lifesaver.
  • Shock Resistance: Enhances durability.
  • Strap Quality: Comfort and wear-resistance matter.

Comparing Functionality

I compare the following functions without fail:

StopwatchEssential for timed tasks
Countdown TimerHelpful for strict planning
GMT or Dual TimeCrucial for multiple time-zones
CompassNavigation purposes

Budgeting Smartly

I set a realistic budget considering that lower cost doesn’t always mean inferior quality. Prioritizing essential features over luxury extras ensures I make an astute investment.

Durability vs. Aesthetics

I tend to favor durability over aesthetics, as the robustness of the watch can directly influence its longevity and reliability in challenging conditions.

Reading Reviews

Finally, I read user reviews to gauge real-world performance and durability; they’re often more telling than specifications or marketing claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

When discussing military watches, it’s crucial to focus on functionality and reliability, as these timepieces are designed to endure intense, harsh conditions while providing essential features for service members.

What features are important in a watch for military use?

In my experience, watches for military use should have a solid build, be water-resistant, and feature a readable display with a robust illumination system. Durability and a straightforward design for quick time-checking are also important.

Which watch brands are preferred by military personnel?

Common brands that I’ve seen military personnel prefer include Casio, specifically their G-Shock series, and Timex, known for their rugged Expedition collection. These brands offer a combination of reliability and affordability.

Are there specifications for watches issued by the military?

Yes, there are military specific requirements for watches, including water resistance, shock resistance, and sometimes a non-reflective matte finish. Military watches may also require features such as a 24-hour dial.

How do Luminox watches perform in military environments?

Luminox watches are renowned for their self-powered illumination system, which allows for excellent visibility in low-light conditions. They’re robust and are often used in military environments for their durability.

What type of watch is typically worn by Navy SEALs?

Navy SEALs typically wear watches that are durable, water-resistant, and easy to read in all conditions. The Luminox Navy SEAL watch is one such model that has been linked with SEAL teams because of its ruggedness and reliability.

Can service members wear personal watches during duty?

Service members are generally allowed to wear personal watches, as long as they comply with their unit’s regulations, which may dictate the watch’s features and appearance to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with their missions or duties.

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