How to keep compression shirts from riding up

how to keep your compression shirt in place

Compression shirts are widely used as athletic gear to improve performance as well as clothing to aid in shaping and supporting the upper body. Properly fitted compression undershirts can work amazingly well. But one of the most common complaints is how to keep compression shirts from riding up. In this article, I share tips on … Read more

Where did boxer shorts get their name?

Everyone loves boxer shorts! Yes, those loose-fitting undergarments made from a lightweight fabric that is oh, so comfortable! Initially introduced as an alternative to long underwear, boxer shorts have become one of the most popular styles of underwear for men and women. Just where did boxer shorts get their name and who was Arthur Kneibler? … Read more

What is a good eyebrow filler?

What is a good eyebrow filler? If you want to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape, you need a good eyebrow filler. Filling in your eyebrows can help define your face, give you a more polished look, and even make you look younger. The right eyebrow filler will give you natural-looking, fuller brows that frame your … Read more

What is a tankini?

what is a tankini

When it comes to swimwear, there are so many different bathing suit options for women to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a bikini, underwire, v-neck cross-back top, bandeau bikini top, convertible bikini top, or mid-rise bikini bottoms, there’s definitely something out there for you. But one bathing suit style that continues to grow in … Read more

Can a compression shirt raise blood pressure?

can a compression shirt raise blood pressure

Compression shirts are often worn by people who have a medical condition that causes their muscles to ache or their blood vessels to swell. Compression shirts help to reduce the pain and swelling by providing support and stability to the affected area. In some cases, compression shirts can also help to improve blood circulation and … Read more

Do Hamstring Compression Sleeves Work? Thigh Strains

do hamstring compression sleeves work

Hamstring injuries often appear suddenly and can weeks, even months to heal depending on the severity of the injury. Many athletes want to continue to train and compete and look to the best compression sleeves for thighs to treat soft tissue injury. It includes calf and thigh strains causing sprains and swelling. But do hamstring … Read more