Best Olive Green Swimsuit Choices for Your Summer Wardrobe

Swimwear is an essential part of our summer adventures and choosing the right color can be as crucial as the style and fit. The best olive green swimsuit styles are popular for their earthy, versatile hue that suits a variety of skin tones and settings, from lush poolside resorts to sandy beaches. This shade of green brings a touch of nature to our swimwear collection and offers a flattering alternative to the standard brights and pastels.

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When searching for the perfect olive green swimsuit, we consider several factors. The material’s quality is paramount for durability and comfort, while the design must promise a good fit. Features like adjustable straps, sufficient support, and coverage play a crucial role in ensuring the swimsuit meets our needs and preferences. It’s about finding the right balance between style, practicality, and confidence in the water.

olive green swimwear

Different occasions call for different styles, whether it’s a one-piece for a family gathering, a bikini for catching rays, or a tankini for some active beach sports. The environment we plan to wear our swimsuits can also influence our choice, as chlorine and salt water may affect certain fabrics over time. With all these aspects in mind, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to find swimsuits that aren’t just a trendy shade, but also tick all the boxes for a top-notch summer essential.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Olive green swimsuits look good on many skin tones.
  • Versatile, easily matching with different cover-ups and accessories
  • Come in various styles, from bikinis to one-pieces

Top Olive Green Swimsuits

Olive green is a versatile and stylish color that brings a touch of nature to swimwear. We’ve scoured the market to find the best options that combine comfort, durability, and trendy designs. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for olive green swimsuits for every style and body type.

Best Olive Green Swimsuit Choices

Upopby Olive Swimsuit

image 78
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If you’re on the hunt for a classy and supportive swim option, we think this olive green piece from Upopby hits the mark.


  • Offers great tummy control and support
  • Covers well without sacrificing style
  • Durable fabric that holds up over time


  • May fit differently for some body types
  • The bust area can be loose for smaller frames
  • Sizing can be tricky, consider ordering a size up

Stepping into this suit, we immediately noticed its tummy control feature, which provided a slimming effect. The polyamide, polyester, and elastane blend gave a comfortable stretch while maintaining a snug fit.

It’s a dream for anyone spending a day at the beach or poolside, wanting to feel confident and unencumbered.

model wearing Upopby Olive Swimsuit

We admired the elegant cut which is a breath of fresh air from overly revealing designs.

The wide shoulder straps and straight-across neckline offered the much-needed support and coverage, especially for those of us with a fuller bust.

Plus, the olive green hue complemented our skin tones beautifully.

What’s more, the Upopby swimsuit proved its worth in durability during several washes. It retained its shape and color, showing no signs of wear and tear.

This is a testament to the suit’s quality and reinforces our belief in its value. It’s reassuring to know that the suit you buy today will stay with you through countless summers.

Tempt Me Olive Swimsuit

image 77
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If you’re on the hunt for a swimsuit that flatters and is versatile, we can vouch for the Tempt Me Olive Swimsuit.


  • Attractive fit with ruched details
  • Durable fabric blend for longevity
  • High-neck design offers chic coverage


  • May not suit very tall body types perfectly
  • Hand wash only might be inconvenient for some
  • Limited color choices could be a drawback for variety seekers

I recently had the pleasure of wearing this Tempt Me One Piece on a weekend getaway and was quite impressed with the fit.

It felt secure without sacrificing comfort, thanks to the high neck and the tummy control feature. The ruching on the front did wonders for my confidence as it seemed to smooth out my silhouette.

model wearing Tempt Me Olive Swimsuit. Rear view

We took it for a test swim and were happy to see that it held up well in water—no stretching or sagging occurred.

Despite numerous dips in the pool, the olive-green color remained vibrant and showed no signs of fading. This alone speaks to the quality of the nylon and spandex blend.

The high-neck plunge design is a nice touch. It added a bit of style without going overboard.

This is ideal for those of us who prefer a more modest look without compromising on modern design elements. There’s an elegance to the simplicity of this suit that makes it stand out.

This swimwear choice is a sure winner in my book, with comfort and style hand in hand. This isn’t the suit for every single body type. Particularly if you’re quite tall. Be prepared to devote some time to hand-washing it to keep it looking impeccable.

In all, the Tempt Me Olive Swimsuit delivers a lovely balance of style, comfort, and quality—a piece to consider for your next splash.

Cupshe Olive Bikini

image 72
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Let’s dive into why this Cupshe olive green bikini might just become our go-to swimwear for those sunny beach days.


  • Stylish front cross lace-up design
  • Durable material that doesn’t easily stretch out
  • Stays in place during active use


  • May need to size up for a perfect fit
  • Limited color options are available
  • Lace-up closure requires more effort to secure

When I tried on this bikini, its olive green hue perfectly complemented the natural surroundings. The lace-up front adds just the right touch of style while providing adjustable comfort.

model wearing Cupshe olive green bikini. rear view

I found the fabric both soft against my skin and reassuringly sturdy, which suggests it’ll last through multiple summers of fun.

Sizing can be tricky, and I noticed that going a size up gave me the ideal fit, especially at the top for those who are more endowed.

Despite the extra effort it took to lace up securely, once I adjusted it, the swimsuit stayed put through all activities, from volleyball to swimming.

Overall, my experience with this Cupshe bikini was a positive one. It strikes a great balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, making it a reliable piece for this swimwear collection.

CUPSHE Army Green Bikini

image 79
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If you’re looking for a swimsuit with a flattering fit and durable quality, this CUPSHE bikini in a rare army green shade might just be your new favorite.


  • Complementary fit for various body types
  • Durable material holds up well over time
  • Color stands out from the usual swimsuit palette


  • Top can be a challenge to put on or take off
  • May run slightly small, consider sizing up
  • Not immediately obvious how quick-drying the fabric is

Finding the right swimsuit can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack, but we hit the jackpot with the CUPSHE Army Green Bikini.

model wearing Cupshe Army Green Bikini. rear view

It hugged my curves in all the right places, offering a comfortable fit without sacrificing style. The olive green shade was a breath of fresh air against the typical blues and blacks at the beach, setting us apart from the crowd.

I was quite impressed with the material’s quality. It felt sturdy and well-made, promising to be a swimwear staple for more than just a single summer.

Longevity in swimwear isn’t always a given, but it seems I can count on this set for the long haul.

That being said, slipping into the top wasn’t the smoothest process—I found it a bit tricky especially when we were damp from the ocean.

For those with a fuller bust, it may feel snug, so peeking at the size chart before ordering could save some hassle. Also, while I lounged poolside, I didn’t take a dip to test how quickly I could go from wet to dry. The rapid-dry feature is something I value in a good swimsuit.

Tempt Me Olive Bikini

image 71
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If you’re on the hunt for a flattering two-piece that combines style with comfort, this is a solid choice for your summer adventures.


  • Beautiful fit for various body types
  • Durable and comfortable fabric blend
  • Versatile enough for mix-and-match styling


  • Bottoms may ride up for some
  • Limited bust support for larger sizes
  • Slight color discrepancies reported

Slipping into this Tempt Me bikini, I instantly loved the scoop neck top and high-waisted bottoms that gave me a sporty yet chic look.

Wearing it poolside, it not only felt snug but also accentuated my figure in all the right places.

model wearing Tempt Me olive green bikini. rear view

The fabric is a resilient blend that stands up to the sun, salt water, and repeated hand washing.

The olive green hue looked as rich in person as it did online, though I recommend you check for color variations to ensure it meets your expectations.

Mixing and matching with other pieces was a breeze, thanks to its simple yet versatile design.

The top’s supportive enough to double as a crop top for those impromptu beach volleyball matches. I found that its push-up feature gave a nice lift without going overboard.

SweatyRocks Olive Swimsuit

image 76
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If you’re hunting for a versatile swimsuit that keeps you chic and comfortable, this set might just be the one.


  • Trendy design with a perfect color that stands out
  • Skirt included for flexible styling options
  • The material feels great and snug


  • Bottoms may feel a bit tight for some
  • Skirt might not flatter all body types
  • May not provide enough coverage for those who prefer it

When I tried on the SweatyRocks swimsuit, it was immediately clear that it would be a summer favorite. The olive green hue is just the right shade—not too loud, yet it pops. It blends style with convenience, giving that snazzy look for beach outings and pool parties.

view of all 3 pieces of swimwear that come with the set

The fit is flattering on a variety of body types, which impressed me. I didn’t feel squeezed in; instead, the swimsuit hugged our curves just right.

The skirt adds another layer of versatility—it’s like having multiple outfits in one. I styled it with some jewelry and sandals, and it was a hit!

I must admit that if your body type leans towards curvy, the bottoms could feel restrictive.

While the fabric is stretchy and conforms well, it isn’t infallible if you’re on the curvier side. I noticed the skirt might not complement every shape, and it’s something to keep in mind before purchasing.

And for those who like a bit more coverage, you might find this swimsuit a touch more revealing than expected. I suggest considering your comfort level with less coverage when looking at this particular piece.

This SweatyRocks swimsuit brings together style, comfort, and versatility. I had a blast wearing it and experimenting with different looks, despite a few minor caveats.

Upopby Olive Monokini

image 73
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You’ll love this swimsuit for its comfort and flattering design, perfect for those poolside days.


  • Wraps and ties to accentuate your curves
  • Quality fabric that feels luxurious
  • Non-bikini style offers a classy, comfortable fit


  • Tie closure might pose a risk of coming undone
  • Not ideal for bustier individuals
  • Quality control issues with straps reported

When I slipped into the Upopby Olive Monokini, I quickly noticed the comfortable spandex and nylon blend hugging my figure. Its v-neck and unique wrap design gave a chic silhouette that had me feeling confident and stylish.

Adjusting the self-tie closure was straightforward, allowing me to control the suit’s fit and support level.

model wearing Upopby Olive Monokini. side view

Despite my initial worries about buying swimwear online, I was pleasantly surprised. During a day at the beach, the olive green looked stunning under the sunlight and didn’t fade or lose its shape when it was time for a swim.

Plus, it wasn’t too cheeky, striking the perfect balance between modest and modern.

I did observe a potential hiccup with the wrap tie: it could come loose if not secured properly, which is something to watch out for while wearing.

I heard from bustier friends that the top might not provide enough coverage for their liking.

It’s a shame, as everyone deserves to feel fantastic in their swimwear. It’s worth noting that a few users encountered defective straps on arrival, so do give it a thorough check upon receipt.

The Upopby Olive Monokini is a lovely addition to your swimsuit collection, especially if you adore one-piece swimwear with a bit of flair. Just be mindful of the tie and check the straps to ensure a perfect day by the water is in your future.

SUUKSESS Army Green Swimsuit

image 75
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The SUUKSESS Army Green Swimsuit is a solid buy for its sexiness and control, though it’s not without its minor flaws.


  • Enhances the chest while providing ample support
  • Snug midsection design for a flattering silhouette
  • Striking color that stands out


  • The back design may not be forgiving of imperfections
  • Print quality may not be consistent upon close inspection
  • Bottom cut might be revealing for some

Slipping into the SUUKSESS Army Green Swimsuit, I noticed right away how it accentuated my figure.

The top lifted and shaped my curves while offering the support I needed, without sacrificing comfort. The army green shade was lush and I stood out in a crowd.

model wearing SUUKSESS Sexy Halter Push Up Bathing Suit. rear view

I was a fan of the midsection design. It embraced the waistline just right, creating a flattering look that boosted my confidence.

Whether I was lounging by the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, this swimsuit stayed in place and allowed me to move freely.

The back of the swimsuit didn’t impress as much. It seemed that any tiny flaw was more visible, which could be a concern for some who are a touch self-conscious.

The print was less vibrant up close, but from a distance, it still looked fabulous. If you’re not a fan of cheeky cuts, you might find the lower coverage on the bottom a bit too daring.

The SUUKSESS Army Green Swimsuit has quickly become a favorite in my summer wardrobe despite these minor critiques. It’s a swimsuit that feels as good as it looks, and I can’t wait to wear it again.

Hilor Olive Halter One-Piece

image 74
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You’ll adore this swimsuit for its comforting tummy control and eye-catching macrame back that doesn’t skimp on style or support.


  • Tummy control design
  • Stunning macrame back detail
  • Durable, stretchy material


  • May fit too tightly for some in the chest area
  • Straps might cause discomfort for some wearers
  • Slightly short in the torso for taller individuals

Wrapping this olive green beauty me, I immediately notice the shirring doing wonders for my midsection, providing a lovely, slimming effect. The halter neck cuts a classic silhouette, while the generous spandex hugged my curves comfortably without feeling restrictive.

model wearing Hilor Women's Shirred Halter One Piece Swimsuit

As I turn around, the macrame back is an instant hit, turning heads with its intricate design. It adds a modern twist to this otherwise timeless piece.

The olive hue looks brilliant under the sun, complementing a wide range of skin tones.

In the water, the suit stays put — no riding up or slipping down. I swim, splash, and lounge with ease. After a couple of uses, I’m impressed by how well the fabric holds up; it’s thick yet breathable, a real testament to quality craftsmanship.

After drying off, however, I see some limitations. Those of us with longer torsos mention it feels a bit snug, craving just a touch more length. Additionally, while the straps frame the back beautifully, they sit a tad snug on the shoulders for some, hinting they might dig in after prolonged wear.

Overall, this Hilor ensemble proves to be a stylish and sturdy swimwear contender, ideal for those seeking a blend of elegance and function in their beachwear.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Before we pick out a swimsuit, we need to consider what we’ll use it for. Do we need it for lounging on the beach, or are we planning to swim laps at the pool? This will affect the style and material we choose.

Fit and Comfort

Size: It’s vital to find a suit that fits us well. Look for size charts and measure yourself to ensure the best fit.

Material: We’ll want something that feels comfortable against our skin and has enough stretch. Common materials include a blend of lycra and elastane or polyester.

Features to Look For

Strap Style: Consider if we want adjustable, removable, or fixed straps to customize the fit and look.

Lining: Check if the swimsuit is fully lined to prevent it from being see-through when wet.

Cut: The cut of the swimsuit—high-waist, low-rise, one-piece, or two-piece—should flatter our body shape and give us confidence.

Durability and Care

Chlorine Resistance: If we spend a lot of time in pools, we need a suit that can withstand chlorine.

Care Instructions: Easy-care swimsuits save us time and keep our suit looking good for longer. Quick-dry fabrics also mean we won’t be waiting around for our suit to dry.

UPF Protection

Some swimsuits offer UPF protection, which is great if we’re going to be in the sun a lot. Look for UPF 50+ for the best protection.

By considering these features, we’ll be better equipped to choose an olive green swimsuit that looks great and meets our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most common inquiries about olive green swimsuits to help you find the perfect match.

What are the most popular styles of olive green swimsuits for women?

Tankinis and high-waisted bikinis in olive green are currently in vogue. They offer a chic look while providing comfortable coverage.

Where can I find the highest-rated olive green swimsuits for men?

We recommend checking online retailers or specialized swimwear stores. Look for reviews to find top-notch quality and fit.

Can you suggest some trendy olive green one-piece swimsuits?

Absolutely! Go for styles with cutouts or ribbed textures. They’re the talk of the town and add a fashionable twist to the classic one-piece suit.

What are some flattering olive green bikini sets this season?

This season’s favorites are bikinis with ruffled tops and high-cut bottoms. They add a fun flair and can flatter various body types.

Which olive green tankinis offer the best support and comfort?

Look for tankinis with underwires or adjustable straps. They provide excellent support and are great for staying comfortable all day.

How to choose an olive green piece that complements my skin tone best?

If you have a cool undertone, choose a darker olive shade. For warm undertones, a brighter, yellow-tinged olive can be incredibly flattering.

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