Cute Field Jackets for Women 2022| Style Guide

cute field jackets for women

Cute field jackets for women are once again very much the fashion trend for 2022! With so many varieties to choose from, the outfit combinations are endless. Lightweight, cut with sharp edges, a decisively masculine fit combined with pockets for days, it’s the modern-day boyshorts of outwear, and looks great! Speaking to their popularity, basically, … Read more

Morning Rocket Fuel | What’s Bulletproof coffee?

beverage, cappuccino, coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is a high-performance drink consisting of MCT oil, Ghee butter or Coconut oil, and coffee. Upgrade your body and your brain to perform better than you ever have! Why Bulletproof coffee? The concept of bulletproof is to make everything you eat or drink to be an improvement to your overall health. While you could have … Read more

Manscaping Guide for Hair Removal Down There

hair removal down there

How to manscape downstairs: Hair removal down there or pubic hair grooming is a growing trend and is largely associated with body image and sexual activity. In a recent survey of over 4,000 men, over 50% reported regular pubic hair grooming! In this post, we will discuss different techniques for hair removal down there and … Read more

15 Shocking Facts About Runners Over 50! (2022)

man, runner, training - hocking facts about runners over 50

Health Benefits for Runners over 50 Recent research studies suggest runners over 50, who started training later in life, were able to be as fast as their peers who had been running for their whole lives! Moreover, research on runners found a regular jogging routine increases the life expectancy of men by 6.2 years and women by 5.6 … Read more