9 Best Tankini with Underwire and Tummy Control: Top Picks for a Flattering Beach Look (2024)!

Swimwear has evolved considerably over the years to cater to diverse body types and preferences, offering a combination of style, comfort, and functionality. Tankinis, a two-piece swimsuit with a tank top and bikini bottom, has emerged as a popular choice for those seeking a middle ground between a one-piece and a bikini. They provide the flexibility and ease of a two-piece with more coverage.

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Among the many variations of tankinis, those with underwire and tummy control are particularly sought after. The underwire feature offers support and enhances the bust shape, which can be a game-changer for women who find standard swim tops lacking in this aspect. Tummy control, on the other hand, refers to a firmer material or ruched fabric around the midsection, which helps in creating a more streamlined silhouette.

woman sunbathing at beach with legs in the air on a sunny day.

When looking to purchase a tankini with underwire and tummy control, it’s crucial to pay attention to the fit and quality of the materials. The underwire should sit comfortably under the bust without digging in or causing discomfort, while the tummy control panel should smooth without constricting. Additionally, considering the swimsuit’s fabric is important as it needs to be both durable and elastic, maintaining its shape and support over time, as well as quick drying.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Support and Comfort – Tankinis with underwire offer extra support for the bust, making them a great choice for women who prioritize both comfort and fit.
  • Enhanced Shape and Confidence – The tummy control feature helps smooth out the midsection, providing a flattering silhouette and boosting confidence.
  • Styling Options – Tankinis come in various styles and patterns, to match your style while enjoying the benefits of underwire and tummy control.

Our comprehensive guide is designed to help you find the perfect tankini with underwire and tummy control, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable whether you’re lounging by the pool or engaging in water activities. We’ve put in the hours to research and evaluate various styles and brands, focusing on those that offer the best fit, support, and quality.

9 Best Tankini with Underwire and Tummy Control

Top Tankinis with Underwire and Tummy Control

We’re excited to share our selection of top tankinis that not only offer underwire support for comfort and lift but also feature tummy control for a flattering silhouette. We’ve carefully chosen these swimsuits to ensure you feel confident and look great, whether you’re lounging by the pool or beach. Get ready to discover your next favorite swimwear!

Firpearl Tankini Top

image 54

We think you’ll love this tankini for its figure-flattering features and solid bust support.


  • Exceptional tummy control for a sleek look
  • Supportive underwire for the bust
  • Versatile and easy-to-pair design


  • The fit might be snug, consider sizing up
  • Fabric quality could differ from expectations over time
  • Color may alter after minimal use in some cases

Slipping into the Firpearl Tankini Top, we immediately noticed the snug embrace around the midsection. It smoothed out the silhouette without compromising comfort, a balance that’s often hard to find in swimwear. The twist V-neck design stylishly accentuates the chest area, making it a fashionable choice for poolside lounging or beach outings.

model wearing Firpearl Underwire Tankini Top

What stood out for us was the underwire support. It’s challenging to find a top that offers both lift and comfort, especially for those with a fuller bust.

Donning this piece, we felt secure and well-supported throughout the day. Matched with a favorite pair of swim bottoms, it’s a reliable option for those seeking a blend of fashion and function.

Maintaining swimwear can be a hassle, but the pull-on closure of this tankini simplifies the process.

While hand-wash care is essential in preserving the fabric’s integrity and color richness, we found that it’s a small trade-off for the comfort and confidence it provides.

Pair it with a sarong or a high-waisted skirt for a beach-to-bar ensemble that doesn’t miss a beat in style.

Mycoco Tankini Top

image 46

We think this tankini top is a great pick for its flattering fit and supportive underwire, perfect for a confident beach day.


  • Offers excellent bust support for larger cup sizes
  • Attractive ruched design and V-neck cut to enhance the silhouette
  • Constructed from a comfortable, quick-drying fabric blend


  • Some may find the bra pads too thick and choose to remove them
  • May require frequent adjustment for those with larger busts
  • The fit under the breast could be tighter according to a few users

Recently, we had a chance to try out the Mycoco Underwire Tankini Top and it didn’t disappoint. On a sunny beach day, the V-neck design and twist front were not only stylish but also provided the much-needed support for our bust, thanks to the built-in underwire. Plus, the ruched torso offered a slimming effect we loved.

model wearing Mycoco Underwire Tankini Top

Comfort was a serious consideration in this design. The fabric felt soft against our skin, and it dried quickly after a swim, which meant we could comfortably transition from water to land activities without an unpleasant damp feeling.

We also appreciated that the straps are adjustable, allowing for a more customized and secure fit.

However, we did take note of a few downsides. While the underwire offered solid support, we found ourselves adjusting the top occasionally throughout the day.

Also, while the bra pads provided extra shaping, they were a bit bulky for our liking, though they are removable for those who prefer a more natural shape.

In essence, the Mycoco Tankini Top strikes a fine balance between form and function, making it a worthy consideration for your swimwear collection.

Talisea Tummy Control Tankini

image 48

We think this tankini top is a smart choice for its combination of style and support, making beach days both comfortable and chic.


  • Provides excellent tummy control without compromising on style
  • Underwire offers substantial bust support
  • Adjustable straps allow for a customizable fit


  • Some may find the underwire pops out after several uses
  • If you prefer loose-fitting swimwear, this tankini’s snug fit may not be ideal
  • Limited color options may not suit all tastes

Slipping into this Talisea tankini top, I immediately appreciated the sweetheart neckline that lent a feminine touch to my beach look. The underwire cups gave my bust an attractive lift, and the overall fit was snug yet surprisingly comfortable, hugging in all the right places without feeling restrictive.

model wearing Talisea Underwire Tankini Top

The adjustable straps were a highlight, allowing us to tweak the fit perfectly. This adaptability is great for accommodating our diverse body shapes, making this top a versatile pick. Despite the strength of the underwire, I found it flexible enough to move with me, bending but not breaking as I chased waves or stretched out on my towel.

The tummy control aspect was particularly gratifying; it smoothed and shaped my midsection without announcing to the world that it was doing so. The ruching detail added to the flattering effect, providing coverage in a fashion-forward way.

After a full day of sun and fun, I felt as good as I did stepping out in the morning, making this tankini a reliable option for those long summer days.

Holipick Tankini Set

image 51

The Holipick Tankini Swimsuit is a practical choice for those prioritizing both comfort and elegance.


  • Offers ample bust support
  • Flattering tummy control feature
  • Stylish design with a vintage charm


  • Might not sculpt as some may prefer
  • Larger cups may not suit all
  • Care instructions limit washing options

Slipping into the Holipick Tankini, the first thing we notice is the superior bust support, a game-changer for those of us needing extra security. The underwire feels sturdy, and the full-coverage bra with hooks secures everything nicely, ensuring nothing slips out of place.

Next, we can’t help but admire the nostalgic aura of the design. It’s reminiscent of a timeless fashion era, exuding a vintage feel while maintaining modern practicality. This makes us feel more confident stepping out in a two-piece; the look is as flattering as it is comfortable.

model wearing Holipick Two Piece Underwire Tankini

As we move around, the benefit of the tummy control panel becomes evident. It subtly smooths out the silhouette without constraining, allowing us to bask in the sun without feeling self-conscious. Moreover, the side boning does a decent job of enhancing our waistline, adding a touch of sophistication to our poolside ensemble.

While the tankini promises tummy control, those of us seeking firm sculpting might find it less rigorous than expected. It tones rather than tightens, which is a gentle approach to shaping. For women with smaller busts, the large cups might be disproportionate. It’s a reminder to pay close attention to the sizing guide for the best fit.

When it comes time for cleanup, the care label instructs us to avoid using bleach and tumble drying. The fabric—smooth and resilient—seems to endure hand washing well, sustaining its shape and color without much fuss.

To sum it up, relaxing poolside or taking a dip in this Holipick Tankini Swimsuit has been an uplifting experience. With its supportive top and tummy control that boosts our confidence, we find it a delightful addition to our summer wardrobe.

Firpearl Twist V Neck Tankini

image 52

We believe this tankini top combines style with functionality, making it a smart choice for those seeking support and a flattering silhouette.


  • Offers a lifting effect with underwire support
  • Enhances shape with a stylish twist V-neck design
  • Crafted with quality fabric that feels luxurious


  • Straps may be too thin for some preferences
  • Underwire durability could be an issue
  • May not provide the ideal fit for all body types

Upon slipping into this Firpearl tankini, the first thing we noticed was the excellent underwire support. It didn’t just hold everything in place with a secure feel; it also lifted and shaped the bust, achieving the alluring silhouette we all crave in a swimsuit.

sizing chart

The next standout feature was the delightful twist V-neck design, which made us feel chic and confident on the beach. The nylon-spandex material hugged our curves in just the right spots, without constricting our movement or comfort. It was a relief to wear a swim top that moves with us, and not against us.

Despite these robust features, a few minor drawbacks were noticed. While initially the straps felt sweet and slender, some of us were left questioning their long-term strength, especially after a whole day of sun and splashes. Additionally, the concern over the underwire peeking out after a wash was hard to overlook. This called for a bit of caution when it comes to the maintenance of the tankini top.

Lastly, the pursuit of the perfect fit can be a hit or miss with this piece. It fitted some of us like a glove, accommodating both the tummy and bust deftly, while others had to tinker a bit with sizing to reach that sweet spot balance between back support and cup coverage.

Hilor Twist Tankini

image 49

If you’re seeking swimwear that offers both support and style, this tankini set delivers a flattering fit with comforting tummy control.


  • Impressive bust support is suitable for larger chests.
  • Maintains a stylish appearance while providing coverage.
  • The tummy control top enhances silhouette confidently.


  • Shorts may not appeal to everyone’s taste due to length and fit.
  • Smaller-busted individuals might find the top less supportive.
  • Colorfastness concerns post-wash need attention.

Slipping into this Hilor tankini, the first thing we notice is the snug yet comfortable support around the chest area. It’s a challenge to find swimwear that balances style with support, but this top meets the mark. The V-neck and twist front add a touch of elegance, which is often missing in more utilitarian swim options.

model wearing Hilor Twist Tankini

While the top wins our applause for its form and function, the shorts accompanying the tankini might be the Achilles’ heel for some.

Although they stay put during activities like snorkeling and provide decent coverage, their length and cut aren’t universally flattering. It feels somewhat matronly on the thighs, which might not suit all body types.

Lastly, sustaining the vivacious color of this tankini post-vacation can be tricky.

A gentle wash is paramount to avoid any unwanted color bleed or fading.

Ensure you handle it with care, or you might find yourself sharing the disappointment of others whose suits couldn’t withstand the cycle.

Despite these concerns, we’ve seen ample compliments on the look and fit, making it a worthy contender in your swimwear lineup.

Hilor Underwire Tankini

image 47

We think this tankini is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for comfort coupled with support and style.


  • A stylish V-neck design enhances your shape
  • Supportive underwire provides ample lift
  • Tummy control feature for a sleeker silhouette


  • Color bleeding may occur during the first few washes
  • Sizing might be a bit tight around the bust
  • Dye from the fabric could seep into the pool when wet

Fresh out of the water and into the comfort of the Hilor Underwire Tankini, we’re feeling good and looking even better. Its V-neck design isn’t just about style; it emphasizes our curves in all the right places. Plus, the support! Nothing beats that secure underwire when we’re active in the water or lounging by the poolside.

model wearing Hilor Underwire Tankini

It’s not just about the top half either; the tummy control feature works wonders.

We can confidently stroll along the beach or dive into the pool party knowing our silhouette is smooth and streamlined, thanks to this little gem.

However, we did run into a slight hiccup with the first dunk in the pool.

The dye from the hot pink top decided to make a bit of a splash too.

Make sure you wash it alone the first time to avoid any color mishaps.

At first, we were a bit cautious about bust support, but a size up did the trick perfectly. Still, keep this in mind to avoid any snug surprises.

Hilor Twist V Neck Tankini

image 50

We think this top is a smart buy for its stylish design and supportive features, especially flattering for those looking to enhance their bust and slim their midsection.


  • Excellent support without compromising on style
  • The ruching detail offers a slimming effect on the tummy
  • The variety of colors provides great options to choose from


  • May not suit those who prefer longer tops
  • If you’re not a fan of underwire, modification may be required
  • Some colors or prints may fit differently

Slipping into this Hilor tankini, the first thing we noticed was the remarkable support it offers. The underwire is a real game-changer for us folks with a bit more up top, keeping everything securely in place.

Hilor Women's Underwire Tankini Top Swimwear Twist V Neck Swimsuits for Big Busted Tummy Control Bathing Suits Top Only

The twist V-neck design isn’t just about aesthetics; it accentuates the bust while elevating the overall look of the swimsuit.

Despite some initial skepticism, we were pleased with how the ruching across the tummy discreetly concealed our trouble spots.

It’s like a visual trick that works wonders, making us feel confident enough to strut along the beach without a second thought.

The varied reactions to the different prints were intriguing. While one color fit like a dream, another, expectedly identical in size, was a tad looser. Keep this in mind when picking your print.

Overall, we’re delighted by the quality and execution of this tankini top, making it a solid addition to our summer wardrobe.

Hilor Underwire Tankini

image 53

We found this top to be a stylish swimwear choice that offers both support and a flattering silhouette.


  • Offers a comfortable fit with a stylish crossover back design
  • The shirred front masks the tummy area effectively
  • Constructed with quality material that feels durable


  • May run smaller than your usual size
  • Lacks actual tummy control panels, relying on design for shaping effect
  • Some issues with side seams unraveling have been noted

The Hilor Underwire Tankini meets the fashion and function balance head-on. The material hugs our curves in the right places and feels soft against the skin. Its cross-back design isn’t just fashionable; it’s also practical, distributing support for a comfortable swim or stroll along the beach.

Hilor Women's Tankini Tops Shirred Tummy Control Swimsuits Cross Back Tankini Swimwear Tops Black 14

During a recent pool outing, the shirred front detail of the Tankini drew our attention. It cleverly camouflages the midsection, giving us a sleeker look without having to hold our breath.

The underwire feature provided that extra lift and support, which was much appreciated.

Sizing can be a bit tricky. We suggest checking the sizing chart carefully or even going a size up for the best fit.

The lack of true tummy control panels might disappoint some, but the optical illusion created by the ruching does make a difference.

While we had no issues with the seams, it’s something to keep an eye out for and possibly a simple fix if you’re handy with a needle and thread.

couple pool fun

Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Size

When selecting a tankini with underwire and tummy control, getting the right fit is crucial. Measure your bust, waist, and hips and consult the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Ensure that the underwire sits comfortably without digging in, and the tummy control feels snug but not restrictive.

  • Bust: Correct cup size for support
  • Waist: Comfortable fit around the midsection
  • Hips: Adequate coverage without being too tight

Underwire Support

The underwire should offer support and lift without causing discomfort. Look for tankinis with adjustable straps to ensure the underwire aligns properly with our underbust.

  • Fit: Underwire should follow the natural curve of our underbust.
  • Comfort: Check for padded underwire for added comfort.

Tummy Control Features

For effective tummy control, we should look for features such as ruching, built-in panels, or power mesh. These can help smooth out our silhouette and give us a flattering shape.

RuchingCamouflages and flatters the figure
Built-in PanelsProvides targeted control
Power MeshOffers an overall slimming effect

Quality of Material

High-quality materials can enhance durability and improve the fit. Look for a blend of spandex or elastane for stretch, combined with nylon or polyester for strength.

  • Durability: Prioritize chlorine-resistant and UV-protective materials.
  • Comfort: Choose quick-drying and breathable fabrics.

Return Policy and Reviews

Before finalizing our purchase, it’s important to check the return policy. Reading reviews can also provide insight into the fit and effectiveness of the tummy control and underwire support.

  • Return Policy: Ensure a hassle-free return in case of sizing issues.
  • Reviews: Benefit from the experiences of other customers.

By keeping these points in mind, we can find a tankini that fits well, provides the necessary support, and makes us feel confident at the beach or by the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some common questions about tankinis with underwire and tummy control to help you find the perfect swimsuit.

What are the best features to look for in a tankini that offers both underwire support and tummy control?

When shopping for a tankini with both underwire support and tummy control, look for a sturdy underwire design, ruching or shirred fabric, and high-quality, stretchable materials like spandex or elastane that offer comfortable compression.

How do tankinis with underwire differ from those without, in terms of support and fit?

They provide a structured bust support similar to a bra, enhancing shape and lift, while those with this support may offer a more relaxed fit and feel but less targeted support.

Can plus-size tankinis provide adequate underwire support and tummy control?

Yes, plus-size tankinis can offer both excellent underwire support and tummy control, especially when designed with wider straps, full-coverage cups, and power mesh lining for added support.

Are two-piece tankinis with underwire comfortable for swimming and water activities?

Two-piece tankinis that include underwire are typically comfortable for swimming and activities as long as they’re well-fitted, with the underwire securely encased to prevent poking or shifting.

What options are available for tankinis with underwire designed for long torsos?

For those with long torsos, look for tankinis with extended lengths, adjustable strap options, and possibly a mix-and-match approach that allows for customized coverage and fit.

How do underwire tankinis with shorts compare to traditional swim bottoms in terms of style and comfort?

Underwire tankinis paired with shorts can offer a stylish, sporty look while providing added thigh coverage and comfort. The shorts often feature a more relaxed fit, which is ideal for those seeking modesty and ease of movement.

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