Month: August 2022

Benefits of Running in a Group

top benefits of running in a group

Running is a challenging sport. There are times when you may feel tired and stressed. Running in a group gives you company on those lonesome runs and lets you motivate each other to keep going. But did you know the benefits of running with a group can also increase your performance, help you lose weight, … Read more

Best Compression Shirts to Flatten Chest

Best Compression Shirts to Flatten Chest - FitFab50

For a man, having man boobs is an absolute nightmare. It’s not only embarrassing and awkward to have moobs that you can’t hide, but it can be detrimental to your health and personal relationships. In this post, I share my 7 best compression shirts to flatten chest and instantly boost your confidence! Most men hate … Read more

Best Vitamins for ADHD | Adults

woman in the state of confusion and frustratoin

Last updated – 08/19/2022 In this article, I will share research on the best vitamins for ADHD, for adults looking to avoid ADHD treatment drugs. More than half of adults surveyed by FitFab50 stated they’ve tried, or are currently using vitamins, and other supplements as treatment options for ADHD, with little medical data to go … Read more