Best Joggers for Women Over 50 to Wear All Day

Best Joggers for Women Over 50

The perfect, dressy loungewear for staying home or going out. High Waisted Faux Leather Jogger pants with 4-Way Stretch This time of year, getting dressed can seem like a lot of work.  Is it really worth changing out of comfy and soft pajamas for scratchy, tight jeans when there’s ice on the sidewalk? But wait…you … Read more

15 Benefits of Running in the Morning

15 Benefits of Running in the Morning

Is running in the morning really a good idea? Changing habits can be daunting. Why are most health-related professionals so keen on lacing at breakfast? Do you have a daily routine? I think most of us brush our teeth, drink coffee, or browse e-mails and texts before breakfast. Does it make sense? Compare this to … Read more

How Long to Wear Compression Garment After Lipo?

doctors working in an operating room

Have you just had lipo surgery and are ready to return to your normal routine? The recovery process from liposuction surgery can vary from person to person. It is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions and take it easy for the first few days after surgery. You may experience some swelling, bruising, and soreness. One … Read more

Best Women’s Compression Shirt For Work and Play

Best Women’s Compression Shirt

Discover the best women’s compression shirt for work and training! Are you looking to purchase a compression shirt, but don’t know where to start? Women’s compression shirts are a great way to stay cool and dry during workouts. If you are looking for a compression top for work or training, then this article is for … Read more

Best Compression Shirts to Flatten Chest

Best Compression Shirts to Flatten Chest - FitFab50

For a man, having man boobs is an absolute nightmare. It’s not only embarrassing and awkward to have moobs that you can’t hide, but it can be detrimental to your health and personal relationships. In this post, I share my 7 best compression shirts to flatten chest and instantly boost your confidence! Most men hate … Read more

How to Wash Compression Shorts | Complete Guide

how to wash skims

Spandex is a type of synthetic fiber that is known for its stretchy and form-fitting properties and is the main fabric used in compression shorts. It is often used in sportswear and other types of clothing that need to be tight-fitting. While spandex is durable and easy to care for, it does require special care … Read more