25 Best Mens Weekender Bags

best mens weekender bags - travel,short trips

In this post, I share the best mens weekender bags for short trips and fun weekend excursions. As much as we want to spend a luxury vacation every weekend, the truth is the average person doesn’t have time or money for more than one major getaway a year. You’ve come to the correct place if … Read more

Best Eye Drops For Whiter Eyes [2022]

Best Eye Drops For Whiter Eyes

Do you suffer from dry, itchy eyes and the dreaded red eyes? You’re not alone! It is estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from the same condition. In this article, I share my findings on the best eye drops for whiter eyes and ways to greatly reduce eye irritation. LUMIFY is the #1 Rated … Read more

How long will my new tattoo be shiny?

How long will my new tattoo be shiny - Tattoo aftercare

If you just got inked for the first time, you’re probably wondering how long will my new tattoo be shiny? It’s perfectly normal for your fresh tattoo to be shiny. At this time, the color of your tattoo will be more brilliant. It’s fresh skin that you’re seeing since your skin is repairing itself. Again, … Read more

I Tried This Ear Wax Removal Tool With Camera and Couldn’t Believe What I Saw!

woman screaming - ear wax removal tool with camera for use on iphone

Ear Wax Removal Tool With Camera. It’s okay to have earwax. It’s produced by the body to safeguard the ear’s delicate inner workings. Earwax buildup, on the other hand, can cause hearing loss and ear discomfort. It can also make seeing within the ear difficult for doctors. Conventional cotton swabs can be ineffective in removing … Read more

Best Products to Remove Stretch Marks That Work

best products to remove stretch marks - close up photo of stria

Let’s face it, those pink-white skin lines can be quite annoying. Ugh. Good news! We’re here to introduce you to some of the best products to remove stretch marks currently available. ➥Read also… Best Products to Treat Stretch Marks on the Buttocks So, what actually causes stretch marks? Simply put, stretch marks are fine lines … Read more

Do thongs cause UTIs?

Do thongs cause UTIs - featured image

Click for low prices! Many women feel wearing a thong makes them feel comfortable, especially when wearing yoga pants, jeans, or skirts. Wearing a thong can be the perfect balance of comfort and freedom. However, there is growing concern from the medical community these sexy undergarments may be harmful to your health. In the article, I … Read more

How To Use Whitening Strips Correctly | Tips To Brighten Your Smile

How To Use Whitening Strips

So you’ve made the decision to whiten your teeth using whitening strips—Crest Whitestrips to be exact. Great choice! Avoid messy trays or gels. Start to see professional results in 3 days. In this post, I share how to use whitening strips correctly and get the brightest smile possible. Do teeth whitening strips work? The short … Read more