How to Wash Compression Shirts (2022)

In the world of gym clothes, compression garments continue to grow in popularity. Wearing compression shirts provides a number of advantages, including increased circulation and reduced swelling. Learn how to wash compression shirts and extend the life of these amazing workout clothes.

washing compression garments

Compression shirts are not only beneficial for those looking to stay healthy and boost their workouts, but also for professional athletes searching for ways to reduce injuries and boost performance. Serious athletes understand for the best outcomes, use compression shirts every day.

However, do you know how to clean and care for your high-performance workout shirts? Continue reading to learn how to keep them clean and long-lasting!

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How to Wash Compression Shirts

best laundry detergent for stains

Best laundry detergent

Since the fibers in compression shirts are so delicate, mild detergents can help them last as long as possible. Bleach or other harsh detergents will damage the fibers and should be avoided.

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While you might be tempted to add additional detergent to your dirty compression shirt, only require a fraction of that is actually required.

Finally, do not use fabric softener on your athletic compression shirts. Fabric softeners cover a fabric’s surface with electrically charged chemical compounds, enabling fibers to “stand up” from the surface and imparting a softer and fluffier feel. However, these chemical compounds leave a film on compression shirts, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and odor.

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Using a Washing Machine

Check the labels. Most compression shirts will say “machine wash”, however, launder them like you would delicates. It is recommended to wash compression clothing together or use a mesh laundry bag for delicates when washing with other clothing items.

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Hand Wash Only

If your item requires hand washing, follow these steps:

  • Wash and rinse your compression shirts in cold water
  • When drying the clothing, roll it on a dry towel or gently press it to absorb the extra moisture
  • ➤Do not wring or stretch your compression shirt.

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How to Dry Compression Shirts

how to dry compression garments

Air dry

The best way to dry compression shirts is to roll the garment in a dry towel, or gently press it to absorb the extra moisture.

Machine dry

If using a dryer, the temperature dial should be set on a no-heat (low-heat) air drying cycle because excessive heat exposure can damage the elastic fibers of your compression shirts. If your garment contains a silicone band, using the no-heat dryer option will protect it.

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Tips For Taking Care of Your Compression Shirts

Wash promptly after use

Develop a habit of washing your compression shirts immediately after you return from the gym or workout. Your gym bag is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow due to sweat and dead skin on your clothing.

Sweat (and bacteria) left on compression shirts for extended periods of time can cause stains, spots, and odors that are hard to remove.

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Always wash colors and whites separately

Just like you would with your normal laundry loads, wash whites and colors separately. This will keep your white garments brilliant and colors vivid.

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Always use cold water

Never use hot or warm water when washing your compression shirts.

Never use fabric softener

Never use fabric softener on your athletic compression shirts. Fabric softeners cover a fabric’s surface with electrically charged chemical compounds, enabling fibers to “stand up” from the surface and imparting a softer and fluffier feel. Also, avoid using laundry detergents that include fabric softeners

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Prevent pilling

The term “pills” refers to small, solid lint balls that form on the surface of materials such as clothing, while “pilling” refers to the act of forming them. Most pills may be sliced or scraped away using a cloth comb or a battery-operated pill/lint remover.

Use a mesh bag for delicates to prevent pilling from occurring.


Compression shirts are a great way to boost your athletic performance, as well as provide immediate relief to sore muscles and improve circulation.

Keep your compression shirts fresh and fit by taking precautions to wash and care for them properly. Compression shirts can last several years with simple handling and care tips provided.

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