11 Best Salon-Quality Eyelash Extension Brands

We can all agree that wearing falsies all the time, just to give the appearance of amazingly thick, full-bodied eyelashes is a major pain.

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Best Eyelash Extensions Brand Reviews

I’ve put together the best eyelash extensions brand reviews to help you enjoy gorgeous, natural-looking eyelashes!

Some of the best professional eyelash extension kit products don’t stay on very long and that can be so frustrating.

And if you suffer from small lashes, using mascara to hide short eyelashes simply won’t give you the look most women desire.

Professional eyelash extension supplies give you a more permanent solution and are the best false eyelashes to solve the problem.

QUEWEL Volume Eyelash Extensions | 0.03-0.12mm | C/CC/D/DD Curl | 8-25mm Length | Easy Fan Volume Lashes 2D-20D Self Fanning Volume Lashes 0.07D Mix-8-15mm Long Lasting Blooming Lashes(0.07D Mix8-15)

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The cost of the best eyelash enhancers is very affordable, so why not choose the top brands?

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are short-term strands that are applied to your natural eyelashes using the best professional eyelash extension tweezers to make them appear longer, thicker, and darker.

QUEWEL Premade Fans Middle Part 3D/5D/6D/7D/8D/10D | 0.07 | Curl C/D | 10 - 17mm Length | Long Lasting Easy Application Short Stem Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions (5D-0.07D-Mix12-15)

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Individual lash extensions are put to each of your individual natural eyelashes using a semi-permanent adhesive (one extension per natural eyelash).

Depending on the beauty studio, lash extensions can be composed of synthetic, mink, fake or real mink lashes individual, or silk fibers.

Premade Fans Lash Extensions Soft 3D|4D|5D|6D|7D|8D 0.07/0.10mm C/D 8-20mm Mix-9-16mm 12-15mm 8-15mm|3D 0.10mm C Curl Mix-8-15mm Short Stem (3D 0.10C MIX8-15)

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Most salons provide a choice of extension lengths, curl patterns, and tints to allow clients to personalize their style.

c curl vs d curl

C curl is the most popular curl and produces lashes that seem like they were curled using an eyelash curler.

Premade Fans Lash Extensions Soft 3D|4D|5D|6D|7D|8D 0.07/0.10mm C/D 8-20mm Mix-9-16mm 12-15mm 8-15mm|3D 0.10mm C Curl Mix-8-15mm Short Stem (3D 0.10C MIX8-15)

D curl is for those looking to create the most dramatic effect. It creates doll-like lashes. D curls can provide lift in areas that require it.

CC curl is the perfect in-between curl, and creates the ideal curl between C and D curls.

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Different type of eyelash extensions

Eyelash artists work with three types of eyelash extensions materials: mink, silk, and synthetic.

LASHVIEW DIY Eyelash Extension, Individual Lashes Kit,Cluster Lashes,Individual Lashes with Glue and Tweezers

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These silk, mink, or lightweight synthetic lashes are then placed directly onto natural lashes as eyelash extensions. A trained beautician will apply eyelash extensions with semi-permanent glue.

Furthermore, the extensions are generally put to the top lash line, either in “clusters” or “fans” or separately.

Natural-looking eyelashes extensions

Eylure Naturals are the ideal choice for natural, delicate, and stunning lashes, whether you’re a first-time false lash user or a seasoned pro.

Eylure Naturals Accent No. 003 Reusable Eyelashes, Adhesive Included, 1 Pair
  • LIFT YOUR LASHES: achieve a subtly elevated and super cute look when you wear the Accent No. 003 lashes
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & ¾ LENGTH: ¾ length and lightweight design makes for longer, more comfortable wear
  • BUILT-IN LINER LOOK: cushioned black band creates a comfy feel and a ready to go liner look

Enjoy a naturally full lash line with just the right amount of length with this easy-to-apply and lightweight mascara.

The simple lash adhesive will not bother your eyes or create puffiness, and the natural fake lashes are as light as a feather, allowing you to wear them all day. Reuse your lashes to get the most out of your false lashes.

When you need more fullness and length but prefer a more natural look, Eylure Naturals lashes are the way to go.

Most eyelash studios have a preference for the sort of lash extension they use and will not always ask you whether you have one.

So, if you’re vegan or allergic to cats, make it clear that you don’t want mink lash extensions.

woman with beautiful eyelashes - best eyelash extensions for mature eyes

No lash extension type lasts longer than another. Mink and silk lashes offer a more natural appearance, while synthetic lashes can be thicker and darker. This makes them more suited for people who prefer a stronger look.

When wearing eyelash extensions for the first time, you may be concerned about artificial effects or allergic responses.

This is why, in order to get the desired look, you must evaluate all of the criteria before deciding on the best professional eyelash extension kit for you.

What is a volume tweezer?

A volume tweezer is a type of tweezer that is specifically designed for use with eyelash extensions. A volume tweezer has a thin, pointed tip that allows them to easily grab and hold small lash extensions.

The benefits of using a volume tweezer include that they are precise and easy to use, and they help to ensure lash extensions are applied evenly and securely.

What are classic lashes?

There are many different types of classic lashes, but they all have one thing in common: they are all beautiful! Classic lashes are the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your look, and they are also very versatile. You can wear them with a casual outfit or a more formal one, and they will always look great.

If you are looking for a more natural look, then classic lashes are the way to go. They will add length and volume to your lashes without looking too fake.

If you want to add a bit of drama to your look, then you can opt for a thicker and longer classic lash. This will give you a more glamorous look that is perfect for a night out.

Classic lashes are a great way to enhance your natural beauty, and they are also very easy to apply. You can find them in many different colors, so you can find the perfect shade to match your skin tone and hair color.

Classic lashes are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your look, and they are also very versatile. You can wear them with a casual outfit or a more formal one, and they will always look great.

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What are isolation lash tweezers and how do you use them?

An isolation tweezer is a type of tweezer used to isolate a small area of skin. They are usually made of stainless steel or plastic and have a small, sharp tip.

To use isolation tweezers, you will need to first disinfect the area you will be working on. Next, you will need to gently insert the tips of the tweezers into the skin.

Once the tips are in the skin, you will need to carefully pull the tweezers apart. This will help to isolate the area of skin you are working on.

Finally, you will need to use a sharp object to carefully remove the isolated area of the skin.

What are Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Cat eye eyelash extensions are a popular beauty trend that enhances the natural shape of your eyes, giving them a sultry and captivating look.

Lash Clusters, 72 Pcs Individual Cluster Lashes DIY Lash Extension 8-16mm Eyelash Clusters Volume Wispy Lashes Super Thin Band Reusable Soft & Comfortable (Volume, D-8-16mix)

This specific technique involves applying cat eyelash extensions to the outer corners of the eyes, creating an elongated and lifted appearance that resembles the alluring cat eye style.

The cat eye style is achieved by applying longer extensions to the outer edges of the eyes, while gradually shortening the length as you move inwards. This creates a beautiful, upward-sweeping effect that accentuates your eye shape and adds a touch of glamour to your overall look.

Cat eye eyelash extensions are suitable for various eye shapes and can be customized according to your personal preference.

Whether you want a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, cat eye style eyelash extensions can help you achieve your desired look.

Don’t hesitate to consult a professional lash technician to discuss the best options for your unique features and desired outcomes.

What are volume fans?

If you’re looking for a way to add volume to your eyelashes, you may want to consider using a fan. There are a variety of different fans on the market, and each one has its own set of benefits.

One type of fan is the electric fan. This type of fan is easy to use and can be found at most beauty supply stores. Electric fans work by using a small brush to apply pressure to the lashes and then release the pressure to create a volumizing effect.

Another type of fan is the manual fan. Manual fans require a little more effort to use, but they can be just as effective as electric fans. To use a manual fan, you’ll need to hold the fan close to your lashes and then use a back-and-forth motion to create volume.

Whichever type of fan you choose, be sure to follow the directions carefully to avoid damaging your lashes.

Lash Extension Kits

We’re all pretty familiar with fake lashes, but many of us have previously avoided using these lash enhancers for one key reason: they’re a hassle to apply. They used to be, at any rate.

Thankfully, we’ve progressed well past the days of sewing them onto our lids, and we now have more alternatives than ever to get a fuller look with our lashes.

VAVALASH Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.15mm D Curl 8-15mm Mixed Flat Eyelash Extension supplies Light Lashes Matte Individual Eyelashes Salon Use Black Mink False Lashes Mink Lashes Extensions(D-0.15-MIXED)

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LANKIZ Eyelash Extensions

LANKIZ Eyelash Extensions Individual Lashes 0.15mm C Curl 8-15mm Mink Eyelash Extension Supplies Classic Lash Extensions Professional

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LASHVIEW Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

LASHVIEW Eyelash Extensions,Individual Lashes,Premium Single&Classic Lashes,0.15 Thickness C 15mm,Natural Semi Permanent Eyelashes,Eyelash Extension Supplies,Soft Application-Friendly, Lashes

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Eyelash extension length guide

This eyelash extension length guide video will help you see the different types of lash extensions, curls, and lengths that are available.

Learn how different types of lash extensions work, how to apply individual lashes professionally, and allow yourself endless lash creativity.

How to apply individual lashes professionally

Eyelash extensions are put one at a time with care, using a specially designed semi-permanent adhesive that will neither irritate nor harm the native lash. 

“Between 90 -150 lashes are applied to each eye during the eyelash extension process.”

The eyelash is only applied to an existing lash using the best professional eyelash extension tweezers. Here’s what you should expect:


Prior to application, the clinician will discuss all of the potential side effects and advantages of getting eyelash extensions.

eyelash extension consultation

If you are sensitive to certain types of chemicals or adhesives, your beauty expert will on the best eyelash extension glue for allergies, to suit your needs.

Decide on the length of the extension and the strength of the curl

Your lash professional will begin by asking you what type of appearance you want, whether it’s more glamorous or more natural.

eyelash extension near me

You’ll select an optimum length and curl strength for the extensions according to your desired look.

Understand that your artist may choose to utilize up to four distinct extension lengths, with larger extensions concentrated on the outside corners and lesser extensions concentrated on the inner eyes.

Applying Tape and Eye Gels

You will be required to keep your eyes closed for the length of the procedure, which usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the number of extensions being applied.

6 Rolls Eyelash Tape Adhesive Fabric Lash Tapes for Eyelash Extension Supply Breathable Micropore Fabric Medical Tape Under Eye Individual Eye Lashes Tools

To prepare for the application, your lash artist will apply an under-eye gel to your lower lash line to keep your lower lashes out of the way and offer a contrasting background to work with.

The eye gels will then be fastened with tape on both sides of the eye.

Application Procedure

Your lash artist will use tweezers (see best eyelash tweezers for extensions) to dip the end of each extension in the lash adhesive and then apply it to your individual lash.

In most cases, one eyelash extension is put per natural lash; however, for more voluminous effects, numerous extensions per natural lash may be required.

The application isn’t painful, although you might be nervous about having tweezers that close to your eyes when they’re closed. (See Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue)


Although the eyelash glue dries quickly, the eyelash artist will most likely have you sit for 15 minutes once all of the extensions have been put.

Sometimes a portable fan is used to speed up the drying period of your extensions.

Final step

After your lashes are totally dried, under-eye gels and tape are removed.

Next, your lash artist will most likely brush them through with a spooly, and you will be urged to slowly blink your eyes wide.

How to make your eyelash extensions last longer

  • Use an Eyelash Sealer
  • Clean and Brush Them
  • Don’t Use Waterproof Mascara With Extensions
  • Sleep on Your Back
  • Schedule Regular Fills

Starting a lash business from home

Do you have a passion for beauty products and are thinking about starting your own lash business?

eyelash extension business plan

Consider this.

The lash extension industry is shattering expectations all over the place, on its way to becoming a $1 billion industry. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

The time to start your own lash business has never been better. Lash extension companies are a fantastic alternative to starting from home since they provide flexibility that other job opportunities do not.

If you’re currently trained in lash extensions or want to learn how to apply for extensions or raise lashes, consider being your own boss and watching this video below!

Best lash extensions near me

See some of the top lash boutiques around the United States! Whether you are looking for eyelash extensions for professionals and more, these eyelash business names are sure to please!

Best eyelash extensions in Philadelphia

  • Lash Extensions
  • Eyelash Service
  • Cheap Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyebrow Threading
  • Eyelash Lift

Lucia Lash /Brow Extensions

“We use Keratin-based products that will help to maintain strength and prevent damage, such as dryness and breakage, to lash and brow hairs.”

Lucia Lash/Brow is an appointment-based salon located at 528 Walnut St Ste 522, Philadelphia, PA 19102.

Lash Bee

Family ran local business staffed with licensed & experienced technicians, offering our own brand of high-quality lash products since 2016.

Located at 1126 Walnut Street Second Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Bella Vista Lash Lounge

Offering semi-permanent eyelash extensions are carefully applied one by one to your natural lashes. Specializing in professional lash extension services.

Located at 529 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Best eyelash extensions in New York City

People also searched for these in New York:

Dazzling Lash Bar

“Inspired by the magical power of lashes, Dazzling Lash Bar has treasure hunted for the highest quality materials, curated the most beautiful customizable styles, and perfected the coveted intricate technique of Russian volume handmade bouquets.”

Located at  247 W 38th St #1604, New York, NY 10018

The Lash Loft Flatiron NYC

“The Lash Loft specializes in eyelash extensions. Our technicians are true artists and their work is simply amazing. Choose from “Classic”, “Hybrid”, or “Volume” application options, available in both “Natural” and “Glamour” looks.”

Located at 34 E 20th St #2, New York, NY 10003

Ebenezer Eyelash Extension

“At Ebenezer Eyelash, our team of committed lash technicians has been providing the highest quality lash extension treatments for more than a decade.”

Located at 1006 6th Ave 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018

Best Eyelash Extensions Products

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