How long does it take compression socks to work?

How long does it take compression socks to work

If you suffer from swollen feet, ankles, and legs you know it isn’t easy. It’s freakin’ really hard … and painful. This is why most people struggle with trying to cope with it. Sound like you? You’re in the right spot. This article doesn’t list every remedy listed on the internet. I talk about the … Read more

15 Benefits of Running in the Morning

Benefits of Running in the Morning

Is running in the morning really a good idea? Changing habits can be daunting. Why are most health-related professionals so keen on lacing at breakfast? Do you have a daily routine? I think most of us brush our teeth, drink coffee, or browse e-mails and texts before breakfast. Does it make sense? Compare this to … Read more

Benefits of Running in a Group

top benefits of running in a group

Running is a challenging sport. There are times when you may feel tired and stressed. Running in a group gives you company on those lonesome runs and lets you motivate each other to keep going. But did you know the benefits of running with a group can also increase your performance, help you lose weight, … Read more

15 Proven Benefits of Running in Cold Weather

benefits of running in cold weather

Are you someone who enjoys the challenge of running in cold weather? Cold weather running can feel invigorating and your spirits. Running in the cold can also help you build up your muscles and keep them strong throughout the winter season. See my list of 15 reasons why as the temperatures drop, running season is … Read more