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13 Best Charcoal Grills for Beginners (2023)

Best Charcoal Grills for Beginners

Backyard grilling allows barbecue lovers the best way to enjoy their favorite BBQ throughout the year. And when it comes to the best outdoor grilling for flavor and fun, a simple charcoal grill is king. I’ve put together the definitive list of the best charcoal grills for beginners to kick off summer. I hope you … Read more

5 Best Hot Tubs for Cold Climates for 2023

5 Best Hot Tubs for Cold Climates

Climates are not often considered first when buying hot tubs. However, buying a low-quality hot tub that isn’t designed and built for extreme conditions can cause severe damage to your dream tub. It’s important that they have certain characteristics to make them suitable for cold weather such as energy efficiency, adjustable vents, proper insulation, and … Read more

How Long Should a Dehumidifier Last?

How Long Should a Dehumidifier Last

When it’s time to shop for a dehumidifier for your home, one of the main questions that people ask is: How last long should a dehumidifier last? What is a dehumidifier? A dehumidifier is an appliance that removes moisture from the air. It does this by cooling the air and collecting the water vapor that … Read more

Are dehumidifiers good for colds?

Are dehumidifiers good for colds

We can all agree, that if you suffer from seasonal allergies or cold symptoms, a humidifier or dehumidifier could help. But which one should you choose? In this post, I share research to answer the question, “Are dehumidifiers good for colds?“ Colds, allergies, and nasal congestion are linked because they all induce the same symptoms: … Read more

What type of charcoal burns the hottest?

what type of charcoal burns the hottest

There are basically two types of charcoals used for grilling – charcoal briquettes and lump charcoal. In this post, I will share what type of charcoal burns the hottest and what is best for your BBQ needs. Charcoal Briquettes vs Lump Charcoal Charcoal briquettes are ground-up charcoal or burned wood, mixed with a binder and … Read more

23 Best Blackstone Griddle Accessories (2022)

Best Blackstone Griddle Accessories

The Blackstone Griddle has taken the outdoor cooking scene by storm! Looking for accessories to go with your new Blackstone griddle?  Shop our list of the 23 Best Blackstone Griddle Accessories for summer!   Must have Blackstone griddle accessories Listed below are over 23 of the most highly recommended products you need to get the most out … Read more

Authentic Italian Pasta Bowls From Italy for 2022

hand crafted italian pasta bowls from italy

Last updated – 01/23/2022 Italian pasta bowls from Italy are an expression of true appreciation and immense love for Italian culture.  These hand designed bowls are one more exciting and special way of bringing a piece of Italy into our homes if you haven’t had the privilege of walking the streets of Bel Paese! If … Read more