Do you wear underwear with board shorts?

Do you wear underwear with board shorts

How many of you actually wear underwear with your board shorts, or swim trunks? Personally, I stopped wearing underwear with swim trunks several years ago. But going commando or wearing underwear with board shorts is a very personal decision. Fortunately for you, I’ve researched the question and come up with some great tips on whether … Read more

Best Chest Compression Shirt Review – How To Choose the Right One?

Best Chest Compression Shirt Review

Chest compression shirts eliminate the appearance of man boobs (gynecomastia) or love handles for basic fitness, medical conditions, and just for the looks. This article will discuss what a compression shirt is, how they work, and review which shirt is ideal for you. Best Selling Chest Compression Shirt Esteem Apparel Original Men’s Chest Compression Shirt  … Read more

What is the best fabric to hide cellulite?

What is the best fabric to hide cellulite

Cellulite! Research shows that people of all ages and sizes can have it. Cellulite is the lumpy, dimpled flesh that often appears on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. It’s caused by fat deposits that push and bulge against the skin. While dimpled skin is not a serious medical condition, cellulite can be unsightly. If you’re … Read more

9 Ways Compression Garments Help You Lose Weight

ways compression garments help you lose weight

If you want to discover ways compression garments help you lose weight, you’re in the right spot. Compression clothing may be unfamiliar to those who have never worked out.  This performance gear is often classified as weight loss accessories, and some gym-goers and trainers consider them essential to their workouts. However, before deciding to invest … Read more

How long does it take compression socks to work?

How long does it take compression socks to work

If you suffer from swollen feet, ankles, and legs you know it isn’t easy. It’s freakin’ really hard … and painful. This is why most people struggle with trying to cope with it. Sound like you? You’re in the right spot. This article doesn’t list every remedy listed on the internet. I talk about the … Read more

Joggers vs Leggings |Which is best?

joggers vs leggings

Joggers and leggings are both comfortable and stylish options for working out or just lounging around. But which one is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of the similarities and differences between joggers vs leggings. Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings Feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all. These solid yoga tights are composed of … Read more