Best Vitamins for ADHD | Adults

best vitamins for ADHD

Last updated – 08/19/2022 In this article, I will share research on the best vitamins for ADHD, for adults looking to avoid ADHD treatment drugs. More than half of adults surveyed by FitFab50 stated they’ve tried, or are currently using vitamins, and other supplements as treatment options for ADHD, with little medical data to go … Read more

Can a Massage Gun Cause Blood Clots?

Can a Massage Gun Cause Blood Clots

With all the benefits touted about these percussion therapy tools, some people have questions about possible risks. In particular, can a massage gun cause blood clots? A muscle massage gun is a popular hand-held device used by many people to relieve muscle soreness, for pre-workout treatments as well as aided with post-workout recovery. It is … Read more