13 Proven Tips How to Prevent Shin Splints and Keep Your Healthy

13 Proven Tips How to Prevent Shin Splints

Shin splints are a typical running physical issue. In fact, most athletes experience this injury at some point. The term, “shin splints”, describes soreness you feel along the front of your shinbone, or on the back of the lower leg. There’s good news! With proper rest and exercise, shin splints can be treated with success. … Read more

Do saunas help you lose weight? Here’s the skinny!

Do saunas help you lose weight

Relaxation at a sauna helps you lose a lot of pounds. Getting rid of weight in a sauna session can be shorter lasting than the viral Tik Tok. At the most basic level, weight gain can occur when your body has a greater capacity to produce energy when consuming. And under the hot temperatures of … Read more

The Importance of Massage After Running

athlete grabbing sore leg. The importance of massage after running

Running is one of the most popular exercises around but it’s also one of the more difficult and hence often neglected. One of the main reasons runners abandon the activity is due to discomfort, whether it’s a sore back, tight hips, or just general aching all over. Massages, in theory, should be a great preventative … Read more