10 Best Heated Eye Masks To Soothe Tired Eyes – Top Picks Of 2024

Best Heated Eye Masks. Relieve your tired eyes with these soft, comfortable, and simple-to-use masks.

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best heated eye masks for dry eyes. Our eyes endure high levels of strain on any given day, resulting in feelings of dryness, irritation and fatigue. While eye drops can help alleviate these symptoms, using one of the best warming eye masks make an effective solution to common eye conditions by providing instant, long-lasting relief.
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Our eyes experience high levels of stress every day, which can lead to fatigue, irritation, and dryness.

Although eye drops can soothe and lessen these symptoms, using the best-heated eye masks makes them an effective solution to provide instant and long-lasting relief.

The best part about heated eye masks is that they have soothing and therapeutic effects that restore natural moisture content and relieve your eyes.

Moreover, they provide a comfortable feeling to your eyes like a warm cloth.


Top Pick – RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat

Renpho cordless heated eye masks instantly make your eyes feel a different kind of warmth and comfort!

Claudia Faucher

RENPHO heated eyemask with massager, built-in speakers and bluetooth capability
Battery Life
Heat Level
Light Blocking
Adjustable Fit


Get a good night’s sleep with this warming eye mask and greet the new day with a fresh look now!

The Renpho Heated Eyemask with massager takes the traditional eyemask to the next level using the latest technology to produce superior comfort!

Features light massaging action and built-in speakers to play pre-recorded music.

Bluetooth capability allows you to play your music or podcast. Love it!

Learn more about this product


Listed below I have compiled a list of the 10 best-heated eye masks. So, keep reading to discover the best choice for you!

Helpful Tips for Using Heated Eye Masks:

  • Use lower temperatures until you get used to your mask
  • They are available in wired or cordless models
  • Most have a 60-minute automatic cut-off
  • Effectively block light for increased sleep

Are Heated Eye Masks Safe?

Heated Eye Mask, USB Steam Warm Compress for Puffy Eyes, Warm Therapeutic Treatment for Dry Eye, Chalazion, Blepharitis, Stye (Black)

People should follow instructions carefully when using eye masks, especially heated masks.

They should be careful not to overheat a mask, as this could damage the eye area.

A person may want to speak with their eye doctor before using an eye mask to treat dry eyes.

Why Use Heated Eye Masks

I love heated eye masks and have been a fan for years.

Treat dry eyes blepharitis with hot compress. It significantly reduces eye strain

It’s one of the best beauty products no one talks about… until today!

I’m always shocked when I mention them to people and they have no idea such a thing even existed.

Heated eye masks are excellent for treating dry eyes, fatigue, stye, blepharitis, chalazion, and MGD, but most people use them for a great night’s sleep.

After years of working a night tour, I understand firsthand the difficulties of sleeping when you want or need to.

A heated eye mask is a great solution to treat dry eyes. Aroma Season is one of the top brands for self heating eye masks. They provide moist heat which is proven to help address dry eyes blepharitis, and puffy eyes. This steam eye mask can be used for 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, up to 1 hour. It is ready to use in as little as 30 seconds.

The soothing warmth of a heated mask is the best solution I have found for improving my sleep patterns … and the most cost-effective.

I recommend this product to anyone who will listen.

To all my doctor and nursing friends… you need this.

Law enforcement or IT peeps… your eyes will never feel better!

…and for everyone who could use some spa-like pampering in their life, you’ve got to give this a try.

Testing Time! How I did it

Best heated eye masks  - moist heat is effective in treating dry eyes and pain relief- FitFab50

All the eye masks finally arrived. Let the testing begin!

Heated eye masks can be broken down into 3 categories:

  • Cordless
  • USB or wired
  • Microwave eye masks (not tested)

In a perfect world, cordless eye masks would be the way to go. No cords!

However, finding consistent quality and design can be tricky.

There is also the issue of recharging.

There is nothing worse than getting ready for bed and realizing you forgot to recharge your mask. &#%!@?!

self heating eye mask

During my testing, I used each product as recommended by the manufacturer.

In general, each brand was very similar to the other, but it was the subtle differences that impacted the ratings.

I performed the testing throughout a couple of weeks. And to be honest, I really liked each of the products I tried.

However, when it came to comparing one brand to another, that is where I could separate good, from the average.

Multiplx Wireless Electric Eye Mask$29.994.89 / 5Very comfortable, wireless
Betidom Cordless Heated Eye MaskNo products found.4.81 / 5Perfect for dry eyesTakes 2 hours to fully charge
Ezona Warm Eye Compress MaskPrice not available4.81 / 5Stays consistently warm Is smaller than higher-rated models
Aroma Heated Eye Mask$22.994.78 / 5Large and comfyDoesn’t come with USB to wall plug adapter
Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask$28.994.70 / 5Good consistent temperatureSmall mask
Mokiy Heated Eye MaskPrice not available4.65 / 55 settings for heat and timeComfort
Ingeware Heated Eye Mask $19.994.61 / 5Comfortable fitCould be hotter
DR.PREPARE Heated Eye Mask$27.994.50 / 5Great light-blocking designShort cord
Hnihb Heated Eye MaskPrice not available4.25 / 5ComfortableShort cord. Basic controls
Cheroo Heated Eye MaskNo products found.4.10 / 5Heats up fast. Soft and comfyNo adapter plug. Runs small

How To Choose The Best Heated Eye Mask

A heated eye mask for hot eye compress has been shown to relief dry eye pain in as little as 10 minutes. Aroma Season is one of more popular brands. Whether you prefer self heating eye masks or steam eye mask products, Aroma Season has several models to choose from.


There are two common types of heated eye masks – self-heating and manual heating.

Self-heating eye masks are portable and I prefer them when traveling, while manual heating masks must be microwaved or plugged in.

Unlike manual heating masks, most self-heating masks are disposable, which can get expensive over time if you use them frequently.

A heated eye mask for a warm eye compress has been shown to relieve dry eye pain in as little as 10 minutes. Aroma Season is one of the most popular brands. Whether you prefer self-heating eye masks or steam eye masks, Aroma Season offers several models.
Use a heated eye mask for relief from dry eyes

The best way to recover from dry eyes is with a heated eye mask. We put a lot of stress on our eyes every day, such as irritation, fatigue, and dryness, and that is why we need the best-heated eye masks.

These symptoms are easily controlled with eye masks, which provide instant relief for your eyes. 

Furthermore, they have soothing and therapeutic effects that assist with restoring moisture. 

Doctors have also recommended some of these masks because they are made of soft fabric, are comfortable to wear, and have adjustable straps. 

When choosing the best-heated eye mask, take into account the fit, fabric, adjustable temperature settings, timer settings, and type.


If you are shopping for a heated eye mask for the first time, some factors to consider include, heats up quickly, Ophthalmologist recommended, Washable cover or removeable cover, Secure fit or adjustable straps, retains optimal heat, non-irritating soft fabric, easy to clean. The best hot eye compress masks can
relieve crusty eyelashes, irritated eyes, headaches, puffiness, sinuses, and allergies.

When choosing a heated eye mask, you must find one that fits the upper part of your face correctly. This will ensure comfortable and effective heating.

Everyone’s facial features are different, so not all reviews will match your personal experiences. It is best to go for one with an elastic or Velcro strap.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

adjustable temperature settings eye mask.
Here is a photo of the adjustable temperature settings for the eye mask I am currently using. Claudia Faucher / FitFab50

Most heated masks have adjustable temperature control features. This allows you to choose the ideal temperature according to your convenience and comfort. They normally range from 2 – 5 temperature settings.

Timer Settings

Heated eye masks can be comforting and cozy, and we may forget to remove them at the proper time.

All the masks listed above have built-in cut-off features at 60 minutes. This is especially important if you enjoy using the higher settings. That is why it is best to choose a heating mask that has timer settings. 

Don’t forget to check cord length

One quick way to fall out of love with your new heated eye mask is to deal with a short cord in the middle of the night.

Too many eye mask brands offer sub-5 ft length power cables.

While this may be fine if you have an outlet directly behind your bed, it doesn’t play well with sleepers who may move about the bed during their sleep time.

I would be willing to guess that most of us do.

Get long lasting relief from dry eyes in as little as 10 minutes.
Any cord less than 5 ft in length is too short!

If cord length is an issue for you, take your time to look through the specs for 6 ft or more.

I’ll be honest, there are not many that offer this longer length, like the one below.

heated eye mask with long cable
Emacombo Heated Eye Mask has one of the longest cables on the market.

While I didn’t have the opportunity to review this specific model, here’s the link if you want to check it out.

Wall Adapter for USB Port

One of the only issues I have with most brands selling heated eye masks don’t include a wall adapter for a USB port.

While I understand the mask can be used while plugged into your laptop, ….really?

You will want to buy a wall adapter for usb port along with your heated eye mask. Most eye masks don't include this important item. If you are shopping for a heated eye mask or steam eye mask for dry eye issues, or dry eyes blepharitis for the first time, be sure to add a wall adapter for a usb port to your cart. Without this adapter you will not be able to use your hot eye mask unless it is plugged into your computer or laptop. Puffy eyes, dry eye and eye area are best when treated with hot eye compress for at least 20 minutes.
The white block (on the right) is a wall adapter for a USB port.

So, whichever eye mask you purchase, but sure to see if this adapter is included. It will cost you less than $10.

While you probably have several lying around your house or apartment, it’s good to pick one up so you have one dedicated to your mask.


Is moist heat good for the eyes?

Heated eye masks moisturize and provide soothing relief to dry eyes.

The heat from the hot compress helps open the meibomian glands to improve sebaceous gland function, reduce eye strain, increase oil flow to the eyes, stabilize the tear film, and slow tear evaporation.

What is better for the eyes? Ice or heat?

Hot compresses are more commonly used than cold compresses as they benefit the eyes in several ways.

Their effect comes from stimulating the sebaceous glands in the eye to release oils that prevent tears from evaporating too quickly.

Can a heated eye mask damage eyes?

Heated masks require special care as they can overheat, causing damage to the eye area or burns.

It is strongly recommended that you contact your optometrist before purchasing an over-the-counter mask to help treat serious dry eye symptoms.


If you’re looking for a surefire way to improve your sleep, a heated eye mask is just what you need.

These top-rated heated eye masks, use the latest technology to provide the best features available today.

Designed to offer the perfect amount of warmth to relax your eyes, these masks are budget-friendly, so you can enjoy the benefits of a heated eye mask without breaking the bank.

Experience a new level of relaxation and comfort during your nighttime routine.

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