Best Tankini for Petites: Top Picks for a Flawless Fit

Tankinis are an excellent swimwear choice for those shopping for the convenience of a two-piece with more coverage than a bikini. They are versatile and come in a variety of styles, making them a popular choice for beach-goers and pool enthusiasts. Petite women, in particular, can benefit from tankinis designed with their proportions in mind, offering a better fit and more flattering look than standard sizes.

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While torso length and overall fit are important for anyone when choosing swimwear, they are particularly critical for petites.

Swimwear for small frame.

Tankinis for petite frames are tailored to prevent the top from appearing too long or the bottoms from sitting too low, which can be common issues with regular-sized swimwear. Styles with adjustable straps, ruching, and built-in support can enhance the fit, ensuring a tankini that not only looks good but feels comfortable.

Best Tankinis for Small Frames

When shopping for the best tankini for petites, it’s important to look for design elements that complement a smaller stature. This includes details like vertical patterns or ruffles that elongate the figure, as well as properly scaled prints that don’t overwhelm a petite frame. High-quality materials that hold their shape and provide UV protection are also key considerations to ensure both durability and skin health.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Fit is Key for Petite Frames – Tankinis designed for petite women are made to fit just right. They avoid the problems of tops being too long or bottoms too low.
  • Design Details Matter – Look for vertical patterns or ruffles to make you look taller. Choose prints that are the right size for your smaller body, so you don’t get lost in the design.
  • Quality and Protection – Pick a tankini made from materials that keep their shape and protect your skin from the skin. Quality fabrics will last longer and protect you from harmful UV rays.

Our goal is to help you find a tankini that perfectly suits your petite frame, bringing both confidence and style to your swimwear collection. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or engaging in water sports, the right tankini can make all the difference. We’ve handpicked and thoroughly examined a range of tankinis, taking into account their fit, style, and functionality to assist you in making an informed choice.

Top Tankini Picks for Petites

Petite figures come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve found the tankinis that celebrate them all! After searching high and low, we’ve curated a list that highlights the best options for those with a smaller stature. From playful prints to figure-flattering silhouettes, our selection promises comfort without compromising on style. Each piece has been chosen with the unique needs of petites in mind, ensuring you’ll look as fabulous as you feel.

Yonique Blouson Tankini

Model wearing Yonique Blouson Tankini
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We think you’ll appreciate this tankini for its comfortable fit and flattering style, especially if you’re petite and looking for something with a modest yet modern appeal.



  • Top may run looser than expected for some
  • Boyshorts length varies from product images
  • Washing machine-friendly yet better when handled with care

With tankinis, we often worry about the fit when we’re on the shorter side, but this Yonique Blouson set seems to have it just right. The top, with its adjustable ties, allows for a custom fit which is key for our varying body types. It’s a unique find that doesn’t cinch at the waist, instead falling loosely and comfortably, perfect for those days at the beach when we want to feel at ease without being self-conscious.

The boyshorts are a personal favorite of ours. They deliver on coverage which means we can indulge in beach volleyball or chase after the kids without a second thought. They are neither too tight nor too loose, sitting just right to flatter petite frames.

With a mix of polyester and spandex, we felt snug yet unrestricted in this swimwear. Plus, it’s great to have a piece that holds up well after a machine wash, though we’d recommend being gentle to maintain its integrity over time. Despite its minor fit issues here and there, grabbing this tankini might just make your summer outings a bit more worry-free and stylish.

Holipick Petite Tankini

Model wearing floral print Holipick Tankini for Petites
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We believe the Holipick Petite Tankini is a great choice for those seeking a combination of style and comfort in swimwear.


  • Complimentary fit that offers tummy control for a slimming effect
  • High-quality, stretchy fabric that caters to active use
  • Versatile design suitable for both swimming and casual wear


  • Some may find the top too loose around the middle
  • The material’s thinness has been a downside for a few users
  • Lacks built-in support which might be a concern for bustier individuals

Finding the right swimwear can be a challenge, especially for us petite body types who want something that’s both attractive and functional. The Holipick Two Piece Tankini Swimsuits caught our eye with their appealing design that promises to flatter without compromising on comfort. The tankini top’s high-neck design offers a modern touch while ensuring everything stays in place, whether we’re lounging by the pool or engaging in some water sports.

We’ve noticed the polyester and spandex blend feels durable yet soft against the skin, which means no chafing or discomfort after long periods of wear. Plus, the hand wash care instruction ensures the garment maintains its integrity and color vibrancy over time. This aspect is particularly appreciated as we often struggle with swimwear that loses its appeal after a few dips.

The versatility of this tankini is definitely a highlight. We found that it doubles as a chic summer top, pairing nicely with shorts or a skirt for a quick transition from the beach to a casual lunch. However, it’s worth mentioning that some of us needed to size up for a perfect fit, especially around the middle area. The absence of a built-in bra or substantial lining did not bother everyone, but for our friends needing more support, it was a bit of a letdown.

In short, the Holipick Petite Tankini is a stylish and practical addition to our summer wardrobe. The high neck and tummy control features are pluses for anyone looking for that extra confidence boost on the beach. Despite a few concerns about material thickness and support, the overall consensus is that this tankini holds up as a solid investment for both aquatic and everyday activities.

Petite Pick: Aqua Eve Tankini

Model wearing Aqua Eve Tankini for Petite Women
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We think you’ll love the Aqua Eve Tankini for its comfortable fit and vibrant style—perfect for petites seeking a modest yet trendy swimwear option.


  • A sleek fit designed to enhance a petite silhouette
  • Versatile tank top ideal for mixing with other outfits
  • Quality material that feels secure and durable


  • Shorts length may not appeal to everyone
  • Bottoms could have better fabric quality
  • Some may find the top too blousy depending on body shape

Upon trying on the Aqua Eve Tankini, we immediately noticed the blouson-style top’s flattering fit. It hugged the right places without feeling too tight, enhancing the petite form gracefully. The vibrant colors popped, making it a head-turner for poolside lounging or beach outings.

The tank top pairs nicely not just with the accompanying shorts but with a variety of bottoms. It’s versatile enough to be worn beyond the beach, and the included elastic and straps ensure everything stays in place. Plus, the built-in bra is a game-changer, offering extra support where it matters.

Comfort during wear is a priority, and that’s where we felt the Aqua Eve Tankini excels, especially with its fabric blend. Machine washing it was a breeze, and it maintained its shape and color without a hitch. However, while the shorts fit well and included a valuable liner for extra coverage, we wished they offered a bit more length for versatility and personal preference.

As for the bottoms, the thin fabric was something we noticed after a few wears. They served their purpose but could use a slight quality boost. Moreover, if you’re not a fan of a more blousy top, you might find it to be a bit much, though it did lend to a non-restrictive and relaxed feel which we appreciated during a full day of activities.

In sum, our experience with this Aqua Eve Tankini set was predominantly positive, making it a recommendable choice for those petite figures wanting both style and modesty from their swimwear.

Yonique Chic Tankini

Model wearing Yonique Chic Tankini
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If you’re petite and seeking a blend of style and comfort, this Yonique tankini top should be on your radar.


  • Accentuates smaller frames with its sleek, form-hugging design
  • Comfortable for a range of activities
  • Chic black and white pattern that’s versatile for mix-and-match


  • Some may find the sizing a bit off
  • Limited to only the top, bottoms must be purchased separately
  • Strap adjustability could be an issue for some

Wearing the Yonique Chic Tankini, we immediately noticed how it complimented a petite figure. The polyester-spandex blend felt light yet durable. Going about various activities, whether it was sunbathing or playing beach volleyball, the tankini stayed snuggly in place without any discomfort.

Even after a whole day out, the tankini’s non-digging straps didn’t leave any marks; a testimony to its well-thought design. Partnering it with a variety of bottoms was effortless thanks to the classic black and white pattern. It proved to be an adaptable piece in the swimwear collection.

The minor issues we encountered included the need to carefully choose the right size, as some of us felt the fit was slightly smaller than expected. Also, having to find separate bottoms that matched the top added an extra step to our shopping. Lastly, a few of us wished for more adjustability in the straps to fine-tune the fit to each unique body type.

In a nutshell, the Yonique Chic Tankini makes a solid choice for anyone petite looking for a tankini top that offers both a stylish look and a comfortable fit.

REKITA Tankini Set

Model wearing sky blue Rekita Tankini Set
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We think you’ll love how this tankini balances style and comfort, perfect for enhancing those petite figures with a touch of elegance.


  • Enhances curves while offering modest coverage
  • Skort bottom adds a playful twist to a classic tankini design
  • Sturdy drawstring closure provides a customizable fit


  • Top may fit snugly for some body types
  • Strap style may not appeal to everyone
  • Not ideal for those who prefer traditional bikini bottoms

Having just slipped into this vibrant blue REKITA Tankini, it’s clear why it’s a great pick for petites. The halter top design gracefully accentuates the neckline, and I’m particularly fond of how the skort bottom brings a sporty yet feminine appeal to the whole look. It’s not often you find swimwear that combines playfulness with poise this effortlessly.

While wading through the shallow waves, the nylon and elastane fabric held up beautifully, suggesting that it’s likely to last multiple seasons. And after a quick dip, the drawstring closure ensured everything stayed snugly in place.

Discussing it with a few friends who also tried it on, we all agreed that the top’s fit can be snug around the chest and neck, especially if you have a larger bust. So, do consider sizing up if you prefer a looser fit. However, we also noted that the neckline might not cater to everyone’s taste and can be a bit lengthy for shorter torsos.

One thing is certain: we stood out in this tankini. The skort—the standout feature—garnered compliments for its unique style. It’s also ideal for those who are self-conscious about their thighs since it provides extra coverage without compromising on style. Just keep in mind, if you love the simplicity of traditional bikini bottoms, this skort alternative may not be your cup of tea.

Tempt Me Two Piece Tankini

Model wearing Tempt Me Two Piece Tankini Set with floral top and shorts
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We think you’ll adore this Tempt Me Tankini for its comfortable fit and flirty style, making it a top pick for petite swimwear.


  • Complimentary tummy control design
  • Soft fabric with a comfortable stretch
  • Sporty with just the right coverage


  • May not match online images perfectly
  • Bottoms fit differently than the top
  • Some found the top slightly loose

Slipping on this Tempt Me Two Piece, the first thing we notice is the support it offers. The tankini hugs our curves in all the right places, featuring a tummy control panel that boosts our confidence. Plus, the polyester and spandex blend has just enough give to make it both flattering and snug.

When it comes to practicality, this suit paves the way. It stands up to our active beach days and swimming sessions effortlessly, offering us coverage that keeps everything in check without sacrificing style. We also love how the fabric feels against our skin — soft and not at all scratchy like some swimsuits can be.

We need to talk about the visuals, too. The coral hue is vibrant, giving our wardrobe a fun pop of color. Although there might be a slight variance in the fit compared to the online showcase, it’s a minor point. We did find the shorts fit us quite well, but the top could be a touch too loose for some body types. Yet, for a spontaneous beach day or a last-minute pool party, this tankini is our go-to for making a splash without a fuss.

Tempt Me Tankini Swimsuit

Model wearing Aztec inspired design Tempt me Tankini swimsuit
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We think the Tempt Me Tankini is a perfect blend of style and comfort for those petite sizes seeking a flattering, yet modest swimwear option.


  • Sculpting fit and provides tummy control for a sleek silhouette
  • High-quality fabric and construction hold up well to frequent use
  • Versatile shorts offer extra coverage for active beach days


  • Limited bust support for larger cup sizes
  • Some may find the shorts’ fit too relaxed
  • The flared tankini bottom may not suit all body types

Slipping into the Tempt Me Tankini, you immediately notice the soft fabric and how it conforms to your petite frame. It’s quite refreshing to find a suit that balances coverage with a feminine silhouette. The racerback design of the top ensures a comfortable fit while participating in all your favorite beach activities.

The shorts are a highlight; they provide modest coverage without compromising on style—ideal for when you transition from water to a casual beachside stroll. Plus, they’re incredibly practical when you’re on the move, staying in place without any annoying adjustments.

The tankini top floats away from the body, giving you room to breathe on those scorching summer days. While this generous cut might not appeal to those who prefer a more body-hugging fit, it’s lovely for us who enjoy a bit more freedom in our swimwear. With the variety of stylish prints, this suit keeps you feeling confident and chic throughout the beach season.

Tempt Me Petite Tankini

Model wear Tempt Me Petite Tankini Set with black bottoms and floral print top with spaghetti straps
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We think this Tempt Me Tankini is a delightful choice for petites looking for comfortable swimwear with confident coverage.


  • Versatile fit designed to suit a variety of body shapes
  • Quality fabric that endures frequent use
  • Fashionable design with a supportive top


  • The top may fit slightly loose for some
  • Bottom coverage might be too modest for others
  • Tummy control can be too relaxed for certain preferences

When we tried on the Tempt Me Petite Tankini, the first thing we noticed was the high neck design—it’s not only trendy but also allows us to move around freely without worrying about coverage. The ruched top offers a welcomed tummy-smoothing effect, complementing the silhouette. We especially appreciate the soft yet resilient fabric that makes us feel secure and at ease, whether we’re lounging by the pool or chasing after kids at the beach.

The combination of polyester and spandex provides a stretch that contours gracefully. We’ve worn it multiple times and are happy to report it holds up well in the wash—no annoying pad adjustments needed! Plus, it’s refreshing to have a suit that isn’t just functional but also boasts such a vibrant pink floral pattern.

We did notice the ruching in the tummy area may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For some of us, it created a slimming effect, while for others, it didn’t lay quite right. And while the bottom fits securely, if you prefer more coverage, you might find it skimpier than desired. Lastly, those in between sizes might need to pay extra attention to the top’s fit—to avoid a loose situation.

All in all, we’ve enjoyed the Tempt Me Tankini; it’s a go-to piece that supports our beach day activities while making us feel stylish and comfortable.

Tempt Me Tankini

Model wearing One Should Tempt Me Tankini Set with striped top and dark blue bottoms
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We think you’ll adore the Tempt Me Tankini for its fashion-forward design and comfortable fit that caters to petite frames.


  • Style that beautifully complements petite figures
  • Vibrant, eye-catching design with a unique one-shoulder strap
  • High-quality fabric that feels smooth and comfortable


  • May need to size up for the perfect fit
  • Not ideal for high-impact water activities
  • Some may find the top strap confusing to put on at first

After recently slipping into the Tempt Me Tankini, the one-shoulder design immediately gave us a unique and stylish look that stood out from the usual swimwear crowd. The soft fabric hugged our curves without being too restrictive, allowing for a relaxed day by the pool.

While lounging on the beach, we appreciated the modest coverage combined with a touch of allure thanks to the tankini’s chic stripe pattern. It became clear how the suit could easily make any petite body type feel more confident and graceful in swimwear.

Practically ready for a sun-soaked getaway, we noticed our suit held up well to the elements. However, it’s worth noting that when we took a brisk plunge, the top required a quick adjustment post-dive. So, if you’re planning on more active water sports, you might want to consider additional support.

This Tempt Me Tankini has become a go-to for us, and we can’t help but feel excited about the compliments that come every time we wear it. Remember, if you’re eyeing this piece, consider sizing up for optimal comfort, and give yourself a moment to get acquainted with the strap—once you do, you’ll likely find it as enchanting as we do.

Buying Guide

Fit and Size

When we pick a tankini, it’s crucial to focus on the fit. Ensure the top is not too tight, allowing for movement without constraint, and the bottoms should sit comfortably without digging into the hips. Look for adjustable straps for a customized fit.

  • Top length: To elongate our petite frame, the bottom hem should hit just above the hips.
  • Bust support: Good support is key, especially if we’re active. Built-in bras or underwires can offer this support.

Style and Cut

The right style and cut can flatter a petite figure.

  • Neckline: V-necks or scoop necks can create the illusion of a longer torso.
  • High-cut bottoms: They can make our legs appear longer.

Quality of Material

The material should be comfortable, resilient, and maintain shape after many uses.

  • Fabric: Look for a blend of spandex and high-quality polyester or nylon for a snug, stretchable fit.
  • Durability: Chlorine-resistant and quick-dry fabrics are ideal.

Color and Pattern

Colors and patterns can have a significant impact on the overall look.

  • Bold or vertical stripes can help create the illusion of height.
  • Dark colors can be slimming, while bright colors or patterns can draw attention to our favorite features.

Additional Features

  • Adjustability: Straps and side ties can provide a better fit.
  • UPF protection: For outdoor swimming, UPF-rated materials help protect our skin from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ve gathered the common questions you might have when searching for the perfect petite tankini. We’re here to provide helpful, straightforward answers to make your shopping experience a breeze.

What are some top-rated tankini brands for petite plus-size women?

For petite plus-size women, brands like Lands’ End and Athleta offer tankinis specifically designed for a more comfortable and flattering fit. They are praised for their supportive design and variety of styles.

Where can I find a good selection of petite tankinis on Amazon?

Amazon features a vast range of petite tankinis from brands like Coastal Blue and Hilor. Use the filter options to narrow down to “petite” sizing and check customer reviews for insights on fit and quality.

What style of tankini is most flattering for a small bust on a petite frame?

Tankinis with ruffles, embellishments, or padded cups can add volume and create a flattering silhouette for a small bust. Look for styles with adjustable straps and a built-in bra for extra support.

What are the best swimsuit options for petites over 50?

Petites over 50 often prefer tankinis with high-waisted bottoms and longer tops for more coverage. Brands like Miraclesuit and Magicsuit offer options with tummy control and are designed to cater to a more mature audience.

Are there any one-piece swimsuits that are particularly well-suited for petite figures?

Absolutely. Petite figures can look stunning in one-piece swimsuits with features like high-cut legs and lower necklines to elongate the body. J.Crew and Speedo have excellent options that cater to the petite build.

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