What is concealer used for?

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Concealer is a magician’s wand that should be in every person’s makeup bag. It’s the perfect tool for that fresh-faced look, regardless of your lack of sleep or time of day. In this post I share answers to the question “What is concealer used for?” and just as important, how to use it!

Best Eye Drops For Whiter Eyes [2023]

Best Eye Drops For Whiter Eyes

Do you suffer from dry, itchy eyes and the dreaded red eyes? You’re not alone! It is estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from the same condition. In this article, I share my findings on the best eye drops for whiter eyes and ways to greatly reduce eye irritation. LUMIFY is the #1 Rated … Read more

So Exactly What Is Lipstick Made Of?

what is lipstick made of.

It’s important to know what is lipstick made of, where it comes from, and if they are the best beauty products for you. The most popular lipsticks have changed a lot over time, but from the start of using this beauty product to today, it’s still the fastest way to elevate your glamour game. As an … Read more

Why are my lips always dry and peeling?

Why are my lips always dry and peeling?

Regardless of the weather, you are probably asking ‘Why are my lips always dry and peeling?’ Some of the main culprits of dry, chapped lips are sun exposure causing burns and sensitivity. Excessive lip licking dries the skin on and around the lips. Dry, cold weather can cause cracking and flaking skin. In this article, … Read more