What Causes Facial Hair in Women?[2023]

Excessive or unwanted hair that grows on a woman’s body and face is a common condition that affects 5-10% of women. So what causes facial hair in women and how can it be avoided?

Facial hair in women is due to hormonal changes, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), medication, age, and genetics. Laser hair removal is a long-term method for hair removal, but not permanent. The best way to get rid of facial hair permanently is through electrolysis.

In this post, I will discuss each of the key contributors to excessive hair growth, and several non-surgical hair removal options you may want to try.

How Much Facial Hair Is Normal for a Woman?

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All women have hair on their bodies and faces. It is usually very fine and light in color. If it grows thick and dark, it can be embarrassing. You are not alone is to be searching for how to remove unwanted hair or how to stop chin hair on women.

Hormonal changes

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As women age, the appearance of unwanted hair growth, and unsightly facial hair may occur. During the hormone changes caused by menopause, estrogen levels decline however levels of testosterone (male sex hormones) and other androgens rise. This can result in hair growth on the face as well as excess body hair.

What causes hirsutism?

Hirsutism is a condition in which a woman grows excessive hair in areas typically seen in men, such as the face, chest, and back. It is often caused by an excess of male hormones, called androgens, in the body. These hormones can be produced naturally by the body or can be present in certain medications. Hirsutism can also be caused by certain medical conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Cushing’s syndrome. In some cases, the cause of hirsutism is unknown.


Hirsutism is a condition where a person has more hair on their body than is normal for their age, gender, and cultural background. Some people with hirsutism might feel self-conscious about the extra hair and want to get rid of it. There are medications that a doctor can prescribe to help reduce the amount of unwanted hair. These medications work by decreasing the number of certain hormones in the body that can cause hair to grow. Some common medications for hirsutism are birth control pills, spironolactone, and finasteride.

Hirsutism vs. Hypertrichosis

Hirsutism is when a woman grows a lot of hair in places where men usually have hair, like on their face, chest, or back. It happens when there is too much of a certain hormone in the body. Hypertrichosis is when anyone grows a lot of hair all over their body. It can happen at birth or later in life and can be caused by hormone problems, genes, or certain medicines. Both hirsutism and hypertrichosis can be treated with medicine, laser hair removal, or electrolysis.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Hirsutism is the excessive growth of facial or body hair in women. It can be seen as coarse, dark hair that may appear on the face, chest, abdomen, back, upper arms, or upper legs.

Hirsutism is a symptom of medical disorders associated with hormones called androgens.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), in which the ovaries produce excessive amounts of androgens, is the most common cause of hirsutism and may affect up to 10% of women.

Idiopathic hirsutism in women is very common and often improves with supplement management.

Treatment of women with hirsutism can be improved with non-surgical options.


Some medications can cause hirsutism or facial hair growth in females. These include minoxidil (Minoxidil, Rogaine); danazol, which is used to treat women with endometriosis; testosterone (Androgel, Testim); and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).


For most women, chin hair and neck hair are perfectly normal. As we age, hair follicles respond in unique ways to changes in testosterone levels leading to hair growth.

How much facial hair you have depends on your genetics and age.

This is especially true with hormonal shifts during certain times, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.


Women whose heritage comes from a predominantly Indian/South Asian or Mediterranean background are more likely to have unwanted facial hair than women with European or Native American genetics.

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This imbalance is caused by an increase in androgens or male hormones like testosterone, which all women naturally produce. Treatments for hirsutism are listed below.

Review these resources for more information on what causes facial hair growth in females

Top-Rated Facial Hair Removal Products

There is only so much control we have over genetics and hormones. There are steps you can take to ensure you don’t experience above-average facial hair growth.

The first step is understanding the type of facial hair you have. If you suffer from symptoms of hirsutism or any other excessive amount of hair growth, it is recommended that you speak to your personal physician. They can determine if you have any underlying medical issues.

Hormonal imbalances can be treated with a variety of topical, ingestible, and moisturizer-style treatments.

For those of you who may not be experiencing extreme facial hair growth, but still want to do something about it, there are plenty of hair removal options available beyond just threading, tweezing, and waxing.

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