Does alcohol make your face fat?

Does alcohol make your face fat?

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If you are a social drinker or enjoy having a couple of drinks per day, you may reach a point where you start to question the impact alcohol has on your body. In this post, I will share my finding with one of the most asked questions drinkers have. Does alcohol make your face fat?

The answer…

Yes. Excessive alcohol use can dehydrate the body, causing it to retain water. Water retention in the face, which can make the face appear bloated and puffy, can occur in several instances.

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What does alcohol do to your face?

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Alcohol dilates the skin pores, causing blackheads and whiteheads. If not handled appropriately, it can develop into inflammatory skin papules (lesion-like pimples) and cystic acne. This ages the skin over time and might result in permanent scars.

Does drinking cause double chin?

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The parotid — or salivary — glands, which are located on either side of the neck where it joins the jaw, are also known to be overstimulated by alcohol. Excessive drinking causes these glands to enlarge, giving the fat, jowly appearance. You’ll notice a difference quickly if you quit or reduce your drinking.

Will my face look younger if I quit drinking?

Your skin loses elasticity as it dries out. As a result, after just one night of heavy drinking, you may appear older and wrinkled. The effect is amplified if you drink frequently. However, if you stop drinking, you will notice a significant improvement in your appearance.

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