Buy wine glasses that hold a full bottle!

Wine glasses that hold a full bottle

So this past weekend was particularly slow. A combination of short days, cold temperatures, and a foot of unexpected snow didn’t help matters much. And thanks to Kristen Bell, I discovered wine glasses that hold a full bottle of wine! As I was saying, the weekend blizzard wiped out any social plans that may have … Read more

20 Best No Show Underwear for Yoga Pants (Reviews)

Best No Show Underwear for Yoga Pants

After researching more than 75,000 customer satisfaction reviews about Best No Show Underwear For Yoga Pants, I’ve compiled the top 20 products you may be interested in Best No Show Underwear For Yoga Pants. While wearing yoga pants, women understand they do show your visible panty lines (or VPL) through the material. Wearing of a thong under tight yoga pants will … Read more

33 Simple Ways to Slow the Signs of Aging at 50 [2022]

signs of aging at 50

The first few gray hairs are one thing. The normal changes of aging are inevitable. But then the wrinkles and lines start to become more and more prominent. Help! Today, there are natural remedies, skin rejuvenation products, and facial treatments that don’t involve surgery. Enhance your natural beauty and slow the signs of aging at 50! … Read more

13 Flattering Best Swimsuits for Older Ladies

Best Swimsuits for Older Ladies

Best Swimsuits for Older Ladies. Let’s set the record straight: Getting older doesn’t mean you’re shopping for a modest twist one-piece swimsuit or a full back coverage swimsuit—especially one that’s not cute and trendy. If you came here looking for swimsuits for older women, you’re in the right spot! The 2022 vacation season is now … Read more

7 Best Tomato Sauce in a Jar Brands [2022]

best tomato sauce in a jar - pasta sauces

Any pasta lover will tell you that the best tomato sauce from scratch is the best. My grandmother, Delores Marino, cooked some of the tastiest pasta sauce I’ve ever eaten. The smell of her Italian spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes filled her house. It was amazing! This homemade sauce always included large meatballs. And yes, … Read more