Are hitch cargo carriers worth it?

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Packing your vehicle for a family getaway can be overwhelming. Even if you have remembered everything on your camping checklist, space is always extremely limited and decisions about what stays or goes need to be made. The solution is external storage options.

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For years, roof racks or roof top carriers were all the rage. I personally loved my Thule cargo box for the sleek design and the additional storage it provided.

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But as time went by, vehicles became bigger and bigger. Plus, people also wanted to bring more and more stuff.

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While roof top cargo carriers and the popular RoofBag style containers still have a large following, the latest trend is towards hitch cargo carriers.

Here are some of the most popular trailer hitch luggage rack options on the market today.

Are hitch cargo carriers worth it? 7 reasons they are!

Hitch-mounted cargo carriers have several big advantages over their rooftop carrier siblings. Here are just a few:

  • Better aerodynamics

Hitch cargo carriers offer better aerodynamics because the cargo is shielded by the body of the vehicle, thus not introducing any additional drag.

This also offers additional protection to your items since they are not subjected to the force of the wind or hit by any airborne debris, such as stones, bugs, etc.

  • Larger storage capacity

The average size of a hitch cargo carrier is 60 inches long by 24 inches in width.

  • Safer storage

Hitch-mounted cargo carriers provide a safer form of transport for your valuables. They can be securely strapped down, and shielded from direct impact from debris or potentially damaging weather conditions.

  • Easier access to items

Hitch cargo carriers provide easy access to luggage and other items. This is one of the more popular features when compared to roof top carriers.

Whether you want to retrieve a cold beverage from your favorite cooler or grab a jacket from your duffel bag, all times are waist-level accessible. A hitch carrier combines ample capacity for your gear at waist-level access from the beginning to the end of your road trip. 

  • Reduces the need to use multiple cargo carriers

While roof top carriers are a better option than trunk storage, they are limited in just how much they can handle.

Hitch mounted cargo carriers can address all your storage needs in one location. So, whether you plan to bring a gas grill, bikes, coolers, luggage, or hitch cargo carriers have you covered.

  • Large weigh capacities

Most hitch cargo carriers are constructed of heavy-duty steel and capable of hauling heavy loads. The best hitch cargo carriers for weekenders have a load capacity of 500 lbs!

  • More cost-effective

When you compare the average prices and the capacity of storage of roof top cargo carriers versus hitch carriers, the value is clear.

Yes, hitch cargo carriers are worth it for the price, convenience, functionality, and ease of use.

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