RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra Review: The Ultimate Guide to Stylish Support!

I just finished up my RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra review and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer for my workouts. Right off the bat, the cross-back design not only adds a stylish touch but also offers a snug and secure fit, which means I can jump and move freely without any worry. With its breathable fabric, I found myself staying comfortable through even the most intense yoga sessions.

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What I appreciate the most is the removable cups that come with the bra.

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You have the option to adjust the padding to your liking, which is fantastic because sometimes you want more coverage and other times you don’t.

While the bra provides medium support, making it ideal for medium-impact activities, it may not be the first choice for those requiring high-impact support. That said, its versatility still shines through in its performance.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Offers a stylish criss-cross back design for extra support, ideal for workouts like yoga and running
  • Moisture-wicking material ensures you stay cool and dry during intense workouts
  • Features removable cups for customizable fit, enhancing its versatility for various activities and preferences.

Bottom Line

The RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra is a solid pick for anyone in need of reliable and versatile sports apparel.

While it offers medium support, it balances functionality with style and comfort, making it a top contender in my workout wardrobe.

Feeling good during your exercise routine starts with the right gear. Head over to Amazon and check it out for yourself!

Overview of the RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra

After trying out the RUNNING GIRL Criss-Cross Back Padded Sports Bra, I have a few points to share about this medium-support yoga bra.

It’s been designed to cater to varied body types with the ease of removable cups that I found quite handy. The fabric composition of nylon and spandex offers a stretchy yet snug fit, which I appreciate during my yoga sessions.

The criss-cross back design isn’t just stylish but also contributes to the overall support of the bra, making it a chic addition to my workout gear.

Though it’s machine washable, which is super convenient, it’s not the softest fabric out there but still comfortable enough for my workouts.

fitness model sports bra

When it comes to support, this sports bra does a formidable job, though some might find it lacks a bit under the arms, as I saw a similar mention in one of the reviews summarized.

The assortment of colors it comes in means you can match it with various outfits, something I quite enjoy.

On the downside, a few customers had issues with fitting, stating it either provided insufficient support for larger busts or had some gapping under the arms.

Yet, from my experience, I found the balance between snug and comfort was just right, allowing me to move freely without feeling restricted.

Overall, it’s a reliable sports bra that comes with an attractive design and functionality that serves its purpose for most workouts.

Key Features

Comfortable Fit

Having had some experience with the sports bra, I must say it offers a pleasant embrace without feeling restrictive. It uses an elastic closure which contributes to the overall secure fit.

A model wearing the RUNNING GIRL sports bra

Several users have reported that sizes align well with expectations, although a few pointed out the need for slightly more support under the arms.

From my time using it, it held everything in place well throughout activities.

Stylish Design

The criss-cross back isn’t just for show; it looks unique and adds a bit of flair to workout attire.

I’ve noticed quite a few compliments coming my way when wearing this, and I’ve seen similar sentiments in other reviews.

Some have noted that specific colors might not be as forgiving in terms of showing the removable pads, which might be a turn-off for some.

Removable Padding

These removable cups are a nifty feature. I appreciate the versatility of being able to take them out when I don’t need the extra padding, or when I want a more natural shape.

It’s handy, and washing the sports bra without them is much easier. Users have noted that the bra holds its structure well even without the padding, which is a big plus.

Supportive for Workouts

For medium-impact exercises, I’ve found it gives just the right level of support.

Whether you’re doing yoga, hitting the elliptical, or in a dance class, it keeps up.

Some users, especially with larger bust sizes, have mentioned it’s not the ideal choice for high-impact activities like running, but it excels for steady workouts.

The fabric – a blend of nylon and spandex – feels durable and stretchy, essential for a range of movements.

sizing chart


Recently, I got a chance to try out this RUNNING GIRL sports bra, and I’ve got to say, it’s quite impressive.

The comfort level is top-notch; there’s this feeling of support without being restricted, which is great for my yoga sessions.

I love that the fabric is soft, yet it holds up well during workouts – no annoying chafing or discomfort.

Plus, the criss-cross back isn’t just stylish; it actually contributes to the overall support.

Removing the cups was a breeze for me, and once I did, the fit was even more spot-on.

What’s also nice is that it doesn’t twist or roll up as some sports bras tend to do over a long day.

And the range of colors available is pretty sweet – it’s always fun to match my gear with my mood for the day.

Even after washing it a few times, the material holds up well, which is pretty important to me for something I sweat in frequently.

It’s a solid choice, especially if you’re into medium support and prioritize comfort and style.


After spending some quality time with the RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra, I’ve noticed a few shortcomings.

Although it’s designed to be a medium support bra, for my high-impact activities, it didn’t offer as much support as I would’ve liked.

The comfort is there, but if you’re bustier and in need of something that can really hold everything in place during a rigorous workout, this might not hit the mark.

I also observed that the material under the arms tends to gape a bit, which could be a deal-breaker if you’re looking for a sleek fit all around.

And while the criss-cross back is stylish, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea from a functional standpoint; I found the straps didn’t lie as flat as I prefer.

The removable cups are a bit of a mixed blessing. They’re great for adjusting the fit, but I could see them through the white bra I tested.

Removing the pads solves one problem but could present another if you’re not keen on showing more than you’d like.

Despite these points, this sports bra has a lot going for it. But be sure to consider your personal needs and preferences before adding it to your workout wardrobe.

Customer Testimonials

Recently, after slipping into the RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra, my workouts felt more comfortable.

From the multitude of colors to the buttery soft fabric, this bra has become a staple in my gym routine.

Many users are raving about the great fit across various body types, emphasizing the comfy material and the stylish design.

I noticed it offers decent support for medium-impact activities, although a few agree that for high-impact workouts, it may not provide enough hold—something to keep in mind if you’re into running or intense aerobics.

I’ve read that some have found the under-arm fit to be a bit loose, while others have issues with the visibility of the pads, especially in the white bra.

Despite these small hiccups, the consensus shows appreciation for the sports bra’s overall comfort and design.

The criss-cross back not only adds to the aesthetic but also keeps everything in place, so I felt secure during my yoga sessions.

For the price point, I think it’s a solid choice.

It’s easy to wash and maintains its shape. I’ve seen reviews celebrating the lack of bunching and rolling, which tends to be a problem with other sports bras.

If you’re after a comfortable, stylish, and affordable option, this might just be your pick. Just remember to consider how much support you need for your chosen activities.

Care Instructions and Maintenance

Recently, after a vigorous yoga session in my new RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra, I realized keeping it in top-notch condition is crucial.

The fabric blend of nylon and spandex means it’s soft yet durable; however, it requires proper care to maintain its form and function.

The good news is, it’s machine washable, which is perfect for my busy schedule.

I just pop it in with similar colors, use a gentle cycle, and avoid any harsh chemicals that might degrade the fabric.

One thing I’ve learned is to skip the fabric softener, as it can break down the elasticity, which is essential for that snug yet comfortable fit.

After washing, I lay it out flat to dry instead of using the dryer, preserving the criss-cross strap integrity and padding quality.

Speaking of padding, the removable cups are a breeze to take out and wash separately, ensuring they stay fresh and hold their shape.

Overall, while staying away from extreme heat and bleach to keep the sports bra in peak condition might take a bit of attention, the medium support and stylish design make it a worthwhile effort.


After spending some time with the RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra, I’ve grown quite fond of it.

Initially, I was drawn in by its stylish criss-cross back design and the variety of colors it came in.

The fabric feels good against the skin—soft enough for comfort, yet durable enough for medium-intensity workouts.

The removable cups are a handy feature, though visibility can be an issue with lighter colors.

From my experience, the bra offers decent support for a range of activities, though for high-impact sports, some may find it lacks a bit.

It’s impressive how it manages to stay put without giving that constricting feeling, even after long hours of wear. Washing it was a breeze, and it maintained its shape perfectly.

Some users noted gaps under the arms or desired additional support, and while I didn’t encounter these issues, it’s worth considering when making your choice.

Even with these considerations, I’d say this sports bra holds its own, especially given the price point.

It’s reliable for my regular yoga and strength-training sessions, and I appreciate having workout gear that feels good and looks great.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the support of the RUNNING GIRL sports bras compare to other high-impact brands?

The support level of these sports bras is quite impressive for their price range. I’ve tried other high-impact bras, and while some premium brands offer slightly better support, the RUNNING GIRL holds its own. Particularly, the criss-cross back design enhances stability, which is crucial during high-energy activities.

What features of RUNNING GIRL sports bras do reviewers frequently praise?

Reviewers often compliment the comfort and style of these sports bras. The soft fabric and nice fit are major plus points. I agree with others that they’re well-made, and I adore the variety of colors available. Moreover, the removable cups offer versatility, and the criss-cross back is not only supportive but also adds a stylish flair.

Can RUNNING GIRL sports bras be comfortably worn during a full marathon?

Yes, many runners have shared that they find these bras comfy for the long haul. I wore mine for a half marathon and had no issues with chafing or discomfort. However, keep in mind that comfort during a full marathon can depend on individual fit and body type.

Are there any common durability concerns mentioned in reviews for RUNNING GIRL sports bras?

Overall, durability seems to be a minor concern. Some reviews mention that the material under the arms can gape with wear, and a few mentioned issues with stitching after several washes. Still, I’ve found mine to have held up well with regular use and machine washing.

How do RUNNING GIRL sports bras perform in terms of moisture management during intense workouts?

These sports bras handle sweat pretty well. The nylon and spandex blend helps wick away moisture, and although it’s not the absolute softest, it’s breathable. After my intense HIIT sessions, it dries relatively quickly, and I remain mostly dry and comfortable throughout.

What’s the variety of styles and sizes available in the RUNNING GIRL sports bra range according to consumer feedback?

The brand offers a commendable range of sizes and some reviewers are thrilled with finding a good fit for larger cup sizes. As for styles, the elegant criss-cross back is a favorite feature. Although I find the selection satisfying, a few consumers wish for even more variety in designs and patterns.

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