Best Peplum Swimsuits for Women Over 50: Stylish and Flattering Picks

Swimsuit season can be a daunting time for many, especially for women over 50 who might feel self-conscious about their bodies. Finding the perfect swimsuit that is both stylish and age-appropriate can be challenging. One option that has gained popularity among women of all ages is the peplum swimsuit.

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With its feminine, flirty design, peplum swimsuits provide coverage and support while still looking fashionable.

The peplum design features a short, flared fabric that sits around the waistline, reminiscent of a mini-skirt. This design element adds a touch of elegance and can help create a flattering silhouette by concealing the tummy area and enhancing the waist.

Peplum swimsuits are available in various styles, including one-piece suits, tankinis, and high-waisted bikini bottoms, catering to different preferences and body shapes.

A model wearing an olive green Tempt Me Women Two Piece Vintage Swimsuit

When shopping for the best peplum swimsuits, consider factors such as fabric quality, support, and style.

Look for swimsuits made from high-quality, stretchy materials that will retain their shape and color over time. Additionally, support is important.

Opt for swimsuits with built-in bras, wider straps, and reinforced waistbands to ensure all-day comfort and confidence.

Armed with this knowledge, I have curated a list of the best peplum swimsuits for mature women.

Our selection balances style, support, and function, helping you feel fabulous by the pool or on the beach.

Best Peplum Swimsuits for Women Over 50

I’ve carefully selected a range of stylish and flattering peplum swimsuits, perfect for women who want to feel confident and comfortable by the pool or at the beach. Dive into my top picks below!

Yonique Women’s Two Piece Swimsuit

Model wearing a Yonique Two Piece Swimsuit. Best Peplum Swimsuits for Women Over 50

This swimsuit is perfect for those seeking comfort and style in a two-piece peplum design.


  • One shoulder design for a unique and stylish look
  • Tummy control for a flattering fit
  • Quality fabric for durability and comfort


  • Minor color bleeding reported by some users
  • Foam cups may be too large for some
  • Sizing may not be entirely accurate

I recently tried the Yonique Women’s Two-Piece Swimsuit and was delighted with its style and functionality.

The one-shoulder design adds a touch of elegance while maintaining a comfortable, secure fit. It’s perfect for those in search of a stylish yet practical swimsuit.

The tummy control feature offers additional support and creates a flattering silhouette. This is especially beneficial for those who may have concerns about their midsection.

Furthermore, the swimsuit is made of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, ensuring it’s not only comfortable but also durable for long-lasting wear.

I did notice some minor issues that could impact the overall satisfaction of the product. While some users have reported slight color bleeding onto their towels and cover-ups, I did not personally experience this issue. It’s something to keep in mind when making a decision.

Additionally, the foam cups may not fit all body types comfortably. In my experience, they were slightly too large, but removing them resolved this issue.

I suggest carefully reviewing the sizing chart and potentially ordering a size up, as the fit may not be entirely accurate as per standard sizing.

The Yonique Women’s Two Piece Swimsuit is a stylish option. With a unique one-shoulder design, tummy control for a flattering fit, and quality fabric, it’s a great option for those seeking style and functionality. Just be mindful of the minor issues regarding color bleeding, foam cups, and sizing when making your selection.

ZANDO Swimsuit for Women


I highly recommend the ZANDO Swimsuit Tankini for those seeking a stylish and comfortable peplum swimsuit with tummy control.


  • High-quality fabric and construction
  • Accurate sizing based on the provided guide
  • Excellent tummy control with a flattering fit


  • Size may run small for some, consider sizing up
  • Shorter trunks might not suit everyone’s preference
  • Limited color and design options

The ZANDO swimsuit is made of a high-quality polyamide and spandex blend, making it soft, durable, and comfortable to wear.

As I recently tried this swimsuit, we were delighted with the excellent fit and tummy control this two-piece tankini provides. The top and boy shorts work together to present a flattering silhouette.

One thing I noticed is that the sizing may run small for some individuals. I recommend referring to the provided size guide and considering sizing up.

It’s worth noting that the trunks are shorter in length and might not be everyone’s preference. However, they still provide sufficient coverage for a comfortable swimming experience.

Another aspect we appreciated about the ZANDO Swimsuit is its cute Pineapple Print design. While the color and design options are somewhat limited, the available prints are tasteful and attractive for various personal styles.

The ZANDO Swimsuit Tankini is an excellent option for women seeking a fashionable peplum swimsuit with tummy control. Its high-quality fabric, accurate sizing, and flattering design make it a fantastic choice. Just be mindful of the sizing and ensure you pick an option that fits your preferences.

Yonique Women Plus Size 2 Piece Tankini Swimsuits

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I believe this peplum swimsuit is perfect for ladies seeking a comfortable and flattering option for both style and support.


  • Flattering peplum design
  • Tummy control feature
  • High-quality fabric blend


  • Sizing might be a bit tricky
  • No underwire support
  • Some quality concerns

I recently tried out the Yonique Tankini Swimsuit, and I was truly impressed by its flattering peplum design.

As a woman over 50, I was looking for a product that made us feel confident and chic, without compromising comfort. This product delivered, thanks to its lovely scalloped detail and tankini top style.

The tummy control feature of this swimsuit was a pleasant surprise. With 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex fabric blend, it hugged our bodies perfectly and provided a smooth silhouette that made me feel comfortable and confident all day.

However, it’s important to note that this swimsuit does not have an underwire support, which may be a concern for those who require more chest support.

I did find that the sizing might be a bit tricky for some, as various reviews suggest that it runs either too big or too small. It’s also worth mentioning that there were some quality concerns, such as thin material and pilling after one wear.

Despite these issues, the Yonique Tankini Swimsuit still succeeded in making me feel stylish.

This peplum swimsuit is an excellent choice for older ladies seeking both style and support. Carefully consider sizing and weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Daci Women Two Piece Plus Size Swimsuit


I highly recommend the Daci Women Two Piece Plus Size Swimsuit for its flattering design, excellent support, and vibrant colors.


  • Flattering peplum design
  • Provides great support for the bust
  • Available in vibrant colors


  • Color may fade over time
  • Limited sizing for larger busts
  • May not be ideal for all body types

As I first tried on the Daci swimsuit, I immediately noticed the flattering design. The peplum tankini top was stylish and hid any problem areas around the waist.

At the same time, the high-waisted bottoms provided additional support and coverage, ensuring that I felt confident while wearing the bathing suit.

The push-up tankini top offered excellent support to our bust area, which is a feature we absolutely appreciate.

I should note that those with larger bust sizes may find the suit less supportive. Nevertheless, the built-in shelf bra still held everything in place well, and the adjustable straps allowed me to find the perfect fit.

This swimsuit comes in various vibrant colors, such as lemon, black, and hot pink. I particularly loved the hot pink color, though I noticed that the color could fade after some time. Be mindful to follow the care instructions to maintain the suit’s overall quality.

The Daci swimsuit is an excellent choice for women seeking a chic and supportive bathing suit. Keep in mind the limited support for larger bust sizes and potential color fading, but overall, I found this swimsuit to be a valuable addition to my swimwear collection.

Yonique Plus Size Peplum Swimsuit


This Yonique Plus Size Peplum Swimsuit offers a perfect balance of style, comfort, and tummy control!


  • Flattering design with tummy control
  • Quality fabric that lasts
  • Adjustable top for custom fit


  • Bottoms may fit snug
  • Top may be too loose for some
  • Material quality trade-off

The Yonique Plus Size Peplum Swimsuit has quickly become one of my favorites. It features a stylish peplum design with a tankini top that provides excellent coverage.

The top is adjustable, allowing you to find your perfect fit without any fuss. The high-waisted bottoms also offer tummy control.

One of the standout qualities of this swimsuit is the fabric. It’s made of a blend of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, which provides ample stretch and durability.

I’ve used this peplum swimsuit on multiple occasions without any signs of wear and tear or fading. Although the material quality may be slightly lower than some other options, the style and fit make up for it.

While I love this swimsuit overall, there are a few areas that might not work for everyone. The top can also be too loose for some, so consider your usual size carefully when placing an order. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Yonique Plus Size Peplum Swimsuit remains an excellent choice, offering both style and comfort without compromising on quality.

Hanna Nikole Women Plus Size 2 Piece Swimsuit


This stylish and comfortable peplum swimsuit is perfect for those who want an attractive yet modest swimwear option.


  • Flattering V-neckline and tie design
  • Provides excellent tummy control
  • High-quality fabric for durability


  • May run small for some body shapes
  • Top length may be too short for some preferences
  • Limited color options available

The peplum design and V-neckline with a tie provide a stylish look that accentuates your curves. The tummy control bikini bottoms ensure that any imperfections are smoothed out.

I loved the fabric type, which is a mix of 85% Polyester and 15% Elastane, as it provides a comfortable fit and excellent durability. The swimsuit is also machine washable, making it easy to care for even after multiple uses.

One of the drawbacks I noticed is that the sizing may not be suitable for all body shapes, particularly for those with an hourglass figure. If this is the case, you might want to consider sizing up. The top length might also be too short for some, so it’s essential to check the product images and customer reviews for a better idea of the fit.

While the swimsuit is available in a beautiful red pattern, the color options are limited, so if red isn’t your favorite, there might be a need to look for alternative suits. The stylish design and excellent tummy control make the Hanna Nikole swimsuit a fantastic buying option.

Hilor Women’s One Piece Swimsuits


This swimsuit provides a great option for your girls looking for a fashionable peplum design.


  • Stylish and flattering design
  • Good coverage with built-in swim brief
  • Comfortable fabric


  • Limited tummy control
  • Boning may cause discomfort
  • One-piece design can be awkward for restroom use

I recently tried out the Hilor Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and found it to be both stylish and comfortable.

The ruffle design is eye-catching. The built-in swim brief provides good coverage, and the fabric, made of 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane, is soft on the skin.

However, there are a few things worth considering before purchasing this swimsuit.

Although the swimsuit is labeled as having tummy control, I found that it didn’t offer as much support as I had hoped. If tummy control is a high priority for you, this swimsuit might not be the best choice.

Another downside is the boning in the swimsuit, which some users may find uncomfortable or restricting. Keep in mind that this is a one-piece design, which can be awkward for restroom use. You may try cutting the connected bottom part to convert it into a more easily wearable two-piece suit.

The Hilor One Piece Swimsuit offers an attractive option for women shopping for a peplum-style swimsuit. Though there are some limitations regarding tummy control and comfort, the pros outweigh the cons.

Buying Guide

Material Matters: In selecting the perfect peplum swimsuit, you want to prioritize quality. Make sure the swimsuit is made of durable, high-quality materials. I recommend swimsuits made from polyester combined with elastane, as they offer maximum comfort, stretch, and longevity.

Size and Fit: Getting the perfect fit is essential. Peplum swimsuits should comfortably hug your curves and provide ample support. Take the time to measure your body, noting your bust, waist, and hips measurements. Remember, a well-fitted swimsuit will make you feel confident and fabulous.

Key Features to Look For

  1. Supportive Top: Whether you have a large or small bust, it’s essential to choose a swimsuit with sufficient support. Look for features such as molded cups, underwires, or shelf bras.
  2. Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps provide additional comfort and ease in finding the perfect fit. They can help alleviate any pressure on your shoulders and ensure you feel secure.
  3. Tummy Control: Since we want a flattering and comfortable swimsuit, tummy control can be a game-changer. Peplum swimsuits with built-in mesh or power net lining can provide extra support, smoothing the tummy area.
MaterialEnsures the swimsuit is long-lasting, holds its shape well, and provides the best combination of comfort and durability.
Supportive TopGives ample support to the bust area for added comfort and confidence.
StrapsAdjustable straps allow for a better, customized fit, ensuring the swimsuit hugs your body in all the right places.
Tummy ControlProvides a smoother silhouette by offering additional support and comfort in the tummy area, resulting in a more flattering and stylish overall appearance.

I hope this buying guide helps you find the ideal peplum swimsuit that suits your style, fits you comfortably, and instills confidence as you enjoy days at the beach or by the pool.

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