Eyelash Extensions Classic vs Volume vs Hybrid

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably been looking at a variety of lash extension options online. You want a longer, fuller eyelash — but if that’s all you need to do is get the “wow factor” at parties or weddings, what should you choose? Check out this in-depth comparison between eyelash extensions classic vs volume vs hybrid!

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If you’re a new client and you’re wondering which eyelash extensions you should get, the answer is: it depends!

Classic Extensions vs Volume vs Hybrid 

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When it comes to eyelash extensions natural looking or classic extensions are the most popular and affordable options. They use individual strands of hair that are attached to your lashes, and they can be removed at any time. They provide the most natural look and feel, but they take time to apply because they need to be glued onto your real lashes.

Eyelash extension volume styles are the next step up in terms of price and quality. They require a little more work—they have to be glued on separately from your lashes—but they create more dramatic results and last longer than classic extensions. 

Eyelash extensions hybrid style takes a third approach. Hybrid sets combine the classic and volume techniques into one. Hybrid extensions offer a variety of textures and more volume. This gives you both the look of classic extensions with their natural-looking glue and the look of volume with its dramatic effect overnight.

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Now that we have covered a brief overview of the different types of extensions, let’s take a deeper dive into this amazing beauty service!

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a long-lasting, gorgeous way to add length and volume to your eyelashes. They can be applied at home, in the comfort of your own home. If you want the look of false eyelashes but don’t want to wear them, then lash extensions are for you!

Eyelash extensions are made from human hair and are applied by a trained professional or artist who uses special tools and techniques. The quality and appearance of the lashes depend on the skill of the technician applying them.

What are classic eyelash extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are a staple in any beauty routine. Not only can they add a little extra glam to your day, but they also come in different styles, lengths, and shapes.

Classic lashes are made from human hair that has been attached to a base. The extensions come in a variety of colors and lengths so you can choose the look that works best for your face shape.

A classic set still requires regular maintenance to keep themlooking fresh and full.

Classic eyelash extensions are applied using a 1:1 ratio, meaning one lash extension is applied for each lash.

Classic lashes – Ratio

You can expect to spend 1.5 to 2 hours having your classic eyelash extension application.

Classic lashes are available in a range of materials, styles, and thicknesses (1mm – 1.5mm). 

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How long do classic eyelash extensions last?

The extensions classic eyelash is a great option if you’re looking for a great look that lasts. They typically last between three and six weeks, depending on the type of extension that you choose, and how many times per week you wear them.

What are volume eyelash extensions?

The extensions volume eyelash are essentially individual lash hairs that are attached to your lashes. They’re made from 100% human hair, and they’re available in a variety of lengths and styles. Because they’re so natural looking, it’s easy to blend them into your existing eyelashes.

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How Can Volume Lashes Be Used?

You can wear volume extensions as simple as putting on a pair of false eyelashes. They’re also great for giving you fullness and thickness in your eyes without the hassle of messy glue or tape. They’re also ideal for people who like to wear their hair up all day long, but need some help with their makeup routine!

Volume lashes offer a more dramatic appearance when compared to natural-looking classic lashes. This look is created by attaching a “fan” of lashes to each of your lashes.

Volume lashes – Ratio

As previously mentioned, the classic lash has a 1:1 ratio. This means a single lash extension is attached to each of your lashes.

With volume lash extension, the ratio of 1:3 to 1:5. Yes, this means 3 – 5 lashes are attached to each lash!

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How Long Do Volume Eyelash Extensions Last?

Volume extensions last anywhere from two weeks to one month depending on how often you remove them. The average lifespan of volume lashes is about four weeks, but some people have reported having them on for up to six months without having any issues with their lashes falling out or shedding too much hair at one time.

Can Volume Lash Extensions Be Cleaned?

Yes, your Volume Lash Extensions can be cleaned! You can use a special lash comb to get in between the lashes and remove any debris or excess glue that may have accumulated.

You should not use an eye make-up remover on your Volume Lashes. Using a waterproof mascara will help you prevent water damage to the extensions.

What are hybrid lash extensions?

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a new and exciting way to add length to your lashes. They’re made of both natural fibers and synthetic fibers, so you get the best of both worlds. Hybrid lashes combine classic and volume extensions

LANKIZ DIY lash Extensions (Class-44, 0.15mm C Curl 8-15mm)
  • 1: 1 Grafting: One lash extension is grafted to one natural eyelash. Compared to volume lashes, classic eyelash extensions are easier to operate, so it is more suitable for beginners to start her lash trip.
  • More Styles: According to your clients’ eye shapes, match the curvature and length freely, different effects can be grafted, open eyes, cat eyes and dramatic eyes.
  • How to Choose Lashes: Classic individual eyelashes are suitable for customers with thick lashes who want to length their natural lashes. Volume eyelash extensions are more suitable for clients with sparse lashes who want fullness look.

Artificial fibers are used as the base material. These are usually very thin and flexible. The synthetic fibers are then used to attach the artificial fibers to the root of your lashes.

Hybrid lashes work so well, with a mix of both classic and volume, you’ll have long, lush lashes that will make everyone jealous!

When to use hybrid eyelash extensions?

Hybrid lash extensions last longer than traditional lash extensions because they don’t need as much maintenance or care for them to stay in place all day long (unlike regular lash extension kits).

However, people who have sensitive eyes should be careful not to wear them too often because repeated use can irritate over time.

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Hybrid lashes – Ratio

The hybrid lash extensions create their stunning look by using 70% natural extensions, in combination with 30% volume. In essence, you get a better appearance than pure classic lashes, but with added volume.

Are eyelash extensions the same as false eyelashes?

No. False eyelashes are made out of plastic, while eyelash extensions are made out of human hair. This means that false eyelashes are more flexible, offer a more realistic look, and can be curled or crimped to create different looks.

False eyelashes are great for a variety of reasons, but many people wonder if they’re the same thing as eyelash extensions. 

False lashes also have a shorter lifespan than eyelash extensions—they’re typically good for about three months before they fall out completely—but their versatility makes up for that shortcoming. If you want to try a false eyelash but don’t want to commit to an expensive full set, this is a great option!

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Difference between eyelash extensions and eyelash lift

Lash lifts are used to improve the appearance of lashes. They are often used in conjunction with mascara and eyeliner, but can also be applied by themselves.

Lash lift products come in a variety of forms, including gel and liquid, that can be applied to the upper or lower lash line. Some of these products contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera or extracts from plants. Others use artificial ingredients such as hydroquinone or retinol.

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The key to a successful lash lift is proper application. Make sure you use enough product to coat your upper and lower lash lines—you don’t want any gaps between the layers when you apply your makeup! You should also allow the product to dry before applying mascara or eyeliner.

After the solution has been applied to your lashes, a small curling iron is used to place a uniform curl on your eyelashes for a beautiful appearance.

Eyelash extensions are made from several materials including mink, silk, synthetic, human, or horsehair. They are applied to your lash to create a fuller, longer look. They come in a variety of colors, lengths, and thicknesses, so you can customize your look to suit your taste.  

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While they can be a bit pricey, eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution that can last up to six weeks with proper care. 

If you’re considering eyelash extensions, it’s important to do your research to find a reputable professional technician who can apply them safely and correctly.

Which lash extension looks most natural?

There are many factors to consider when choosing lash extensions, including the length, thickness, and curl of the lash. However, the most important factor to consider is the lash extension style that will create the most realistic lash.

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about the cost of eyelash extensions

There are three main lash extension styles: classic, volume, and hybrid. Classic lash extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes that are applied to each individual natural lash. This style is ideal for those who have a good density of lashes and want a more authentic look.

Volume lash extensions are multiple strands of synthetic lashes that are applied to each individual lash. This style is ideal for those who have a good density of lashes and want a more dramatic look.

Hybrid lash extensions are a combination of classic and volume lash extensions. This style is ideal for those going for a bit more volume.

When choosing lash extensions, it is important to consult with a professional to find the style that will best suit your needs.

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What eyelash extension brand do celebrities use?

For many celebrities, their choice of beauty products is closely guarded. Finding the best eyelash extensions used by Hollywood’s elite is no exception.

However, in doing a bit of digging, it is revealed that some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry use Ardell’s Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes.

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about eyelash extensions process

How much? Eyelash extensions

Lash extension prices can vary greatly depending on where you live and which salon you go to, the material of the lash, as well as the experience of your lash professional. In doing some price research on classic eyelash extensions near me, I found the prices ranging from $110 to slightly over $300.

Other items that can affect the price include how many lashes you want. While there are some basic ratios of extension to lash associated with each extension type, you can change these ratios as well.

Finally, if you already have lash extensions, refills are a lower price.

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What are lash extension infills?

Due to the way lash extensions are attached, they fall off with your lashes after 6-8 weeks. To maintain the fluffy appearance of your lash extensions, regular infills are required.

An infill typically costs 50-70% of the full set price and should be done three to four weeks after the initial application.

Fill-ins cost less the more often you have them. It is not uncommon for people to book infills every two weeks and to pay 25% of the full set price. As a general rule, the price of an infill depends on how many new extensions are required.

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about eyelash extensions mascara

Are eyelash extensions bad?

Eyelash extensions are a great way to get the look you want, but they can also be bad for your lashes.

One of the biggest problems with eyelash extensions is that they don’t contribute to length.

When you wear them, your lashes become shorter and stick out more. This means you have to apply mascara to cover the gap between your real lashes and the extensions. This can lead to irritation and dehydration of the eyelid skin.

Another problem with eyelash extensions is that they don’t curl very well on their own. If you have curly lashes, this can cause problems when you’re trying to apply them. They can end up looking like little balls instead of curling into beautiful ringlets!

Finally, eyelash extensions do not hold up well over a long time. They fall out easily if they aren’t properly glued on or if they’re not applied correctly by a professional technician.

How to care for eyelash extensions

With all this talk about the different types of eyelash products, hybrid lashes, classic lashes, and volumes, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Also, after you have decided on the lashes to go with, how do you take care of them?

But did you know that they’re not that hard to care for?

If you want to keep your eyelash extensions looking as good as the day your stylist applied them, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure they don’t start falling out or becoming brittle.

First of all, make sure to wash your eyelashes every night with gentle shampoo and warm water. This will help loosen up any dirt or oils from your day’s activities, which can cause your extensions to fall out faster.

If you don’t feel like washing them, try using a clarifying rinse instead—just apply it to one eye first and then massage it into the other eye before rinsing away any excess.

You might also want to consider applying some sort of serum or oil before bed each night. This will help keep those eyelash fibers nice and soft so they won’t break over time!


Eyelash extensions are a fantastic solution for individuals who don’t have the time to apply mascara every morning or would just like longer, thicker, sexier eyelashes.

Whether you choose volume or hybrid lash extensions or classic lash extensions, you will find that these synthetic fibers are both flexible and durable, making them the ideal choice for a client needing longer-lasting lashes.

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