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Best Compression Socks for 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

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Last updated 01/08/2022

The best compression socks are a very popular treatment for tired legs and fatigue, as well as swelling in your calves. They work by promoting and increasing circulation blood circulation in the affected areas. When properly fitted, compression socks can reduce your risk of blood clots and reduce pain in these targeted areas.

This post will cover the basics of what you need to know about using compression socks, and who can benefit from wearing them.

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Popular questions about best compression socks

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How do compression socks work for swelling?

How do compression socks work for plantar fasciitis?

How do compression socks work for running?

How do compression socks work for varicose veins?

How do compression socks work for shin splints?

How do compression socks work for neuropathy?

Here’s how compression socks work. The socks put pressure on your legs to help your blood vessels work better. Arteries transport oxygen-rich blood to your muscles so they can relax and blood flows freely. The veins get assistance pushing blood back to your heart.

The best compression socks can keep your legs from getting tired, feeling fatigued, and achy. In addition, they can also ease swelling in your feet and ankles. They have also been shown to help prevent and treat spider and varicose veins. Some research has shown compression socks may even stop you from feeling light-headed or dizzy when you stand up.

The magic of compression socks is that they keep your blood moving, making it harder for it to pool in your veins and create a clot.

What about shin splints? Yes, compression socks can help with shin splints. Wearing compression socks can help to make your leg injury feel better during recovery, help get you through that last part of a long run, or even prevent a new injury from developing. Again, proper rest, stretching, and strengthening should are advised when dealing with a lower leg injury.

What is neuropathy and how do compression socks help? Neuropathy is frequently associated with diabetes, and it’s numbness, and a feeling of pain often referred to as “pins and needles.” Yes, compression socks are a great tool to manage the symptoms of neuropathy. While the socks can not reverse the damage, the best compression socks can help promote the future health of the lower leg.

Best practices for compression socks

Here are some best practices for safely wearing compression socks:

  • Get your compression socks that are fitted properly.
  • If your bodyweight changes significantly, be sure to get fitted for a new pair of compression socks
  • Since construction can vary among manufacturers, be sure to follow instructions specific to your brand of socks
  • Check your skin often for changes like redness, dents, and chafing between every wear.
  • Most manufacturers recommend you hand-wash compression socks and air dry to prevent excessive wear and damage to the sock fabric.
  • Compression socks have a short shelf life. Follow recommendations for replacement by your sock manufacturer. It is often suggested to replace socks after 30-40 uses, especially if you use them for fitness activities.

Best Overall – For Everyday Use

New Balance Unisex 2 Pack Wellness Casual Walker Socks, Medium, Brown

New Balance Unisex 2 Pack Wellness Casual Walker Socks

Best Compressions Socks for Neuropathy

Powerlix Nano Socks for Neuropathy (Pair) for Women & Men, Ankle Brace Support, Plantar fasciitis socks, Toeless Compression Socks & Foot Sleeve for Arch & Heel Pain Relief - Treatment & Everyday Use

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Best Compression Socks for Pregnancy Maternity

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Copper Compression Socks Women (Pregnancy & Maternity)

Best Compression Socks for Runners

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Calf Compression Sleeves – Leg Compression Socks for Runners

Best Compression Socks for Nurses

HLTPRO Compression Socks for Women & Men Circulation - 4 Pairs for Nurse, Medical, Flight, Running

HLTPRO Compression Socks for Nurses

Best Compression Socks for Flight Travel

Physix Gear Compression Socks for Men & Women 20-30 mmhg, Best Graduated Athletic Fit for Running Nurses Shin Splints Flight Travel & Maternity Pregnancy - Boost Stamina Circulation & Recovery GRY S/M

Physix Gear Compression Socks for Men & Women Flight Travel

Best Compression Socks for Shin Splints

SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women - Best Stockings for Running, Medical, Athletic, Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Travel, Pregnancy, Shin Splints (Black/Blue, Small)

SB SOX Compression Socks for Shin Splints

Best Compression Socks for Varicose Veins

Halsy Women's Footless Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) 2 Pairs Medical Calf Compression Sleeve for Swelling, Shin Splint, Varicose Veins, Edema, Nurses & Maternity

Halsy Women’s Footless Compression Socks for Varicose Veins

How compression clothing works

Compression clothing has progressive compression panels that run the length of the garment. The muscles further distant from the heart are subjected to more pressure than those closer to it.

Using compression running tights as an example, the pressure is stronger around the ankle than around the knee, tightening the calf muscles and assisting your veins in pushing deoxygenated blood back up the legs and into the heart.

That is, you can:

  • Run longer because you’ll receive more oxygen into your blood, which will energize your muscles.
  • You’ll recover faster since you’ll be eliminating waste lactic acid more quickly, reducing muscular discomfort.

Why compression socks are useful

Compression running socks apply pressure from the ankle to the calf, increasing blood flow and reducing muscle vibration generated by running impact. This allows them to work more effectively.

Are compression socks good for recovery?

Wearing them all day increases good blood flow and oxygen levels. They also offer compression, which aids in muscle recovery. The softness and feel of the material distinguish sport-specialized compression socks from recovery compression socks.


Strenuous activity strains and destroys the muscles, resulting in the soreness that many people experience after a workout. Compression apparel can assist muscles to mend faster by boosting the flow of oxygenated blood to them, allowing you to be ready for your next training session.

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