Best Compression Shorts for Sciatica

Best Compression Shorts for Sciatica
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Compression shorts are often recommended for people suffering from low back pain called sciatica. In most cases, it occurs when a herniated disk or bone spur in the spine presses on a nerve. When worn under normal workout gear, compression shorts can relieve sciatic nerve pain for many people. In this post, I will review the best compression shorts for sciatica and which may be the best for you!

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What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a common condition that causes pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs. It is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica can be caused by a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or other conditions.

>>If you are in a hurry, HERE are my top compression shorts for sciatica pain.

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body. It starts at the base of your spine and runs through your hips to your feet. The sciatic nerve controls feeling and movement in your hips, thighs, knees, and feet.

Sciatica pain can be debilitating

How do compression shorts help sciatica?

Compression shorts are a type of garment that is designed to compress the body to reduce muscle vibration and provide support. They are often used by athletes, people with chronic pain, or those who have undergone surgery.

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Wearing compression shorts under your normal workout gearcan relieve sciatic nerve pain. Many athletic activities cause the muscles of the groin and thighs to rub together, irritating the sciatic nerve and irritating the surrounding skin.

These problems seem to be relieved by separating and compressing the groin and thigh muscles. Nylon and Lycra compression shorts provide waist, groin, and thigh support during physical activity.

running with chronic back pain
cycling with lower back pain
hiking with sciatic nerve pain

Best compression shorts for sciatica

Ideally, you want compression shorts that are durable and comfortable with a touch of style as well.

Sometimes traditional workout shorts will do. But, purpose-built compression shorts typically go a step further with more versatile designs to provide sciatica nerve pain relief, that keep you ready to move seamlessly from the road to the gym.

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up my picks for the best compression shorts for sciatica in 2024.

best compression shorts for lower back support

Tommie Copper Women’s Pro-Grade Lower Back Support Shorts

Tommie Copper Women’s Pro-Grade Lower Back Support Shorts I Breathable, Compression Support for Low Back Muscle Support - Black - Large
71 Reviews
Tommie Copper Women’s Pro-Grade Lower Back Support Shorts I Breathable, Compression Support for Low Back Muscle Support – Black – Large
  • USE CASE: Those days when your back hurts in anticipation? You’ll reach for these and never look back. The perfect shorts for gardening, walking, yoga, around-town, and more.
  • BUILT-IN BACK SUPPORT: Innovative Power Mesh support panels provide targeted support and relief to the lower back. The panels are sleek and flexible, so your support never gets in the way or slows you down.
  • ALL-DAY COMFORT: Proprietary 4D stretch compression fabric delivers unrivaled stretch and recovery, for compression clothing so comfortable you’ll want to wear it all day. With UPF 50 for added sun protection.

Claudia’s take

I am a big fan of the Tommie Copper brand. These shorts offered the most compression support of all the ones I have tried. The higher waistline gives noticeable support to the lower back that other brands don’t offer. While they may have a higher price tag than other compression shorts, you can feel the difference as soon as you pull them on.

Here is a link for the men’s version of these shorts.

Tommie Copper also offers a full-length version for those that prefer leggings.

best compression shorts for all around use

90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Tummy Control Shorts

90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts - Tummy Control Biker Shorts for Women - Black/Azure Splash 2 Pack - Large
3,702 Reviews
90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts – Tummy Control Biker Shorts for Women – Black/Azure Splash 2 Pack – Large
  • Power Flex Fabric. The meticulous construction and high durability of these 5″ tummy control shorts are unrivaled. We developed the 87% Nylon 13% Spandex fabric to endure everyday wear and machine washings to last you for years. Our customers have been seeking a thick, lasting & durable pair of shapewear biker shorts, and we listened! These high-waisted spandex shorts were designed to take you anywhere from the gym to a night out underneath a fitted dress or skirt!
  • High Waist Tummy Control. Our Power Flex biker shorts have a high elastic waistband for more substantial tummy control. These high-waisted yoga shorts provide gentle compression to your midsection, giving you a toned and trim look all day. The 4 ½ inch high waistband gives you that extra boost of confidence for you to look and feel your best. Compare your hip, waist, and inseam measurements with our size guide to help you determine the perfect size for you! Approximate model size (S).
  • Premier Durability. Among the many benefits of these compression shorts, you’ll discover that our high-waisted design promotes compression and support, while the streamlined fit will make you feel bold and powerful to take on whatever the day brings. In addition, the gusseted crotch feature helps maximize mobility while the interlock seams minimize rubbing and chafing. Plus, with a hidden pocket in the waistband, you’ll be able to keep your gear safe and go wallet free!

Claudia’s take

While these compression shorts may not provide the full support of the Tommie Copper model, the high-waisted design offers sufficient support for those with minimal back discomfort.

If you like to wear these under your shorts for most activities, the Reflex Power shorts offer a wide selection of colors to choose from. In addition, they come in a 2 pack for extra savings.

I found these shorts to be very comfortable. The soft, thick material makes these shorts very versatile for various uses. Perfect for working out, biking, jogging, walking, or shapewear.

best compression shorts athletic fit

THE GYM PEOPLE Tummy Control Fitness Athletic Workout Shorts

THE GYM PEOPLE High Waist Yoga Shorts for Women Tummy Control Fitness Athletic Workout Running Shorts with Deep Pockets (Small, Black)
  • [Premium&Comfortable Material] – Non see-through, moisture wicking, quick-dry,breathable and 4-ways stretchy premium fabric. No deforming even after washes.
  • [Deep Two Side Pocket] – There are 2 pockets so that you can put your phone in there. If you like listening music when you are walking or running, these 2 pockets will keep your phone or ipod well.
  • [Keep Perfect Shape] – High-waisted style with tummy control design. Wide waistband contours body curves and streamlines shape help to promote yoga shorts both compression and support.

Claudia’s take

One of the top-selling compression shorts on Amazon. The high-waisted design provides excellent coverage and fantastic comfort. These are the perfect choice for women searching for shorts that are shorter in length, yet still offer tummy and lower back support.

These shorts are super cute and have several colors to choose from. I hesitate to say any shorts are completely squat-proof. It really varies from color to color. I can say no problems reported from the blue and black pairs I have worn.

Very comfy, very versatile, and true to size.

spanx high waisted power shorts
SPANX Shapewear High-Waisted Power Short
SPANX Seamless Power Sculpting High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short – Lightweight, All-Day Comfort – Core Control Shapewear – High-Waisted Underwear – Seamless Comfort – Very Black – Medium
  • Seamless Shapewear for Women: SPANX Seamless Power Sculpting High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short provides lightweight, all-day shaping with no visible panty lines if worn as underwear, for a perfect fit from day to night
  • No Muffin Top: High-waist design sits under the bust for flexible shaping and support, while the no-slip silicone strip helps keep waistband in place
  • Comfortable Shaping: Soft and lightweight, these SPANX shapewear shorts provide a double gusset for ease when nature calls and level 2 shaping, feeling like a firm hug

Claudia’s take

Spanx is a pioneer in the compression and shapewear fashion industry. While they didn’t invent women’s compression garments, they just made them better. The high-waisted power shorts offer superior tummy control with better-than-expected lower back support. Like all Spanx products, once on they stay in place. No rolling down.

If you are shopping for compression shorts for running or any other fitness activity, these may not be the ones for you. However, if you are looking for lower back support, and tummy control, with some curve-smoothing thrown in, this is your product!

Who is Likely to Suffer From Sciatica Pain?

lower back support can help with pain - Woman riding a bike

It is possible to get sciatica for a variety of reasons, so many different types of people could experience it. 

Sufferers from sciatic nerve pain:

1. Most likely to occur in people who are middle-aged or older

2. More common in women than in men

3. More likely to occur in people who have a sedentary lifestyle

4. Higher likelihood of occurring in people who are overweight or obese

5. Sciatica pain is more likely to occur in people who have a history of back problems

Additional facts about sciatica you may not know:

  • Sciatica is a condition that results when the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated.
  • It causes pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.
  • It is often caused by a herniated disc or bone spur.
  • Treatment for sciatica may include rest, ice, and pain medication.
  • Surgery is sometimes necessary to treat sciatica.

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Benefits of wearing compression shorts

Compression shorts reduce muscle vibration and provide support. They are often worn by athletes, people with chronic pain, or those who have undergone surgery.

Compression shorts can be worn at any time and can be used for anything, but they are most commonly used in activities like running or other high-impact activities.

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There are many benefits to wearing compression shorts, including:

1. Improve blood circulation by providing a snug fit that applies pressure to the muscles and helps to reduce inflammation.

2. Reduce lower back pain soreness by providing support to minimize muscle vibration and fatigue.

3. Prevent injuries by providing support to the muscles and joints. This support helps to prevent overuse injuries and provides stability to the muscles and joints, which can help to reduce the risk of injury.

4. Help improve your performance by keeping the muscles warm, which can improve blood flow and prevent injuries.

5. Help you recover from workouts faster by providing support to your muscles and increasing blood flow.

Choosing the right compression shorts for sciatica

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right compression shorts for your sciatic pain.


The fit of your shorts is essential for comfort. If the shorts ride up or feel tight on your leg, you’ll experience pain when you walk and will be less mobile. If the shorts are too big or too loose, they won’t offer any support.


The right length will keep the shorts from riding up when you walk. You don’t want the shorts to be too long and ride up your leg, but they should be just long enough to stay just above your knee when you walk.


There are many different types of materials used for compression shorts. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from synthetic, natural, or blended materials.

Odor Control

If you plan on wearing compression shorts for an extended period, it’s important to choose a pair with a moisture-control system. This will keep your legs free of odor and prevent you from smelling too much. See how to wash compression shorts for the best results.


There are many great brands when it comes to good compression shorts. Which ones you choose will depend on your personal preference and your needs.

Alternative sciatica nerve pain relief products

Groin wrap brace

A compression wrap or groin wrap brace is designed to provide support for athletes, runners, and people who have had an injury or treatment on their groin or thigh.

ODOFIT Ortho Sciatica Pain Relief Hip Brace – Compression Groin Support Wrap for Men and Women – Effective Thigh, Hamstring and Hip Pain Relief – Right Leg
  • REDUCE PAIN and INJURY RECOVERY: Measure Hip -fits up to 42” in circumference and thighs up to 27”. Our custom 3 Staps design of this ortho wrap brace offers the support needed for a speedy recovery and helps relieve pain from any kind of hip, groin, hamstring, or lower back injury as well as immediate relief from sciatica pain
  • DISCOVER COMFORT: Use the hip groin brace regularly for 1-2 weeks for full comfort and support. Experience faster recovery with our compression wrap, enhancing movement and reducing muscle strain. Designed for stability, warmth, and better muscle blood flow, it promotes quicker healing and reduces pain from hip arthritis and hamstring tendonitis.
  • SEAMLESS STABILITY: Whether it’s daily routines or intense sports, you can rely on this hip thigh brace to stay put and not slide or roll. Engineered as a hip compression brace, it provides essential alignment and comfort. For optimal performance, wear this brace under your clothing. It integrates seamlessly into your active lifestyle, ensuring stability and durability for all adults.

A groin compression wrap is made from an elastic or spandex-like material to provide a snug fit. and can be worn during exercise or while recovering from injury.

Pain relief thigh compression brace

A hip brace provides pain relief thigh support and compression to the area. It can be used for a variety of reasons, such as injury prevention, and post-surgery recovery, or chronic pain, such as sciatica.

Hip Brace for Sciatica Pain Relief – Compression Wrap for Sciatic Nerve, Hamstring Pull, Hip Fleхоr Strain, Groin Injury, Pulled Thigh – SI Belt – Sacroiliac Joint Support Stabilizer for Men, Women
  • FITS WAIST up to 43″ and thigh up to 24”, designed for both men and women, fits right or left leg, can be worn under or over clothes, and made of latex-free neoprene. For the left hip/thigh, the waist part should be attached in front of your abdomen. For the right hip/thigh, the waist part should be attached behind your back. Care Instructions: delicate machine wash or hand wash and hang up to dry.
  • HELPS RELIEVE PAIN AND SPEEDS UP RECOVERY from sciatica, strained thigh, hamstring, quadriceps, hip adductor, and hip flexor. Hip wrap aids in relieving the pain of hip bursitis, hip arthritis, hip labral tear, SI (Sacroiliac) joint issues, and piriformis syndrome.​
  • PROVIDES STABILITY AND SUPPORT for hip, thigh, and SI joints.

The most common type of hip brace is a neoprene sleeve with Velcro straps that wrap around the hips and thighs. The compression from the brace helps to reduce pain and swelling in the groin area

Among the conditions treated with the hip brace is sciatica, thigh, hamstring, quadriceps, hip adductor, hip flexor strains, hip bursitis, hip arthritis, hip labral tear, SI joint issues, and piriformis syndrome.

Compression socks for sciatic pain

Some people do find that compression socks can help to alleviate sciatic pain. Compression can help to reduce inflammation and provide support to the muscles and joints. Doing this can take some of the pressure off of the sciatic nerve and help to reduce pain.

Sciatica pain can be made worse by body movement. It may therefore be recommended to wrap the legs to relieve sciatic pain. Compression socks may provide additional reliefif you are able to find relief through leg wraps stabilizing your movement. Keeping your foot motions steady can ease the pain caused by errant movements, allowing you to walk in a more controlled manner.

People with potentially unsteady feet may also benefit from compression socks as they provide ankle and calf support.

Final Words

When you have sciatica, wearing compression shorts can help improve blood flow and release toxins, making your legs more comfortable and easier to move. Not only that but wearing compression shorts or a thigh compression brace can also help reduce swelling and help with recovery, they can often provide instant pain relief.

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